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  2. Thank you!
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  4. There is near 500 spells including ranks. Here is a list, feel free to check it yourself :). https://wotlk-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?spells
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  6. 10,429
  7. 10,428
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  12. ty for sharing
  13. Warframe was cool and very very well made for a Free game. Just not my cup of tea however. I loved the pvp but it was very lacking in players.
  14. Without trying to advertise too hard for this server i only play as a player on... i love it, its amazing. I play on Sargeras realm, Hardcore pvp. You get exp for killing players too
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  16. Yeah that fixes it for the scrubs lol, but i like the concept of this
  17. Thats why you make a custom launcher that downloads it all for you.
  18. 10,423
  19. Won't it be easier if you try the script first and then check which ones are missing?
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