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    So this is basically v3 of WoW Realmlist Switcher v2 but with some improoves and new design. Has the same features as v2: Add Realms Edit Realms Delete Realms Set realmlist.wtf and wow.exe path for each realm Auto Save Auto Cache Cleaner Play Button Notice This application will create a new file wrs_config.xml in the same directory where WoW Realmlister.exe is located. XML File example <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ServerInfo> <Realm> <Name>Realm One</Name> <Realmlist></Realmlist> <rPath>E:\World of Warcraft 2.4.3\realmlist.wtf</rPath> <wPath>E:\World of Warcraft 2.4.3\Wow.exe</wPath> </Realm> <Realm> <Name>Realm Two</Name> <Realmlist></Realmlist> <rPath>E:\World of Warcraft 2.4.3\realmlist.wtf</rPath> <wPath>E:\World of Warcraft 2.4.3\Wow.exe</wPath> </Realm> </ServerInfo> Special thanks to SdyeesDev: https://github.com/S...ev/realmchanger (for xml realmlists feature) Special thanks to Doddy Hackman: Check his video (for the skin code) Special thanks to -Discover: https://github.com/Discover-/Realmlist-Changer(Auto Account Login Code) Public source code: https://github.com/Asandru/Realmlister-v3 Download Latest Version: https://github.com/Asandru/Realmlister-v3/releases
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    Funny prank that I wanted to share!
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    TrinityCore Rev. (source) World of Warcraft Legion 7.1.5 Repack Updates for TC has been released! Features: All expansions content available level 110 Legion Zones Playable Demon Hunter Legion Raids and Dungeons Working dungeons and raids Working Battle Grounds and Arenas This is a work in progress and will be updated frequently. Transmogrification Reforging Void Storage Archaeology Pet Journal Legion Mounts and Pets Artifact Weapons and Legionaries Includes: Maps, Vmaps and Mmaps Game data for all expansions Instructions Client Patch Hours of enjoyment Disclaimer: Emulation is a heinous act and should only be done for experimental purposes only. Commercial use of this material is subject to penalties such as fines and even jail depending on your countries copyright laws. If you're going to use this for any reason please show the developers for Blizzard Entertainment love by purchasing and maintaining and active subscription. Download: Support:
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    Features: All expansions content available level 110 Legion Zones Playable Demon Hunter Legion Raids and Dungeons Working dungeons and raids Working Battle Grounds and Arenas This is a work in progress and will be updated frequently. Transmogrification Reforging Void Storage Archaeology Pet Journal Legion Mounts and Pets Artifact Weapons and Legionaries Includes: Maps, Vmaps and Mmaps Game data for all expansions Instructions Client Patch Hours of enjoyment Disclaimer: Emulation is a heinous act and should only be done for experimental purposes only. Commercial use of this material is subject to penalties such as fines and even jail depending on your countries copyright laws. If you're going to use this for any reason please show the developers for Blizzard Entertainment love by purchasing and maintaining an active subscription.


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    This guide is great if you are thinking about starting a level 255 server Increasing and decreasing item stats such as strenght stamina et.c To buff it you must first know how much you want to buff it there is a few ways to do it which i will be showing under this text. First off you have the multiplier UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value1 = (stat_value1 * 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value2 = (stat_value2 * 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value3 = (stat_value3 * 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value4 = (stat_value4 * 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value5 = (stat_value5 * 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value6 = (stat_value6 * 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value7 = (stat_value7 * 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value8 = (stat_value8 * 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value9 = (stat_value9 * 1.25); That will increase the item stats with 25% - If you type 2 instead of 1.25 it will increase the stats with 100 % which means if you had 10 you would now have 20. Stat_value * Guide 1.0 = 100 % "no change" 2.0 = 200 % "doubble ammount" 3.0 = 300 % "tripple the ammount" this goes all the way to 10 = 1000% But can also go backwards to nerf already exsisting stats as such 0.5 = 50% = "current stats - 50% : example 10 * 0.5 = 5 Keep in mind that you can stack this effect by simply running the query twice. To undo the buff "if it is too overpowered you simply do the same but you change the * to a / Like this. UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value1 = (stat_value1 / 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value2 = (stat_value2 / 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value3 = (stat_value3 / 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value4 = (stat_value4 / 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value5 = (stat_value5 / 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value6 = (stat_value6 / 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value7 = (stat_value7 / 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value8 = (stat_value8 / 1.25); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value9 = (stat_value9 / 1.25); Lets say you want to increase the stats manually rather than having it multiplying.. UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value1 = (stat_value1 + 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value2 = (stat_value2 + 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value3 = (stat_value3 + 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value4 = (stat_value4 + 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value5 = (stat_value5 + 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value6 = (stat_value6 + 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value7 = (stat_value7 + 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value8 = (stat_value8 + 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value9 = (stat_value9 + 15); That will increase the items stats by 15.. example: the original stat was 10 now it is 25. 10+15 This also works for - UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value1 = (stat_value1 - 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value2 = (stat_value2 - 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value3 = (stat_value3 - 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value4 = (stat_value4 - 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value5 = (stat_value5 - 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value6 = (stat_value6 - 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value7 = (stat_value7 - 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value8 = (stat_value8 - 15); UPDATE `Item_template` SET stat_value9 = (stat_value9 - 15); Experimental as i have not tried it my self but here is another guide for how to increase stats on a singular item First make sure to have Heidisql. Then open the Item_Template table. Then write this "with replaceing ìtem_template` with the item name "full name" Example below UPDATE `Dirge` SET stat_value1 = (stat_value1 * 1.25); UPDATE `Dirge` SET stat_value2 = (stat_value2 * 1.25); UPDATE `Dirge` SET stat_value3 = (stat_value3 * 1.25); UPDATE `Dirge` SET stat_value4 = (stat_value4 * 1.25); UPDATE `Dirge` SET stat_value5 = (stat_value5 * 1.25); UPDATE `Dirge` SET stat_value6 = (stat_value6 * 1.25); UPDATE `Dirge` SET stat_value7 = (stat_value7 * 1.25); UPDATE `Dirge` SET stat_value8 = (stat_value8 * 1.25); UPDATE `Dirge` SET stat_value9 = (stat_value9 * 1.25); Some tips before using this... do not increase it too much at once because you might end up with a weapon that has 999999999999999999999999999999 in stats which would kill you as soon as you would equip it. always take backups because you might regret using some query and might want to revert back but that does not always work the way you want it.. Backups are the essential of making a server. Thanks for reading. Credits : Wiken
