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    Hello Members of LordCraft, here is a custom interface for High Five Client. Download Link: Credits: FalconHQ
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    World of Warcraft Legion 7.1.0 - Repack Trinitycore Revision (build 22996) Download: Available : Artifact Weapons - 55% Transmogrification - 100% Reforging - 100% Void Storage - 100% Archaeology - ? Working dungeons and raids (Vanilla -> Cataclysm) - 80% Working Battlegrounds and Arenas - 70% All class - 45% All Races - 70% Demon Hunter - 55% Spawn Draenor - soon Spawn Legion - soon Honor Talent - soon Include in the reapack : Maps, Vmaps and Mmaps Install instructions Client Patched Patcher .bat HOW TO INSTALL ? Class hall shaman : .go 987,65 1083,587 15,88 1469 Nexon.
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    Signature made for smudge practice. Stock used: Here Please Rate / CC Want to see more like this? Check out https://creatorswave.com/
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    UL#77 (Rev. 01.307) General Updates Pinterest share link has been added. Images embedded in the editor can now have an alternative title set for accessibility. Users signing in through social services, such as Facebook, will no longer be required to validate their email address. When a location is specified for a Calendar Event, the address will be shown underneath the map. The map itself should also be more accurate now. An issue has been fixed where adding tags using other languages may not work properly. Cropping Animated GIF's for photos is now supported when ImageMagick is in use. Files purchased in Downloads will now have a link back to the file from their purchase page in the Manage Purchases section. imgur embedded is now supported! CKEditor updated to 4.6.2 CodeMirror updated to 5.22.1 Have a suggestion? Feel free to leave your feedback here.
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    World Of The Gods supports patch 3.3.5a Nightfallen 80 Fun Server - One click gear NPC - Equip all your items, enchants, gems, glyph and spec in just one click! - Interactive PvP questing zone - Custom, easy navigation mall - Fully working, scripted and bug free raids and instances - Interactive quest chains for legendary items - Balanced custom gear - VIP Vendor & Activator - 1vs1 Arena - Arena seasons with unique rewards - Dedicated server wide events, viewable on our monthly event calendar - Artifact Weapons - World Bosses - Donor & Vote shop scripts, buy & buy in-game! - Both custom PvP and PvE gear with content for whatever your play preference - Interactive server events and planned events calendar The Gods 255 - Max level 255 - Reworked balance custom gear - New and improved custom instances - Haste is removed and changed to blizzlike - PvE endgame content has been added and adjusted - PvP is now live, with arena seasons and more unique rewards and scripts - PvP endgame content has been added - Custom World Bosses - User customized weapons - All Battlegrounds and arenas working - Custom instances and drops - Scripted Events - Over 500 balanced custom items - Working donation and vote system - ons of obstacle courses Open your World of Warcraft\Data\enUS\ directory and edit your realmlist.wtf to read: set realmlist logon.worldofthegods.com And then run the wow.exe (Not launcher.exe) to start the game. Login to play with your registered account. Support World of the Gods by Voting! When you Vote to World Of The Gods, you receive special in-game rewards! Best of all everything is instant, with in-game vendors you can view and spend your vote points. World Of The Gods! 20vs20! The Gods 255! Warbringer!
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    Hello members of LordCraft, today i'm going to release L2Arion High Five Sources. Some info about the server:
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    TrinityCore Rev. (source) World of Warcraft Legion 7.1.5 Repack Updates for TC has been released! Features: All expansions content available level 110 Legion Zones Playable Demon Hunter Legion Raids and Dungeons Working dungeons and raids Working Battle Grounds and Arenas This is a work in progress and will be updated frequently. Transmogrification Reforging Void Storage Archaeology Pet Journal Legion Mounts and Pets Artifact Weapons and Legionaries Includes: Maps, Vmaps and Mmaps Game data for all expansions Instructions Client Patch Hours of enjoyment Disclaimer: Emulation is a heinous act and should only be done for experimental purposes only. Commercial use of this material is subject to penalties such as fines and even jail depending on your countries copyright laws. If you're going to use this for any reason please show the developers for Blizzard Entertainment love by purchasing and maintaining and active subscription. Download: Support:
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    Hello, I got pretty bored today so I decided to create this application which allows you to download every World of Warcraft expansion since Vanilla to Legion. If you have any issue, please report here: Official Source: Download Official Exe:
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    Hello Members of LordCraft, here are some custom weapons for gracia final CT2.3 clients. Image Previews: Enjoy! Credits: @Error
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    Nintendo's new system is only a few weeks away... and at this point we might know more about the games NOT coming to the system than the games that are actually coming out. We round up both for you so you know what you will and won't be playing.
