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  • LordCraft-WoW (Trinity - 3.3.5a) Funrealm Repack By Death

    | World of Warcraft 3.3.5a | Trinitycore Chunk Rev. | Repack V.0.2 |   Repack Details   100% Stable (No lag, No crashes) 98% Bug free. Spells work 97% (average) ICC works 90% (Gunship - Unavailable . Lichking - Available not 100% Scripted) Ruby sanctum - 90% (All bosses available - Not 100% Scripted) All Classics 100% Scripted. Loot drops enhanced (No epics, mainly BOE greens & Blues)   Includes:   Multi Factional Mall. 3.3.5a Armor/Weapon vendors Fishing Area Profession Center Class Training Center Custom mount learn-able by everyone (Warlock epic Mount) World Teleporter Mall Guide (Mall Teleporter) Custom PvP Arena @ Mall Creative object spawned to fit the scene. Weapon Trainers spawned Regent Vendors & Inn (Which sells Soul Shards) GM Area put to life, a little. Mount Center (Learn training and buy mounts) Epic Stair Event No custom content in member-friendly areas. Custom GM Weapon : [<GM> Thundersfury, blessed blade] Gathering leveling road (Located behind the profession center) Custom hang zone down the Gathering road. AzerCMS Webiste Premium grade AzerCMS styles by: trabajare4   Server Information:   Database: User: Root Pass: Ascent In-Game: User: Admin Pass: Admin  
  • DBC Editor By Death

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    DBC Editor allows you to easily edit .DBC files instead of the hassle of using a converter.
  • Truice - Quice for TrinityCore By Death

    Truice is a database editor specifically for Trinity.
    It is a fork of Quice, which was made for MaNGoS.

    You can edit Quests, Creatures, GameObjects, Items, Loot, Events, EventAI, SmartAI, Conditions and some minor things.

    For changelog and issues, visit github:
  • Noggit 3 Download (WoW Map Editing Tool) By Death

    Noggit is a World of Warcraft map editor, based on an older version of WoWMapViewer. It allows you to edit the maptile files (called ADT files) with a set of tools using a 3D or a 2D view.   Noggit allows you to change the heightmap, paint textures, set impassible flags, paint AreaIDs and modify holes. You can also add, place, re-size, copy, paste, and delete models as you wish.