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    First thing to do when making an Nps is deciding what sort of npc it need to be. Will this npc be used for: 1. Gossip with script attached 2. Vendor that sells items 3. Mob or a Boss that will attack players (have script or not) Now that you have decided what sort of npc you would like to make, open up Heidisql and navigate to the creature_template section of the database. Then click on the data tab so that you can see all the creatures / npcs in the database. Once you have this up click on Show All and then sorting (add column to sort by as entry) this will then sort the creatures into numerical order by thecreatures entry. From here scroll to the bottom of the creature so you can see the last entry in the data base and select it by clicking on it. After selecting the last entry in the database you will need to create a new entry, you do this by clicking on the at the top. This will create a new entry as in the image below. This will be the line that we are going to fill in with your new npc. To enter data into the fields you need to double click on the field. Firstly double click on the field “Entry” this will then allow you to type the next entry id in the sequence (suggested). You can type any other number in here as long as it is NOT the same as one that is already in the creature_template database. Now we shall go through the fields. (Remember to double click on each of the fields to enter data) Entry ID – in here place the entry id that you require for the npc (I suggest you use the number that follows on from the last one in the database) ModelID1 - enter the Display Id that you require the npc to be (you can get the display id for a creature by selecting an npc in game and using .npc info and looking up the display ID) Name - of the npc . Also you can enter the Subname (should you wish). Min level - place the minimum level you want for the npc. Max Level - enter the maximum level for the npc. Should you want your npc to be level 80 then you would enter 80 in both Min and Max Fields. Faction – There are many different faction ids. We will use one of these 1. Faction 35 - Friendly To All – Best for vendors or creatures that are going to have scripts assigned to them 2. Faction 14 – Attackable – Best for mobs and bosses   NPCFlag – There are quite a few flags – These are the ones for the purpose of this tutorial. A full list can be found at: http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/creature_template 1 Gossip 2 Quest 128 Vendor 4096 Repairer Should you want your npc to have a custom script (ie for a teleporter) then you would set this field to 1 Should you wish to have your npc as a vendor you would set the flag to 128 (this would only act as a vendor) Now lets say that you would like your npc to be a vendor that players would also be able to repair their items at, then you would do the following : 128 + 4096 = 4224. So by adding the vendor and the repairer falgs together you have the flag 4224 and by entering this you have a vendor that also allows players to repair. Speed_Walk – Set this to 1 Speed Run – Set to 1 Scale – Normal scale of Npc is 1 Rank – there are 5 different ranks for npcs which are in the table below: 0 Normal rank 1 Elite 2 Rare Elite 3 Boss 4 Rare Min Dmg – Lets say that you want the minimum damage you want the npc to do is 1000 then this is what you would enter in this field. MaxDmg – Lets say that you want the maximum damage you want the npc to do is 3000 then this is what you would enter in this field AttackPower – This is where you need to set the attack power Dmg_Multiplier – Set this to the value that you require, this takes the AttackPower, MinDmg, MaxDmg and multiplies it by the value you set in this field. BaseAttackTime – In this field you need to set the speed that the npc will attack at. Lets say that you enter 2000 in this field then the npc will attack every 2 seconds. RangedAttackTime – This is the same as the BaseAttackTime however this is for spell casters, hunters, thrown, wands. UnitClass – There are a few unit classes. Please see the table below: 1 Warrior 2 Paladin 4 Rogue 8 Mage Unit_Flags - This is normally set to 1 (server controlled) Unit_Flags2 – This is normally set to 2048 Dynamicflags – This is normally set to 8 Family – There are many sorts of family masks that you can set. By using the id from the list below this will set the family type of the npc. Now we need to scroll across to the Type field.  Type – There are a few different types of creature, by setting on of the ids in the list below it will show up what sort of creature it is when you target the npc. Type_flags – Within this field you can set if the creature can be tamable, minable, lootable or is a siege weapon. To do this you will need to set the field to the relevant id from list below. 1 Tamable 256 Herbable 512 Minable 262144 Seige Weapon There are alot more flags – for more flags see http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/creature_template Loot_ID – This is the id that links to the creature_ loot_template table. This link allows the npc to drop loot. PickPocketLoot – This is the id that links to the pickpocketing_loot_template to allow the looting via pick pocket SkinLoot – The id for the link to skinning_loot_template to allow the looting via skinning Now lets scroll across to the AIName field. AIName – there are a few different AINames NullAI - Creature does nothing AggressorAI - Creature attacks when player is in range ReactorAI - Creature attacks only after being aattacked PetAI - Creature is a pet SmartAI - Uses Smart_scripts MovementType – this is the movement type for the npc, see the table below for the different types of movements that the npc can have set 0 This allows no movement 1 This allows the npc to have random movement within the spawned distance 2 This moves the npc via waypoints InhabitType – this is where you can set the npc to either be placed on ground, ground and water, water or flying. Please see the table below: 1 Ground 2 Water 3 Ground and Water 4 Flying HoverHeight – this is the distance that the npc will hover above the ground, this is usually set to 1 Health_Mod – This controls the amount of health that the npc will have at each given level, the more you increase this value the more health the npc will have. Mana_Mod - This controls the amount of mana that the npc will have at each given level, the more you increase this value the more mana the npc will have. Armor_Mod - This controls the amount of armor that the npc will have at each given level, the more you increase this value the more armor the npc will have. QuestItem1-6 – Enter a item id in these fields and when you hover over the creature a tool tip shows what the npc drops. MovementID – this is set for the use of vehicles, pets and mounts mainly RegenHealth – This can be set so that the npc can either regenerate it health or not. Setting this to 0 will not allow the npc to regenerate its health, setting it to 1 will allow the npc to regenerate its health.   Mechanic_Immune_Mask – This make the npc immune to certain types of spells. For a list of these please see: http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/creature_template Flags_Extra – There are a few different ones of these, for a list of these please see: http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/creature_template ScriptName – This is the name of the script that the npc is going to use. For example if you have a custom script for a teleporter that have the name Teleport_Npc then this is what you would enter in this field. VerifiedBuild – This field determines whether a template has been verified from the WDB files. If this is set to 0 then this means that its unverified and not been parsed. If this is set to anything over 1 then that means that this is been verified / parsed with the wdb files You can also set this as a place holder by setting this field to -1. Most common for this field is set to 12340 On you have done this then you need to click on the tick mark at the top of the screen to save the new entry Remember after adding anything new in the database that you will need to restart your server for you to be able to see and use in game
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    DESCRIPTION Anduin is a customizable theme for phpBB gaming forums. It's working with the latest version, currently 3.2 and comes with free lifetime support and updates. FEATURES Highly Customizable 60+ Pre Packed Backgrounds Background PSD File 110+ Forum Icons Custom Staff Posts Color Custom Background Image For Staff Posts Custom Login and Registration Page Custom Patch Notes Page Free Support Active Development Documentation Free Updates SKYPE FOR PURCHASES emdlordcraft
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    Here's the paid adobe photoshop CC 2015 amtlib.dll crack that will allow you to gain full access over photoshop for FREE and avoid those hassling trials. No surveys, ref or affi links. Just download and enjoy! (You'll need to login or register before you can download.) Other than that feel free to hit that like button! Instructions: 1. Navigate to your photoshop cc 2015 directory. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 OR C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 2. Drag the amtlib.dll from the folder and into the directory mentioned above. Overwrite or delete the current amtlib.dll. 3. Run photoshop and enjoy license-free editing! Download: Extras: CC 2017 amtlib.dll crack download Useful photoshop shortcut key cheat sheet
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    Hello everyone, I always had this idea to create a game launcher and I'm busy with a project now together with a close friend and classmate and we needed a custom launcher for it. We are not experienced in building one ourselfs, so we went looking for one. There was only one problem, there is not a single finished launcher source for the private server we are creating so we went on looking for another game launcher which was finished and I stumbled uppon this World of Warcraft launcher source. We can't use this launcher source so I decided to share it with you guys, I uploaded it on my MediaFire account so the link won't expire unless I remove or rename it. Whenever the link is dead please send me a private message and I will take a look at it. This application/launcher is without a login system, if you want one you have to create it yourself! You can also change everything inside this launcher from images to text and settings to URLs. NOTE: I have not made this launcher nor did I have anything to do with the development of it! I'm sorry for the hide tag, this is to prevent anyone from leeching someone else his/her work and for people to show their appreciation. Kind regards, Dion.
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    All these rar's include: Example [PNG] .PSD File Note: I dont recommend learning from this website psd i fucked it up pretty hard....i was a nab okay ;( Click Here to download! Click Here to download! Click Here to download! Click Here to download! Click Here to download! Click Here to download!