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    Hello Members of LordCraft, here is a custom splash screens for Interlude Clients. Image Preview: Enjoy! Credits: BaTMaN
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    See more and request your own at: https://creatorswave.com/ Banner made for Dare Gaming organisation member "Tranzition" Style requested: Black / Yellow See more and request your own graphics at https://creatorswave.com/
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    I figured it out. Sorry. I've been away for a long time. The issue was that I was reaching to a remote server, but the database was hosted locally. so I just needed to do "local host" Sorry for not being more active. I've been busy.
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    Does anyone rememeber old amdwow server? aka damagewow/wrathwow? RIP: https://web.archive.org/web/20120306104351/http://www.amdwow.com/ Anyone interested for a recall? Planning to revive it since I have the full knowledge to do that. If anyone is interested in participating to the project please chat with me on discord: Asandru#7561 Discord: Discord channel: https://discord.gg/qheWUc5 (Please notice that I may delay answer to you guys on discord if Im busy working on the project but Will create a channel for you and I will not ignore you) GMail: artister.hd@gmail.com Progress: http://amdwow.emucraft.com/ I want to make a recall and come up again with the server and much better, NOT SAME content, NO MORE P2W (pay to win), people can earn vip without donation, hardworking & worthy professions, NO MORE inactive GMs and NO MORE overpowered Players, ENGLISH only server, FULL support to new players, better SYSTEM! SOCIABLE Admin & Staff.
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    God damn, I actually used to be a donator here, I'm sure I could find some old screenshots from then. Character was Xeraladin if anybody recognizes it at all.
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    I come to present you a very good server, Thank you! Regster Here. Set realmlist luxury-wow.org
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    Well I was thinking with a lot of people now creating maps and areas within Wow (Something that I myself have been looking into and trying out). I was wondering if people would like to see a section under World of Warcraft for Noggit to show off and share their creations? Just a little idea to extend the Wow emulation a little further. Please feel free to share your opinions on this as I would really like to see how many would like to see this and get some feedback for myself also to see how many use Noggit also
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    AmdWoW 3.3.5a based on BeyondTheCall(2.4.3) but on 3.3.5a version. Server features: Custom City Battle Custom Vip Items Custom Item Costs Vip System Online Points System Custom World Chat /o Start lvl 85 MaxPlayerLevel = 100 Start 10k gold Rate.Drop.Item.Poor = 20 Rate.Drop.Item.Normal = 20 Rate.Drop.Item.Uncommon = 20 Rate.Drop.Item.Rare = 20 Rate.Drop.Item.Epic = 20 Rate.Drop.Item.Legendary = 20 Rate.Drop.Item.Artifact = 20 Rate.Drop.Item.Referenced = 20 Rate.Drop.Money = 1 Rate.XP.Kill = 20 Rate.XP.Quest = 20 Rate.XP.Explore = 1 Rate.Honor = 1.5 Rate Reputation = 20 MAGIC GOLD SYSTEM MagicGold.Rew.Points.Player = 4 MagicGold.Rew.Points.Vip1 = 6 MagicGold.Rew.Points.Vip2 = 8 MagicGold.Rew.Points.Vip3 = 10 MagicGold.Rew.Points.Vip4 = 12 MagicGold.Rew.Points.Vip5 = 14 MagicGold.Rew.Points.Vip6 = 14 MagicGold.Rew.Money MagicGold.Rew.Money.Player = 2000000 MagicGold.Rew.Money.Vip1 = 3500000 MagicGold.Rew.Money.Vip2 = 5000000 MagicGold.Rew.Money.Vip3 = 6500000 MagicGold.Rew.Money.Vip4 = 8000000 MagicGold.Rew.Money.Vip5 = 9500000 MagicGold.Rew.Money.Vip6 = 11000000 MagicGold.Rew.Honor MagicGold.Rew.Honor.Player = 10 MagicGold.Rew.Honor.Vip1 = 15 MagicGold.Rew.Honor.Vip2 = 20 MagicGold.Rew.Honor.Vip3 = 25 