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  2. Please add the link download, thank you very much.
  3. Oh okay, I thought you could do that, I used to know how to do lot of stuff but it's been few years and I've forgotten lot of stuff about how to do this and that, thank you @Death for your response.
  4. Ahh okay, I thought you'd be able to add custom scripts, I didn't know, so it would be impossible to add a like for example an Transmog NPC to the repack then? I used to know lot about how to do this and that and lot about server emulation for like TBC & WoTLK but it's been few years and I've forgotten so much to the point where I'm like a noob at everything lol.
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  8. Hey katos! this is right tho^^
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  10. @socks you cannot add scripts to a repack.
  11. Custom scripts cannot be added to repacks, you will need to compile your own core.
  12. Taking orders! I'm waiting for YOU on www.WHINKERTON.COM
  13. Hello @Death, I really do enjoy your repack, although I don't really use it public, I mostly only use it on my internet only for me and friends to play, it is a well-made and one of the best there is Although I have a problem with it, I wanted to put a couple of custom npcs into the server, but sadly it doesn't have a script folder like almost everything I see says go to "src->scripts->custom" directory in your core folder, but I looked everywhere and cannot find out how to add custom scripts and etc.. I was wondering how would I go or what do I need to do so I can add custom npcs and stuff?
  14. Currently I'm using this repack "LordCraft Funrealm 3.3.5a" and I've been wanting to add custom npcs and etc. to my server, but some requires scripts to be put in to work properly, so I look up tutorials on how to do that and it says go to directory "src->scripts->custom" and open this and that, but I don't have that directory nor can I find it or any of the files to put scripts in.. I was wondering if I'm suppose to download something or what. Any help on how to put this into my server would be really appreciated.. If you have questions please let me know I'll answer the best I can.. Much thanks. edit: sorry if I posted in wrong place.
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