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    Hello Members of LordCraft, here is a custom npc for Interlude Client! Image Preview: Enjoy! Credits:KDerD64
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    This is the nulled version of FusionCMS v6.2.1 No license key required. Download Links:
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    How to make an npc chat on aggro or health percentage In this tutorial I will show you how to make an npc chat when attacked. First of all you will need to create an npc. If you need help with this then you can follow the following guide. https://www.lordcraft.net/index.php/topic/3599-creating-a-npc-in-heidisql/ Once you have created the npc then you will need to go to creature_text table of your world database. Go to data view and then you will need to add a new entry by clicking on the Now let us take a look at the fields that are required to create and allow your npc to say something when aggro’d. Entry:- This is the id of the npc that you created. GroupId:- For the first entry set this to 0 should you want to set the creature to have more than one text to say then the next one would be set to 1 ID:- Set this to 0 Text:- This is the text message that you want the creature to say.   Type:- Set this to one of the following Language:- Set this to 0 so all can understand Probability:- Set this to 100 Emote:- Set this to 0 Duration:- Set this to 0 Sound: Set this to 0 Comment:- Set this to something like “Npc Nmae – Chat” Save the new entry that you have made. You have now set up the chat section for the npc to talk. Part 2 – Setting up the smart_script Now we are going to run through the smart_script, so let us have a look at the structure. Entyorguid:- This is the id for the creature that you created Source_type:- Set this to 0 Id:- Set this to 0 Link:- Set this to 0 Event_type:- Set this to 4 Event_phase_mask:- Set this to 0 Event_chance:- Set this to 100 Event _flag:- Set this to 0 Event_param1:- Set this to 0 Event_param2:- Set this to 0 Event_param3:- Set this to 0 Event_param4:- Set this to 0 Action_type:- Set this to 1 Action_param1:- Set this to 0 Action_param2:- Set this to 0 Action_param3:- Set this to 0 Action _param4:- Set this to 0 Action_param5:- Set this to 0 Action_param6:- Set this to 0 Target_type:- Set this to 1 Target_param1:- Set this to 0 Target_param2:- Set this to 0 Target_param3:- Set this to 0 Target_x:- Set this to 0 Target_y:- Set this to 0 Target_z:- Set this to 0 Target_o:- Set this to 0 Comment:- Add a comment so you can find the script. Save the new entry. You have now setup the script to make the creature talk when aggro’d. Remember that you will have to restart your server for the creature, creature_text and the smart_script to take effect. Should you want to set the chat at Health % Should you wish to have the npc say the text at a health percentage then you would go about things in the same manner, however you would change the data in the following fields. Event_type:- Set this to 2 Event_flag:- Set this to 1 Then you would have to set up the event parameters Event_param1:- This is the Health Minimum. For the case of this tutorial I will set this to 45 Event_param2:- This is the Health Maximum. For the case of this tutorial I will set this to 55. Event_param3:- Now you have to repeat the health minimum in this field. Event_param4:- Now you have to repeat the health maximum in this field. With these parameters set the npc will now say your text when its health is between 45 and 55 %.
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    Hello i am the co-owner of JusticarWoW/Endlesswow . i decide to release the repack Based on unforgivenwow what we have revamped/modded it allot. Dont care about the Flamers just release this for the people who love custom Fun realms. have fixed allot of issues with the database/core issues that made the server crash, We stopped with our Fun Realm, This core is self-compiled and has alot of features in it. Custom Patch, and launcher with login screens, custom races, events, quests, items and alot more Hopefully you guys love this release. Spells and talents are working: Death Knight most spells and talents are working. Druid most spells and talents are working. Hunter most spells and talents are working. Mage most spells and talents are working. Paladin most spells and talents are working. Priest most spells and talents are working. Rogue most spells and talents are working. Shaman most spells and talents are working. Warlock most spells and talents are working. Warrior most spells and talents are working. Battlegrounds: Random Battlegrounds working. Warsong Gulch is working. Arathi Basin is working. Eye of the Storm is working. Alterac Valley is working. Arenas: Blade's Edge Arena working. Nagrand Arena is working. Ruins of Lordaeron is working. The Ring of Valor is working. The Dalaran Arena is working Realm Information - Custom Patch- - Level 255 - - Over 40M HP - - World chat - - Teleporter - - pocket Teleporter - - Bounty hunter - - VIP system - - VIP Commands - - Starters gear - - Upgrade able gear sets - - Custom instances - - 99% Spells working (BALANCED) - - Over 5000 custom items - - Over 1000 custom quests - - Minigames, { Such as Zombie deathmatch } - - Custom Spells - - Custom Instances and battlegrounds - - Transmogrification - - Reforgin - - Duel Gambling Area - - TOWER DEFENSE - - Flying mounts in Azeroth - - Professionaly developed - - Has 10 events which are soloable - - Custom battleground - (based on the movie "Real Steel") - Custom World Bosses/Bosses - - (New races: Goblin & Naga & Broken & Vykryl ) - - New zones - Completely CUSTOM MADE gems - - All race-class combinations - - Several custom malls - - Arena & PvP gear - - Vote rewards - - Donation rewards - - and much more ! - Download Section all are required to make it work Repack Download Download patch Source download Justicarwow.exe place this in your wow root folder and run this one to login in game Druid C fix otherwish typ this while your in game to fix the druid C bug issue /console PlayerStatLeftDropDown Melee /console PlayerStatRightDropDown Spell /reload Vmaps issues with worldserver.exe cant load them? Download here Vmaps and replace them with the current Vmaps Preview of the Fun Realm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PdJWdlSxHs&list=UUab4XjQLOiXLaK98TSv-JdA Teleport npc Pet tame area Non-pvp mall Duel Gamble area level-road starting area starting area Support section if you need any help to set it up correctly i can help you. i do not help with recompile the core etc. If you need help Feel free to add me or send a message on skype or pm me. Credits Credits to Old unforgivenwow Core + db Credits to me for fixing allot of c++ outdated script issues + Core issues, and database updates / reconstruction, and adding allot of more custom content,
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    Mass Resurrection 3.3.5 Item has 5 min CD 3 charges INSERT INTO `item_template` (`entry`,`class`,`subclass`,`SoundOverrideSubclass`,`name`,`displayid`,`Quality`,`Flags`,`FlagsExtra`,`BuyCount`,`BuyPrice`,`SellPrice`,`InventoryType`,`AllowableClass`,`AllowableRace`,`ItemLevel`,`RequiredLevel`,`RequiredSkill`,`RequiredSkillRank`,`requiredspell`,`requiredhonorrank`,`RequiredCityRank`,`RequiredReputationFaction`,`RequiredReputationRank`,`maxcount`,`stackable`,`ContainerSlots`,`StatsCount`,`stat_type1`,`stat_value1`,`stat_type2`,`stat_value2`,`stat_type3`,`stat_value3`,`stat_type4`,`stat_value4`,`stat_type5`,`stat_value5`,`stat_type6`,`stat_value6`,`stat_type7`,`stat_value7`,`stat_type8`,`stat_value8`,`stat_type9`,`stat_value9`,`stat_type10`,`stat_value10`,`ScalingStatDistribution`,`ScalingStatValue`,`dmg_min1`,`dmg_max1`,`dmg_type1`,`dmg_min2`,`dmg_max2`,`dmg_type2`,`armor`,`holy_res`,`fire_res`,`nature_res`,`frost_res`,`shadow_res`,`arcane_res`,`delay`,`ammo_type`,`RangedModRange`,`spellid_1`,`spelltrigger_1`,`spellcharges_1`,`spellppmRate_1`,`spellcooldown_1`,`spellcategory_1`,`spellcategorycooldown_1`,`spellid_2`,`spelltrigger_2`,`spellcharges_2`,`spellppmRate_2`,`spellcooldown_2`,`spellcategory_2`,`spellcategorycooldown_2`,`spellid_3`,`spelltrigger_3`,`spellcharges_3`,`spellppmRate_3`,`spellcooldown_3`,`spellcategory_3`,`spellcategorycooldown_3`,`spellid_4`,`spelltrigger_4`,`spellcharges_4`,`spellppmRate_4`,`spellcooldown_4`,`spellcategory_4`,`spellcategorycooldown_4`,`spellid_5`,`spelltrigger_5`,`spellcharges_5`,`spellppmRate_5`,`spellcooldown_5`,`spellcategory_5`,`spellcategorycooldown_5`,`bonding`,`description`,`PageText`,`LanguageID`,`PageMaterial`,`startquest`,`lockid`,`Material`,`sheath`,`RandomProperty`,`RandomSuffix`,`block`,`itemset`,`MaxDurability`,`area`,`Map`,`BagFamily`,`TotemCategory`,`socketColor_1`,`socketContent_1`,`socketColor_2`,`socketContent_2`,`socketColor_3`,`socketContent_3`,`socketBonus`,`GemProperties`,`RequiredDisenchantSkill`,`ArmorDamageModifier`,`duration`,`ItemLimitCategory`,`HolidayId`,`ScriptName`,`DisenchantID`,`FoodType`,`minMoneyLoot`,`maxMoneyLoot`,`flagsCustom`,`VerifiedBuild`) VALUES (1010100, 15, 4, -1, "Delusion Mass Resurrection", 1301, 5, 8, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, -1, 200, 20, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 72429, 4, 3, 0, 300000, 0, -1, 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, 0, -1, 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, 0, -1, 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, 0, -1, 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, 0, -1, 1, 'I VOTED DID YOU?', 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, '', 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 12340);
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    Hello, I have been annoyed by Skype adding so many ads on Skype, so I looked up a tutorial on how to remove them and thought I'd share it with you guys. 1. Open-up the control panel. 2. Open-up "Network & Internet" then "Internet Options". 3. Go to the "Security" tab. 4. Click on the "Restricted Sites" icon, then the "Sites" button below it. 5. Type "https://apps.skype.com/"(without the quotes) into the text box and click "Add" 6. Close and apply the changes. 7. Restart Skype. 8. Enjoy having no ads! Credits: http://community.skype.com/t5/Windows-desktop-client/Tutorial-How-to-disable-Skype-advertisements/td-p/3316902
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    So here's another tutorial on VFX Basics,there you go.