MagicGold.Rew.Honor.Vip4 = 30 MagicGold.Rew.Honor.Vip5 = 35 MagicGold.Rew.Honor.Vip6 = 35 MagicGold.Rew.Arena MagicGold.Rew.Arena.Player = 5 MagicGold.Rew.Arena.Vip1 = 10 MagicGold.Rew.Arena.Vip2 = 15 MagicGold.Rew.Arena.Vip3 = 20 MagicGold.Rew.Arena.Vip4 = 25 MagicGold.Rew.Arena.Vip5 = 30 MagicGold.Rew.Arena.Vip6 = 30 VIP BONUS TALENT POINTS Vip.TP.Bonus.Vip1 = 5 Vip.TP.Bonus.Vip2 = 10 Vip.TP.Bonus.Vip3 = 15 Vip.TP.Bonus.Vip4 = 20 Vip.TP.Bonus.Vip5 = 25 Vip.TP.Bonus.Vip6 = 30 CUSTOM VIP XP RATES Vip.XpRate.Lv1 = 2.5 Vip.XpRate.Lv2 = 5 Vip.XpRate.Lv3 = 6.5 Vip.XpRate.Lv4 = 7.5 Vip.XpRate.Lv5 = 8.5 Vip.XpRate.Lv6 = 10 Vip.LootRate Vip.LootRate.Lv1 = 2.5 Vip.LootRate.Lv2 = 5 Vip.LootRate.Lv3 = 6.5 Vip.LootRate.Lv4 = 7.5 Vip.LootRate.Lv5 = 8.5 Vip.LootRate.Lv6 = 10 Vip.MoneyRate Vip.MoneyRate.Lv1 = 2.5 Vip.MoneyRate.Lv2 = 5 Vip.MoneyRate.Lv3 = 6.5 Vip.MoneyRate.Lv4 = 7.5 Vip.MoneyRate.Lv5 = 8.5 Vip.MoneyRate.Lv6 = 10 We run into a dedicated machine hosted in europe Here are the specification: CPU:INTEL Xeon 4x 2.50 Ghz Processor 32 GB DDR3 Memory RAM HDD: TB Port:1 Gbps Location: Europe How To Connect Make an account Here. Navigate to the "World of Warcraft/Data/enUS/realmlist.wtf" file. Open the file with Notepad or any text editor. Delete everything and enter this: set realmlist logon.amdwow.ml Save the file, start the game, login and play! Start the game using the WoW.exe file in your WoW Folder (Don't use the Launcher), login and play! Website - Here
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    I miss the old WoTG server, I personally don't like the newer. Not hating but still, great people & great staff. Best of luck to you guys!
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    Hello Lordcraft! I am currently looking to fill a Game-master position for 3.3.5a, Here is what I have to offer! I have quite a bunch of experience being in this position. I've worked for projects such as Legendary ClaYmorE, This server was a level 9999 server as you could have probably guess the project did not last long. I was the hiring manager and Head-GM for the server and I was in this position for around 6 months. The reason why I left this project is because the owner shut down the server as he could not afford it despite his best efforts. After this project I moved on to a hand full of little projects that never came to life. After I had my time to these I moved onto the Cascade-WoW server I had the Admin position for the server and kept it for around 4-5 months I got let go as there was too much staff and the owner decided to let me go, This was the last project I worked on. Why you should be interested in my application. I believe I could be a valuable addition to your server because I'm a very friendly and easy to get along with guy I am very easy to approach and get involved with! I love meeting people and I find it enjoyable to be around the game I love and have been playing since I was around 11-12 (Currently 17). When I was staff on these WoW projects I loved every second of it, It was very enjoyable to me it's great to be able to help good people with their issues, I have a lot of experience so I guess I could say I know what I'm doing . I don't believe I am any better than anyone else I'm a very strong believer in equality among others. Here's why I'm interested in your project! I love new experiences with new people and also facing new challenges with people I have the same passion with. I'm not a picky person either and i'm easily adaptable, what ever your Server has I'm very confident in my ability to learn as much as I can as quick as I can to expand my knowledge with other people! Thank you for giving me your time and reviewing my application please. If you have ANY questions or would like to approach me with any opportunities please PM me on here, reply to this topic or add me on Skype (josh.parsons99) I look forward on meeting you and talking about opportunities with your project!
