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    Exp of what WPE can do :
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    What is WPE?
  10. Best of luck, although you say you've been in development for 3 years now, but your website seems to be done in 3 minutes >.>
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    been there done that, i know the struggle
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  13. I am happy to announce, that Durotan, has finally come online. after 3 years of development. Durotan. x10 rate. vanilia private server. we would like to provide you the content. that there was back in 2004. the release date, of world of warcraft. we want you to relive them, memories. that you had many years ago. What do we want to be? We want to be a good community, even though there are not many staff members. we are trying our best to script everything, and also at the same time test it. we promise you a good home. that you can always come back. Server Information: Server rates are pretty simple. everything is x10, that means you will be able to level up, quicker and also gear up. and buy your mount pretty quick, however, we do not do any promotes. or pay2win. We are a complete Blizzlike server. We want to keep the name Blizzlike. we do not class ourselves as a fun server. we are all people with a passion for world of warcraft. Realm Information: Our realm. is cross-faction everything is cross-faction you will be able to trade. speak to people that is another faction. we have this feature. only because we just released. this is only to help players, quest, and do dungeons together. we do not benefit from it. What to expect, when you start playing here: Well we promise you a bug-free experience. and if anything is bugged we will fix it within 2 hours. Discord Website We await. You In The Lands Of Azeroth.
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