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    Been a while since I posted at all here at Lordcraft, so I thought i'd take the time to showcase a new signature I have made. Rate / CC much appreciated Stock used: click me!
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    Eluna Script for PvP Titles on HK's, this brings back a somewhat nostalgic feeling from Vanilla for those who loved PvP. Once added use your reload string (.reload eluna) and the script will become active. Enjoy local T = { {1, 15, 15}, -- Private/Scout {2, 16, 2000}, -- Corporal/Grunt {3, 17, 5000}, -- Sergeant {4, 18, 10000}, -- Master/Senior Sergeant {5, 19, 15000}, -- Sergeant Major/First Sergeant {6, 20, 20000}, -- Knight/Stone Guard {7, 21, 25000}, -- Knight-Lieutenant/Blood Guard {8, 22, 30000}, -- Knight-Captain/Legionnaire {9, 23, 35000}, -- Knight-Champion/Centurion {10, 24, 40000}, -- Lieutenant Commander/Champion {11, 25, 45000}, -- Commander/Lieutenant General {12, 26, 50000}, -- Marshal/General {13, 27, 55000}, -- Field Marshal/Warlord {14, 28, 60000}, -- Grand Marshal/High Warlord {62, 62, 75000}; -- Warbringer }; function OnKilledTarget(event, plr, victim) for i = #T, 1, -1 do if (plr:GetLifetimeKills() >= T[i][3]) then if not plr:HasTitle(T[i][plr:GetTeam()+1]) then plr:SetKnownTitle(T[i][plr:GetTeam()+1]) end break; end end end
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    Please take a moment to read this. My second review for Level 255 FunRealm. So far these types of realms are the hardest for me, because I have to cover alot information, but sadly I just can't do that. Anyway thanks to the great and friendly staff members and community of these servers I am actually able to make a decent review. Eternal-WoW's realm called Remorse has alot features and in this review I will try to cover most of them. It won't be easy, but hopefully I will do something. Now, Eternal has many realms, but I choosed to review Remorse first, since I believe it will be really hard and I want to finish the hard ones first. Lets go! Eternal-WoW's site is really user-friendly and clean. It looks way different then the last time I checked it, which was probably 2 years ago. The registration is simple and easy and you don't have to use realm email address, since it won't send you activation code ot something, however it will send "Welcome email" + if you ever lost your password you will need to provide your email address, so I suggest you to use a real one. The Forum is clean also, everything is nicely organized, noticed that they are announcing different events on the website. It looks like some sort of shoutout, which is great. It's one more way of letting the players know whats happening in-game. I don't really like the pop-up that asks you to vote, because even if I am not logged in this pop-up will be shown. Click here to visit the website! Remorse is highly customized realm. Max Level 255 Transmogrification Custom Currency Customized Raids and Dungeons Leveling Roads Custom Quest Chains Item Upgrades All Race+Class Combinations Server Transfers and much more. I suggest you to give it a try and experience the content yourself. You are starting in Ragefire Chasm, which is the place where you will begin your long leveling process. The first quest is given to you by Lord Marrowgar and it's a simple quest that requires you to kill a couple of mobs and it will reward you with mount and food. Now...the leveling on Remorse is pretty interesting. I created a druid and started leveling (Balance Spec). I was hitting the mobs with Moonfire for 50 000 damage. Their hp was probably 10K or so. But this was on the 1-100 Level Road. After that the things started to get harder. I started dying and the leveling proccess was harder than expected. I had hard time leveling and I decided to use their Character Transfer feature to transfer my character from another server. Everything went nice. I posed the request on the forum and it was accepted in just 4-5 minutes. After that I had to open ticket in-game and a GM summoned me to complete the transfer. I noticed something strange. According to the GM that transfered my character - they couldn't give me Neck, Back, 1 Trinket, 1 Finger and Thrown, because they are not allowed to. I think thats pretty strange. Also the GM said that there is no dagger from Nexus (Their Gearing Instance), so he gave me two swords instead, but after completing my transfer I saw that the Nexus Quest actually had the dagger available. I think that was mistake that he made, but I don't blame him, because at the end of the day we are all human beings... Remorse also has a Transmogrification Mall. I am mentioning it, because it's Wrath of the Lich King realm and I think its worth mentioning it. Anyway the items for transmogrification are not free. It requires custom game currency that can be obtained with honor. The currency itself can be purchased in the main mall and costs Honor Points, which is located in The Hinterlands. Really neat place for mall. The mall itself looks cool. You can customize your character with "Remorse Gold" which is also game currency that can be aquired. However I found some things in the mall that I think should be removed. This is just my opinion, maby the other players find it useful, but I want to point that out. First is the Transmogrification Items and the Transmogrifier itself. I think these two NPC's should be spawned in the Transmogrification Mall instead here in the main mall. Also the enchancement NPC that sells all kind of different Temporary, Permanent, Armor Enchants and Weapon Enchants. It looks too much right. I started searching for the correct enchants, which was hard, because they were alot. When I was done I noticed that next to me was sitting other One-Click enchanting NPC that was selling way better enchants and it was faster. I think that NPC with the permanent and temporary enchants should be removed, because it's useless in my opinion. Also most of the potions that Reagents NPC is selling should be removed. Gearing on Remorse is kinda different. You should complete a long quest chain, untill you have the end-game gear (not exactly end-game, because you can get better one with Arena Points). These quests tkae place in Black Temple. You should kill different bosses and loot different loot in order to complete the quests. After each completed quests you will get 1 piece of gear, meaning that you will have to work hard if you want to get better gear. Quests are not the only way that you can use to gear-up. There are also Events that are rewarding you with items and Event Tokens, which can be used to buy different game items, but they are not as good as the Questing ones, also the Events are really hard. Atleast for me, because I am absolutely terrible at this and I don't want to try it ever again... The Black Temple, which is one of the main raids is heavy customized. Illidan has different scripts, but its not too hard to kill. I've managed to get in a group of 6 people that were low geared and we took him down in 10-15 minutes. Illidan is summining some kind of demons every X seconds that are casting spells and you should kill them if you want to survive, because if you don't he will just summon more and more, untill you eventually can't hold the damage they do + Illidan is hitting pretty hard too. The items that he drops are good. I managed to get myself a dagger, but the raid leader told me that Warlgaives can also be dropped, but have low chance. Sadly most of the players were already geared and couldn't really progress through the Quest Chain to get myself better gear. Anyway taking down Illidan was enough for me. Ticket Created: 14:17 Ticket Answered: 14:23 Pay to Win is available on Remorse. Players can actually get some really powerful items like Shadowmourne and the Donor Itemset. I am not supporting pay to win servers, but yet again its needed to keep the server alive. Thanks to that we have Private Servers to play the game for free right? I know that Eternal's staff is working hard on this server. I chatted with them and I can confirm that. The server is improving fast, but it still needs alot of work. I can see that they are doing whatever they can, noticed that they are listening to their players and hopefully at the end Remorse will become one great place for the players and eventually get more. While I was playing I saw really nice people. Most of the players are ready to help you, but ofcourse there are some that are too selfish. Sadly most of the battlegrounds are full with donators, which is not too bad. In my opinion Donors are the people that keep the server running and shouldn't talk thrash about them, anyway I think that the Donation Awards should be nerfed. Leaving this aside...Remorse has potential, it just needs more time. I will be sure to check it out again and eventually update this review. Development - 4/5 Support Team - 5/5 Gameplay - 3/5 Overall - 3.8/5 This was my review for the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Private Server - Eternal-WoW (Realm Remorse)! Hopefully you liked it and I got your attention!