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    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
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    Hello everyone, I always had this idea to create a game launcher and I'm busy with a project now together with a close friend and classmate and we needed a custom launcher for it. We are not experienced in building one ourselfs, so we went looking for one. There was only one problem, there is not a single finished launcher source for the private server we are creating so we went on looking for another game launcher which was finished and I stumbled uppon this World of Warcraft launcher source. We can't use this launcher source so I decided to share it with you guys, I uploaded it on my MediaFire account so the link won't expire unless I remove or rename it. Whenever the link is dead please send me a private message and I will take a look at it. This application/launcher is without a login system, if you want one you have to create it yourself! You can also change everything inside this launcher from images to text and settings to URLs. NOTE: I have not made this launcher nor did I have anything to do with the development of it! I'm sorry for the hide tag, this is to prevent anyone from leeching someone else his/her work and for people to show their appreciation. Kind regards, Dion.
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    Heidi SQL is free and is quite comparable to sqlyog. You can also look for sqlyog community edition
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    These files are untested as I didn't completely setup a legion server or fusioncms. Good luck emulator_names.php trinity_rbac_legion_soap.php
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    From my understanding FusionCMS is not compatible with Legion. Since development has stopped on the CMS, I doubt it will be updated. I would not recommend using anything from FusionCMS to create accounts. That being said, since you are wanting to log into the website using the email address and password from the auth.account database, just remap the FusionCMS login from username to email address field.
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    Hello members of LordCraft, here are retail splash screens for Interlude Clients. A lot of servers using custom splash screens, if you don't want to see them and you want to have the retail splashes here you are. Download:
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    the holiday system uses phasing , pools, etc to bring creatures and gameobjects "into view". These are all in the game_event* tables Creating a NPC, spawning it and assigning the guid to the event game_event_creature should create the desired effect. if you know the guid you can use the following; insert into game_event_creature values (1, <inseret gud here>) -- 1 is the event entry for midsummer fire festival
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    Doing it like firestorm have done it is ideal and really cool, But the code is a bit unknown as they dont share it for obvious reasons Been checking out their code and it seems that there is a somewhat of json or query updater that changes the "online since (amount)" same for the players connected. I believe it's just listening to a text document where a program is updating it on a certain amount of interval By the way if you dont plan to use some code i'd recommend just removing it completely ( http://prntscr.com/e3yad1 )
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    Hello members of LordCraft, here is a custom armor for Interlude client! Video Preview: Enjoy! Credits: ViRUS
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    Please if you have any question or you need any kind of support do it properly on our Support section.
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    Best of Luck with finding the right staff members for your server! -Update- Make sure you put some information about the server on this thread such as expansion, what the server is all about (Blizzlike, 255, i80, custom, etc.), and more so that your applicants know it.
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    Best of luck with finding the staff you need, Good luck to XtremeWoW aswell!
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    This one only goes through the animation once ' This one goes through the animation without ever stopping hope you like it =)
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    Bump. We are still looking for developers and a graphic designer. Website is fully coded, just needs a little bit of graphic improvements. Inactive developers were removed from the team and replaced. Current status: C++ Developers (3/5) SQL Developers (1/2) Graphical Artist (0/1)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here's the paid adobe photoshop CC 2015 amtlib.dll crack that will allow you to gain full access over photoshop for FREE and avoid those hassling trials. No surveys, ref or affi links. Just download and enjoy! (You'll need to login or register before you can download.) Other than that feel free to hit that like button! Main Thread


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    Version 1.0.0


    These are the new mall vendors that have been updated to Rev 61 and updated on my previous Mall Vendors Thread due to a broken link. Please enjoy


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    School computer Processor: Intel® Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz 3.10 GHz RAM: 8,00 GB Bit: 64 Bit OS: Windows 7 Enterprise This is all I know about the computer I'm working with on school.