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  2. https://github.com/fixcore/BlizzCMS/commit/f4c5bf30272b3160c78872f09a61348f492e3565 Fixed! thanks for reporting the problem
  3. http://prntscr.com/heya6l - Users list http://prntscr.com/heyb1o - characters list Am I missing something? All the updates have used. Config is configured correctly.
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  5. Thanks for this share!
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  7. looks good, thx !!
  8. Send picture please
  9. 10,041
  10. oh i never saw that thread that method worked but only with ipb 3.4 i tried now with ipb 4 and there is a issue with the password when i tried to login it shows me that the password is incorrect all is configured fine i think is by return (sha1(strtolower( $password))); the checker of username and email is correct the problem is only with the password there is a bit difference betwen ipb3 protected function _comparePasswords( $password, $remote_member ) { $check_pass = $password; switch( REMOTE_PASSWORD_SCHEME ) { case 'md5': $check_pass = md5($password); break; case 'sha1': return (sha1(strtolower($password))); break; } if ( $check_pass == $remote_member[ REMOTE_FIELD_PASS ] ) { return true; } else { return false; } } and ipb4 protected function encryptedPassword( $password ) { switch ( $this->settings['db_encryption'] ) { case 'md5': return md5( $password ); case 'sha1': return sha1( $password ); default: return $password; } }
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  12. Manage API Characters implemented!
  13. I think for how small the website is it looks pretty neat and clean
  14. I had the wrong character set menu. Solved the problem by making the encoding of files to utf-8. Just at the moment I am suffering with a slider, did not have time to write. Top menu is not visible, check the need to put in a prominent place.
  15. @Sagrario The language works without problems with me, why do you say you can not use it?
  16. Thank you
  17. I understand you. I will wait for changes in the repository.
  18. In the registry you will be asked for personal information that will not be disclosed if you are not an administrator This information will be used for the recovery of your account etc ... Users can not be deleted in any section.
  19. registration
  20. Looks awesome
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  22. Very nice
  23. Where you can delete?
  24. That is interesting. To check a lot of superfluous information. Because I can remove? I understand that this is your code. But for my server this information is superfluous. And it is not very convenient for many players.
  25. Perfect
  26. Thank you, I'll wait. News in Russian are added without problems with encoding.
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