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    Hello, In this tutorial I just wanna paste a very simple script for Rock, Paper, Scissors var userChoice = prompt("Do you choose rock, paper or scissors?"); var computerChoice = Math.random(); if (computerChoice < 0.34) { computerChoice = "rock"; } else if(computerChoice <= 0.67) { computerChoice = "paper"; } else { computerChoice = "scissors"; } console.log(computerChoice); var compare = function(choice1, choice2) { if (choice1 === choice2) { return "The result is a tie!"; } else if (choice1 === "rock") { if (choice2 === "scissors") { return "rock wins"; } else { return "paper wins"; } } else if (choice1 === "paper") { if (choice2 === "rock") { return "paper wins"; } else { return "scissors wins"; } } else if (choice1 === "scissors") { if (choice2 === "rock") { return "rock wins"; } else { return "scissors wins"; } } }; compare(userChoice, computerChoice); Any questions? you can put them in the reply I will try to answer on it
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    Hello members of LordCraft, here is a custom item buffs code for aCis. With this code you will replace tutorial book to an custom item for buffs. Image Preview: Core Part of Code: Datapack Part of Code: Credits for Code: Bluur Credits for HTML: RedHot Custom Item Buffs: Leoonardo
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    Greetings, i'd like to share my custom TrinityCore rev. 2012-12-30 16:03:25 -0500 (b4be02c8a0f4+), this core is made for Fun Server purpose and as such it includes respwn at death location w/o use of graveyard, world chat script with 10 ranks at .chat, VIP utility script, BeastMaster NPC, 3 Transmogrification NPCs, one for tiers, 1 for legendaries & 1 for item of your own choice, Title npc (please note you have to insert it into ScriptLoader & CMake yourself, but it should work as intended.) Universal instant class Trainer, Racials Trainer, Morph NPC, Guild Wars NPC (Declare war btw guilds), Guild Houses (Havent fully tested!) Token Exchange NPC, Gamble / dealer npc, & .buff command script. In addition this package also includes some SQL based NPCs in ./TrinityCore/sql/extras This core has been tested and does compile on Sabayon Hardened 10 & Ubuntu server 12.10 (32bits) Download Link Credits & thanks goes the creators & respective owners of the code & scipts used in this. Especially JunkyBulgaria @ Ac-web as his release was my inspiration.
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    This tutorial will show you how to change the auto broadcast color! Open HediSql (or whatever you use) Go to World And go to Auto broadcast, to change the color you need to use color codes in front of the text like this. Then it will look like this in game. Here are some color codes, Thanks for reading my guide on how to change color on autobroadcast text! Regards Shatter
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    Horray!.. Oh ****, i just realize now .. that its not HD, only 360p :/.. Well i hope you guys can see something.. I hope you guys do well. Hope you like it.
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    Alright class, today we will be learning about SQL Joins (que moans and groans). SQL Joins are something I myself only just learned about so bear with me here. Let's say you have two tables Players: user_id | user_name | ip_addr ----------|----------------|----------- 0 | "Epicblood" | 1 | "iDeath" | 2 | "someOtherFag | and Kills: user_ded | user_kill | how -------------|------------|-------- 0 | 1 | "knife" 2 | 0 | "rpg" Now we want to find All kills involving player "Epicblood" how do this? simple really, you use a join (Hurray!!) First let me show you the final query: SELECT ded_guy, user_name AS murderer, how FROM( SELECT user_name AS ded_guy, user_kill, how FROM ( SELECT user_name, user_kill, how FROM Kills JOIN Players ON ( Kills.user_ded = Players.user_id ) ) AS ded_logs ) AS murder_logs JOIN Players ON ( user_kill = Players.user_id ) WHERE ded_guy = "Epicblood" OR user_name = "Epicblood"; Now this is a confusing query, no?let's break it down. First we are doing this: SELECT user_name, user_kill, how FROM Kills JOIN Players ON ( Kills.user_ded = Players.user_id ); This is just grabbing the row in `players` that have the `user_id` of `user_ded`, so this will return both tables more or less combined.then we basically filter that query, to only get the parts we want. SELECT user_name AS ded_guy, user_kill, how FROM ( SELECT user_name, user_kill, how FROM Kills JOIN Players ON ( Kills.user_ded = Players.user_id ) ) AS ded_logs This is saying I want to get the field `user_name` and name it `ded_guy`, I also want the fields `user_kill` and `how`.Now we have the username of the dead player in the column `ded_guy` and the user_id of the murderer in `user_kill`, all that's left is to get the username of the murderer: SELECT ded_guy, user_name AS murderer, how FROM( SELECT user_name AS ded_guy, user_kill, how FROM ( SELECT user_name, user_kill, how FROM Kills JOIN Players ON ( Kills.user_ded = Players.user_id ) ) AS ded_logs ) AS murder_logs JOIN Players ON ( user_kill = Players.user_id ) Here we are doing a JOIN, similar to the one we did earlier, but instead of using `user_ded`, we use `user_kill`. This is again going to return both tables, but we dont want all those values.so we name `user_name` `murderer`, and grab `ded_guy` and `how`. Lastly we want to filter it to only return kills involving `Epicblood` SELECT ded_guy, user_name AS murderer, how FROM( SELECT user_name AS ded_guy, user_kill, how FROM ( SELECT user_name, user_kill, how FROM Kills JOIN Players ON ( Kills.user_ded = Players.user_id ) ) AS ded_logs ) AS murder_logs JOIN Players ON ( user_kill = Players.user_id ) WHERE ded_guy = "Epicblood" OR user_name = "Epicblood"; Which we can do with a simple WHERE clause. This will return: ded_guy | murderer | how -------------|-----------|------ someOtherFag | Epicblood | rpg Epicblood | iDeath | knife
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    hello guys i want to share those files what i had on my pc hopefully you guys will like it. The modules what i have Promotion Module Logs Analyzer Module BugTracker Module Developer_Apply Module BanAppeal Module
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    Hello everyone, I've taken the time to update the old duel_script I released back in 2012. And I thought I would share it with the users of lordcraft Resets HP after duelsResets MANA after duelsResets COOLDOWNS after duelsSCRIPT - Github - gist link
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    So a friend wanted me to help him with this and that's when i realized that when i done this for a server i work with. I had to update it because it was no longer up to date from the original release. So since he wants help with it as well. I figured why not just make a tutorial on it so the whole community could benefit from this. So we are going to open up Unit.cpp We are going to go to line 12944 or press ctrl + f and search for: // cooking with Chef Hat. This will take you to the following block of code. if (!((spellInfo->Attributes & (SPELL_ATTR0_ABILITY | SPELL_ATTR0_TRADESPELL)) || (spellInfo->AttributesEx3 & SPELL_ATTR3_NO_DONE_BONUS)) && ((GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER && spellInfo->SpellFamilyName) || GetTypeId() == TYPEID_UNIT)) castTime = int32(float(castTime) * GetFloatValue(UNIT_MOD_CAST_SPEED)); else if (spellInfo->Attributes & SPELL_ATTR0_REQ_AMMO && !(spellInfo->AttributesEx2 & SPELL_ATTR2_AUTOREPEAT_FLAG)) castTime = int32(float(castTime) * m_modAttackSpeedPct[RANGED_ATTACK]); else if (spellInfo->SpellVisual[0] == 3881 && HasAura(67556)) // cooking with Chef Hat. castTime = 500; Underneath this we are going to add: if (spellInfo->Effects[0].Effect == SPELL_EFFECT_ENCHANT_ITEM || spellInfo->Effects[0].Effect == SPELL_EFFECT_APPLY_GLYPH || spellInfo->Effects[0].Effect == SPELL_EFFECT_ENCHANT_ITEM_PRISMATIC) castTime = 1; It should look something like this. Close Unit.cpp and recompile. And there you should have instant cast glyphs and enchant scrolls. I have yet to find any issues with this yet if you come across one let me know ill try and figure out what is going on. Original code released by JunkyBulgaria
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    Hey guys so i have been revisiting some of the auras in wow and i wanted to list the ones i found for anyone else who wanted them. If you guys if know any good ones post it here and i will add it to main post. To use one of these auras simple .aura idhere "for trinitycore users up to you to find the command for your core however the ids should be the same on all emulators unless they were changed in a later expansion or was not in a previous one." You can also learn them as a spell but not all of them will show up in your spellbook. Blue Spirit 42744 Red Spirit 36725 Green Spirit 61894 Purple Spirit 28126 Snow 64615 Lightning 49411 Fire Shield 46804 Headless Horseman Flames 43184 Corruption Of Time 60451 Smoke?.. 55086 Intoxicated Bubbles.. 35777 More Snow? 21336 Horde Flag 32610 Ally Flag 32609 Hunters Mark 34832 Toxic 25172 ^ it kills you over time..... lol.. Harpoon Ride! 44167 Saw!!!! 36193 Some Sort Of Summoning 33569 Umm lil help here crystals... 40159 This is a older thread that i made and thought could be fun for members here.
