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  2. What would happen if me and @Death had a child?
  3. ai sim meu bom
  4. libera pra nois o link desse repack de download 



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  6. we have new update - Server Update : Version 5.5 Gul`Dan
  7. can i have username and password to access to database please ? thanks.
  8. Doing this to make this popular, I really want to know how further the project can go!! If you want to help join the discord.
  9. Personally I'd like to see more website template releases. Not necessarily full CMS templates, but HTML/CSS/PHP etc.
  10. I recommend posting here. Perhaps we can solve this "error" together and help others in the future at the same time
  11. Hey again, thought id drop by and check whats new. I see Death has still not OD'ed in an alley. Also thought i ask, what would you like to see shared on the forums? I have gone several courses with in scripting, and courses in office such as excel coding among many figured i could share the knowledge. Lately i have been working on excel arks for WoW, more with in guild tracking if any. // Unknown aka Wiken
  12. Hello again
  13. Solved, there was different quest item until 3.3.0 so i changed it with old quest item and it works well.
  14. Nice Necroing a 3 year old post , my tired ass thought it was new.
  15. Last week
  16. I've never been very good at logos, nor have I ever been very talented in the custom art department - This is my first attempt at my new emulation projects logo. Feedback is more than welcome (trust me, I know its not very good!) The project is titled "UO Reborn"
  17. i would assume this is something to do with the relationships in the tables; not knowing you specific database it's hard to diagnosis fully.. however here is where I would start select entry, lootid from creature_template where entry in (299,69); -- ensure lootid corresponds to entry in creature_loot_template select entry, QuestRequired from creature_loot_template where Item = 50432; -- QuestRequired should = 1 select RequiredItemId1 from quest_template where ID = 33; -- RequiredItemID1 should = 50432 select * from item_template where entry = 50432; -- make sure the item exists
  18. @Jimteck, were you able to resolve your issue? @Core, please don't hijack other user's requests for support. While your issue may be similar, it is not identical. If you are unable to resolve your issue by the suggestions above; please open a new support request with your specific issue.
  19. If you updated boost before cmake was installed, you may need to reinstall cmake in order for it to properly set the variables for boost. Another option is to manually set the values in cmake Se você atualizar impulso antes cmake foi instalado, talvez seja necessário reinstalar cmake para que ele definir corretamente as variáveis para aumentar. Outra opção é definir manualmente os valores em cmake
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