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  3. nice release
  4. Last week
  5. No, but I will look into adding Adobe Illustrator amtlibdll soon.
  6. do this dll works also for illustrator cc 17 ?
  7. As some of the other posters have said, when I overwrite the amtlib-file in my directory, After Effects CC 2017 gives me the warning that it needs to be reinstalled because of amtlib issues.
  8. My "creative cloud" app still says I have 7 days remaining in my trial, will this go away or what happends after 7 days? I've already replaced the dll.
  9. thanks man
  10. Content is not corresponding to the provided information and the sale of a CMS without permissions is also something that is gonna be a factor for locking this thread. [Bleefest CMS] If you disagree with my decision you can private message me and i shall go through it once more Sincerely OMGhixD Lordcraft-Staff
  11. REMOVED BY OMGHIXD 18.09.2017 Reason : Reason is given below in a comment
  12. gonna log in right now
  13. thx
  14. I tried installing it, nothing has changed. SQL still empty, bnet and worldserver still "0xc000007b".
  15. It doesn't have anything to do with whether the application is x86 or x64
  16. Is files still there? They said Invalid or Deleted File. I really need them. Thank you bro!
  17. Thank you guys
  18. Looks great.
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