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    Today I will be sharing something I've never see around, that is creating quests npcs. It's really simple once you've done it once or twice. I will be sharing my querys for PvP quests (1), and Kill/slay NPC quests (2-3). First up is creating a NPC to receive/turn in the quests. 1. You need to create a new NPC that you want to use as your quest NPC. ( Will share mine below ). "entry","difficulty_entry_1","difficulty_entry_2","difficulty_entry_3","KillCredit1","KillCredit2","modelid1","modelid2","modelid3","modelid4","name","subname","IconName","gossip_menu_id","minlevel","maxlevel","exp","faction_A","faction_H","npcflag","speed_walk","speed_run","scale","rank","mindmg","maxdmg","dmgschool","attackpower","dmg_multiplier","baseattacktime","rangeattacktime","unit_class","unit_flags","unit_flags2","dynamicflags","family","trainer_type","trainer_spell","trainer_class","trainer_race","minrangedmg","maxrangedmg","rangedattackpower","type","type_flags","lootid","pickpocketloot","skinloot","resistance1","resistance2","resistance3","resistance4","resistance5","resistance6","spell1","spell2","spell3","spell4","spell5","spell6","spell7","spell8","PetSpellDataId","VehicleId","mingold","maxgold","AIName","MovementType","InhabitType","HoverHeight","Health_mod","Mana_mod","Armor_mod","RacialLeader","questItem1","questItem2","questItem3","questItem4","questItem5","questItem6","movementId","RegenHealth","mechanic_immune_mask","flags_extra","ScriptName","WDBVerified" "60032","0","0","0","0","0","838","0","0","0","Daily Quests","Arena-Masters",,,"0","80","80","0","35","35","2","1","1.14286","1","0","25","33","0","60","1","2000","0","1","0","2048","8","0","0","0","0","0","17","25","2","7","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","","0","1","1","1","1","1","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","1","1","2","","12340" You can copy this # for #. The only thing I don't suggest you replace is "12340" since that is the WDBverified (all quests/npcs basically use this).Next I will share my quests code with you, (Insert this into "Quest_Template"). ( Do to it being so long I will just tell you what to edit in quest_template). ID = (make a quest ID). Method = 2 (Makes the quest so you HAVE to do it, I believe if it is on 1 it will auto-complete). Level = -1,2 (I use both). Minlevel = (Whatever you want it to be) Maxlevel = ^>^ ZoneORsort = (PvP I use 14, NPC slaying I use 9, not sure if it matters but better safe then sorry). Flags = 4096 (See wiki for other flags) this is the daily flag. SpecialFlags = 1 WDBVerified = 12340. Now, for when your making your rewards for the quest. You will see honor, Arena, items etc. It's all kinda spread out but self explanitory. For the objective you will see two things you want (At least what I will show you in this) - ReqioredNpcOrGo1-5 - This is where you will put the required NPC's (or gobjects) to cast upon/kill for your quests. RequiredNpcOrGoCount1-5 - This is where you will but how many you have to kill/cast apon. RequiredPlayerKills - If you want it to be PvP put the # of players you want them to kill here. I will share one more script ( this is to kill NPCs). This will go completely in order. "60033","2","2","80","80","9","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","30000","0","0","0","0","0","0","4096","1","0","0","0","25","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","PvE Daily (NPC)","Kill 15 Daily NPCs and return to PvP Dailys.","This task is only for the most noble of warriors, you must travel into the depths of azeroth and slay me 15 extremley hard enemys. Fight with honor.",,,"Great job young players, we greatly appreicate your services.","Don't come back until their all dead.","Return to the PvP Daily npc!","70501","0","0","0","15","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","1",,,,,,,,,"1","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","1","1","0","0","0","0","0","0","0","12340" Now, the only things you guys want to worry about is again the WDBVerified, the rest is up to you. This is just something for you to go off. If you can't understand something in this guide (As it was just to give you something to basically compare yours too if it still isn't working). I will provide a link to the Trinity Wiki for quest_templates - http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/Quest+template+tc2 If you have any further questions please feel free to PM me, also if you would just like the query's to add it in to your SQL, PM me. -Mitrackjr. (First SQL tutorial, please do criticize, leave anything I should add etc.
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    Hello members of LordCraft, here are some usefull SQL scripts (examples, you can edit them whatever you want) ! 1. Delete from Server All Data of Character that is not active more then 3 month. 2.Removing all the monsters below 50 Level: 3.Add all the mobs in the drop Col (1 piece) with a chance to 100%: 4.Teleport cost 0 Adena: 5.All RB will spawn with 90% health: 6.Auto-Restart the server (every 2days): 7.Make all raid bosses and grand bosses 80 level: 8.Delete all items except adena and coin of luck: 9.Making stronger pets: 10.Delete from database grade penalty: 11.Increase the speed of moving for all classes by 40%: 12.Increase the p.def / m.def for all classes by 30%: 13.All new characters will appear in your specified coordinates: 14.If we accidentally deleted RB jewelry of drop can be returned: 15.Do so that all the items weighed on 0: 16.Removal of all recipes and materials from drop: 17.Enlarge the spawn mobs in 3 times: 18.Add all the new characters skill Noblesse Blessing: 19.Deleting all GM / admin accounts from the database: 20.Make 100% drop rate clan eggs: 21.Change the title to all NPCs on the server: 22.Ban character (nameChar): 23. Give All clan skills to clan. 24. Delete item from droplist. 25. Set all Weapons enchant to +25 of character that is in inventory. 26. Replace All 75 Lvl And Upper lvl Mobs spawnlist With your Mob. 27. Change Castle owne Clan Leader name color. 28. Delete from items all weapons/armor/jewelery what is enchanted upper when +31. 29. To enchant skill doesn't need exp/sp. 30. Newbie npc buffer buffes all buffs from 1lv to 62lv. Credits: Castiel & RedPhoenix
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    Source Nexus File of the month May 2015 No custom animation possible for Skyrim? Wrong. FNIS Behaviors allows other mods to add different types of animations to the game: idles/poses, sequenced, arm offset, furniture, and paired animations, killmoves, and creature animations. And, with the demonstration mod FNIS Spells the user has a means to display almost all animation files. Dance animations included. Note: You will have to run a generator tool GenerateFNISforUsers.exe (part of FNIS Behavior) every time you have installed or uninstalled FNIS, or an FNIS based mod. In addition, when you uninstall a mod that uses FNIS Creatures, you first have press the "De-Install Creatures" button, before you run the "Update FNIS Behaviors" FNIS intallation instructions at 1:27, 10:37, and 11:41. Thank you gopher. Using Mod Organizer to install FNIS. Thank you gopher. Thank you GamerPoets. Never installed FNIS before? Check out the article Installation Guide FNIS / GenerateFNISforUsers.exe You are a modder, and interested in Behaviors? Download FNIS for Modders Documentation V5.1 (or later) from the Files section You are a modder, and want to understand the contents of behavior files? CondenseBehavior represents Behaviors in a condensed form Want to see creatures animated by custom FNIS behaviors? Go and get FNIS Zoo Bored of all females walking the same? FNIS Sexy Move will change that Ready to explore Skyrim from above? Install FNIS Flyer and off you go Multi-language support: Anyone willing to translate the Generator text? Right now I need help with translating the additional FNIS 5.3.1 text pieces for all available languages, except English and German. But I would also appreciate any new language not yet covered. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Recent Change(s) 2015/07/11: FNIS for Modders Doc 5.5 available now 2015/07/11 FNIS Behavior 5.5 fix 1 This Update fixed the following Generator for Users bugs: Errors reported by the OS (usually caused by an MO bug or an incomplete installation) appear as unhandled exception (Improperly) starting the FNIS generator from the Windows Explorer search functions makes the generator fail due to an assumed current directory C:/Windows/system32 Install this fix ON TOP of FNIS 5.5 2015/06/28 FNIS Behavior 5.5 User level: Activate (engine) pre-cache for custom animation files to avoid sporadic t-pose. Supported mods/files: - GENDER specific animations - PCEA - FNIS Sexy Move - FNIS Flyer - Racemenu alternate equip animations - Flying Mod Beta / Flying Mod Uverhauled and Enhanced (partially)My special thanks go to somebody4 for input, feedback and test. And for pushing me in moments when I wanted to give up on this matter. Fixed animation for 2 hand sword unequip (only relevant with RaceMenu / XPMSE 2.6 and above) Modder level: Added ch (chair) animation type to allow additional animations while sitting in a chair. See the Readme in the upload for details Fixed a bug that prevented generating Creature behavior files ___________________________________________________________________________________ Installation (short version) Install FNIS Behavior V5_5 -- ALWAYS necessary Install Creature Pack V5_3 (optional, necessary for creature animation mods) Install FNIS Idle Spells V5_0_1 -- ADD-ON for the spells (optional, necessary for the spells) Install other FNIS dependant mods (see mod list below) Goto to your Skyrim Installation directory(usually C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim), and from there toData/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users Start GenerateFNISforUsers.exe AS ADMINISTRATOR (part of FNIS Behavior, and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, or NOTHING works) Select Behavior patches (ONLY those you need!) Click "Update FNIS Behavior" When you exit GenerateFNISforUsers.exe, you will be asked if a shortcut to the tool shall be created on your desktop. Say "YES" (strongly recommended - you will need the generator quite frequently) For more detailed NMM and manual installation directions see "Installation (extended)" For Installation under Mod Organizer see the guide at S.T.E.P. Project: Fores New Idles in Skyrim. Or watch one of the movies above. If you are new with installing mods, check the Wiki Installing Mods Using NMM If you need a illustrated direction on how to install FNIS, check out the article Installation Guide FNIS / GenerateFNISforUsers.exe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Problem shooting "Installation Problems" When all NPCs move with the dreaded STIFF "half-T" POSE, then this is NO FNIS bug: YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG DURING INSTALLATION! Remove the desktop GenerateFNISforUsers.exe desktop short-cut Re-install FNIS Behavior EXACTLY as described in the "Installation (extended)" Fix all errors in the generator's text field, and give note to all warnings - Errors definitely WILL, Warnings CAN indicate causes of the "half-T" problem DON'T try to be smart moving things around - and DON'T call the generator from 7Zip, WinRar, .... If the problem persist AND you are using a LEGAL, STEAM based version of Skyrim then do the following: Send me a personal message WITH YOUR LOG FILE (data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users/temporary_logs/GenerateFNIS_LogFile.txt), AND Report your problem WITH SUFFICIENT and PRECISE information in the FNIS discussion thread. Avoid meaningless information like "glitches", "didn't work", "tried all different ways 3 times" NOTE: I will NOT HELP any PIRATES! First, I don't support people that don't support Skyrim. And second, I don't waste my time chasing down problems which only occur with illegal installations. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Mods using FNIS Behavior Non-adult: FNIS Idle Spells (part of this mod) Dance Animation for Modder by Umpa, SergeyWR (included in FNIS Spells) Funny Animations And Idles by dualsun (included in FNIS Spells) Flying Mod Beta by PorroOne Dance Animation - Shake It by IndexMemories Amethyst Hollows Dreamworld by AmethystDeceiver Momo Acrobatic Jump by xp32 Osare AnimObjects Pose by anano Advanced Skyrim Overhaul (aka Nature of the beast II) by gulogulo Vampiric Thirst - Dawnguard Edition by Miss Leeches Gangnam Style Dance Animation by Casualmods MotionMakerDiva / Brodual Fully Animated Meals Potions by foster ZF Primary Needs by varakz New Animation for Magic Casting by xp32 Pretty Motion Package by Dualsun Pipe Smoking by MadNuttah and Virakotxa Way of the Thousand Fists by rewind2 FNIS Zoo by fore Emote - Rest by Anton EatingSleepingDrinking - KuNeruNomu by gekkou1992 Play Random Idle by Phnx FNIS Sexy Move by fore Moonlight Tales - Werewolf Essentials by Brevi - Al99 - NsJones Bathing in Skyrim by mzin Alive Peeing by skyrimalive Nephilim by Antonio Colasurdo FNIS Flyer by fore Skyrim Pose Collection by Halofarm, uploaded at Halo's Mods (external link!) Adult: Adult Show XXX by RainOfChaos, theru, Messenjah, Persacom Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite by migal130 Niruins Business Plans by FreshFish Forbidden Romance by theroll, Don Juan Animated Prostitution - Skyrim by JoshNZ (see "Known Restrictions and Incompatibilities") Zaz Resources - Whips Restraints and Bondage by rofloski Blow up -a little sexy apparel replacer addon- by Cotyounoyume Maids II - Deception by Enter_77 Cannabis Skyrim by MadNuttah and Virakotxa EstrusForSkyrim by cotyounoyume Companion Selene Kate by Kasprutz and Hello Santa Mods from an all-adult site (in the links replace "LL" with name of the site!!!): Sexlab by Ashal ZaZ-Animation-Pack by mastercchris and XAZ Private Needs by Richard19840706 Sanguine's Debauchery Enhanced by skyrimII Estrus Chaurus by jbezorg Defeat by Goubo Bestiality Animations Pack by Gone SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping by TheDriedFinger Get Stripped! Again! by bahow SerialStrip by APPS Dev Team Mods supported by FNIS with patches: PC Exclusive Animation Path (PCEA) by xp32 and Raestloz New Animation for Running with Bow by xp32 New Animation for 1H Weapon by xp32 Horsemen Mounted Combat Enhancements by rongphale XP32 Maximum Skeleton by xp32 RaceMenu by expired6978 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Usage This mod serves both gamers and modders. Gamers can use it to make characters perform any standard or custom idle by simply copying the (.hkx) animation file under a pre-defined name into a special directory, and activate them by casting the FNIS spells. Note: although there can be different NPCs performing different animations at one time, this mod does not provide any synchronization of these animations, as needed for example in some adult type animation mods. Modders can generate behavior files to add new idle animations to their mods. To hook these new behavior files into the sytem, it is necessary to modify 4 original behaviors (0_master.hkx, defaultmale.hkx, defaultfemale.hkx, mt_behavior.hkx) for characters, and similar files for each creature for which an FNIS dependent mod exists. Because of the anti-modding structure of these behaviors, my mod will always be incompatible to all other mods which modify these files as well. To make 2 behavior modifying mods compatible, they have to be integrated into one set of behaviors. That's whyGenerateFNISforUsers.exe has an integrated "Patch Management", which takes care of necessary Behavior changes for other behavior changing mods, like PC Exclusive Animation Path. FNIS animations can be used for all kind of simple animation tasks, (hopefully) including idle based combat overhauls like Oblivion's DR6 and CCAO. However due to the lack of necessary behavior information they cannot be used for regular combat animations. (For more modding related information see FNIS 4.0 for Modders Documentation in the files section) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ FNIS Spells On start-up the player automatically receives 3 spells: FNIS Spell Selector: This (self) spell allows you to select 1 of 72 Idle Animation which will be used for the next Idle Spells (NPC or player). By installation, most of these animations are pre-set with standard animations, but it also includes all 17 of Umpa's Dance Animation for Modder (animations C10 to C26), and dualsun's Funny Animations And Idles (animations C28 to C34, A1 to A4). For a complete list of the used spells, seeData/meshes/actors/character/animations/FNISSpells/FNIS_Animations.txt. FNIS NPC Idles: This (target) spell makes the casted NPC perform the selected idle. On standing NPCs the idle will run until you interrupt by casting again. But unfortunately, in some cases the animation can be also interrupted by or blended with the movement of other standard animation of the NPC's regular animation schedule. FNIS Player Idles: This (self) spell forces the player into 3rd person and makes her perform the selected idle. The will run until you interrupt, e.g. by jumping up (space bar). If you want to cast animations of your choice, you can simply replace the files in meshes/actors/character/animations/FNISSpells by your own files: FNISSPc001.hkx to FNISSPc045.hkx (for cyclic animations) FNISSPa001.hkx to FNISSPa009.hkx (for acyclic animations) FNISSPo001.hkx to FNISSPo018.hkx (for cyclic animations using AnimObjects) FNISSPb001.hkx to FNISSPb009.hkx (for acyclic animations using AnimObjects) If you change AnimObject ('o' or 'b') animations, you should also change the corresponding AnimObjects in meshes/AnimObjects/FNIS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Patches Skyrim uses 2 gender specfic behavior files (defaultfemale.hkx, defaultmale.hkx) to list ALL animation files used in the game. These files cannot be used for different compatible mod changes. One mod will always overwrite other mods default files. Therefore FNIS attempts to incorporate changes made by other mods (fortunatley there are not many). This is done with the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe "Patch Management". However, FNIS will not include other (animation) files from these mods. So if you want to use the patches, you will still have to install these mods as well, before running the generator. DONT' TICK PATCHES for mods, that you DON'T HAVE INSTALLED!! Mods currently supported with patches: PC Exclusive Animation Path New Animation for Running with Bow New Animation for 1H Weapon Horsemen Mounted Combat Enhancements There are 2 more patches without required base mods: SKELETON arm fix: this change (originally introduced by mirap for CHSBHC) fixes arm animation glitches in many animations, caused by the additional bones in custom skeletons. This patch checks for the actually installed skeletons (female and male), and applies skeleton specific modifications to the behavior files. Note: the generator currently recognizes the CHSBHC, XPMS, and TBBP skeletons, but will also work for all complete skeleton definitions (with both .nif AND .hkx files). However, skeletons with INCOMPLETE definition (no .hkx files) like "The skeleton of female models" or "Custom Skeleton Replacer" CANNOT be properly patched. GENDER specific animations: in Skyrim only a few animations are defined gender specific (different animations in the "Animations/female" and "Animations/male" folder. This patch allows you to make other animations gender specific provided they are "properly" created by the animators, see the Note). If you want to use such animations (e.g xp32's New Animation Pack, dualsun's Pretty Combat Idles, or NonokuraSan's Female Animation Pack), simply copy them into your "Animations/female" (or "male"), and use this patch. Important Note: Some custom animations may cause strange effects when used with GENDER, especially most combat animations from the Female Animation Pack, but I can't exclude other animation files and replacers. This is caused by animation duration differences between vanilla and custom, resulting in animation events being triggered in the behaviors AFTER the end of a custom animation. Most (not all) effects disappear when you install the FAP animations as downloaded (combat animations NOT in female). ___________________________________________________________________________________ FAQ I'm getting Error messages when I call GenerateFNISforUSers.exe. What can I do? All error codes greater than 2000 are logical errors found by the Generator. Errors less than 2000 are reported by Windows. Most of the reports should be self-explanatory. Before you can work with FNIS, you need to solve all errors shown in the textfield. Also look at the warnings. They can also indicate problems that prevent FNIS from working properly (like incompatibilities). Some specific error messages: Error 5 (Access denied): You have to run as Administrator. Right-click on the Generator (in in Explorer, or on the desktop Link) and click "Run as Administrator". Error 53 (File not found): You probably have an incomplete installation -> Re-Install FNIS Behavior. If the problem persist then then this can be caused by an AntiVirus program giving a fals positive (WebRoot and SuperAntiSpyware have caused a lot of trouble in the past). Deactivate your AV during FNIS installation. Error 2019 (Temporary directory does not exist. Bad Installation?): (1) You are running GenerateFNISforUSers.exe from a wrong place. Most likely from out of the archive file. DON'T do that. Or (2) you have an incomplete installation -> Download and Re-Install FNIS Behavior ("Animation Problems") After installing FNIS I suddenly have animations problems (stiff half-T pose, or other glitches). Why? Principally, FNIS Behaviors correctly installed and generated (without patches) add additional animations, and DO NOT INFLUENCE OTHER ANIMATIONS IN ANY FORM! There are a numer of possible causes, which can make FNIS look like it is breaking animations: You have ignored ERRORS or WARNINGS in your last generator run. Don't do this. They are there for some reason. You are running a cracked Skyrim. In the past apparant cracks have shown symptoms I have not seen in Steam versions. Your game cache is corrupted. Run Steam Verify Cache (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -> RMB -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity Game Cache ...). Another reason not to use cracks. You have installed female animations with the FNIS Gender Patch. This is primarily effecting most combat animations from the Female Animation Pack, but I can't exclude other animation files and replacers. See the Note for "Patches"/"GENDER". You are running a custom skeleton which comes with a skeleton.nif only, and not a corresponding skeleton.hkx (e.g. Custom Skeleton Replacers). Installing XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS first usually should fix the problem. You run the Dragenborn DLC and use a custom dragon skeleton. Remove it. Principally all DLCs and mods have bugs. Check the appropriate threads. Skyrim was just updated. Usually it takes me a day or 2 to adapt FNIS to the new Skyrim updates, if necessary (usually Bethesda makes behavior updates ahead of planned DLCs). I got the warning "Generator not run from a legal (Steam) Skyrim installation directory" This is a warning (only) that indicates, that your installation is not recognized as a legal steam installation. The generator is not effected by this. However, I will NOT support you with any installation problem you might have. Most users seeing this warning are using an illegal or pirated Skyrim copy (and don't have the proper registry information). And I don't support Skyrim pirates, and I don't want to track down possible problems caused by pirate installations. If you think you got a legal installation check Bethesda's installing from disc instead of steam thread. you might not have executed the proper steps to relocate your steam folder, as described in Moving a Steam Installation and Games. if you have used "Steam Verify Cache", it might have removed one of the required registry entries. Start Skyrim once through the "Skyrim Launch" (and not through SKSE) or, most likely, a hyperactive registry cleaner (CCLeaner?) has removed the registry entries used for this check. You can do a "quick" re-install (thanks to wtfmanreally): 1- Backup your Skyrim local files with Steam (right click on Skyrim in games library, Backup Game Files).2- Delete Skyrim local files from the library (right click on Skyrim, Delete Local Content...).3- In steam, go to Steam->Backup and Restore... and select Restore a Previous Backup, click on Next.4- Click on Browse and select the folder "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim". Click on Next.5- From here on it will ask if you want to install the game. Everything else should run as a normal Steam install.6- Make a backup of your old load order (files in "X:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Skyrim" and your old .ini files (.ini files in "Documents/My Games/Skyrim").7- Start Skyrim through your Games Library. This will bring up the launcher. Click on Play.8- Restore your load order and .ini files backups, since the official Skyrim launcher screwed them up. ("Load CTD") After I ran the generator, Skyrim aborts (CTD) when loading a save file. An FNIS bug? No. Skyrim's memory Management is buggy, and the more you add to Skyrim, the greater the likelyhood that you see CTDs, especially on save load. I personally have NO load CTD with 1500 animations, about 0.5 with 3000 animations, and about 3-6 CTD with 4000 animations before the game is loaded. Interestingly, once Skyrim starts sucessfully, an immediate re-load of the same file will almost always succeed, even with 4000+ animations. So there is an apparent dependency between memory usage and CTD frequency. Here my advice when you have an unacceptable CTD rate: Install SKSE 1.7.0 Alpha or later. This will install "sheson's memory patch", which will not totally cure Skyrim, but geatly reduce CTD likelyhood. Make sure you have a Data/SKSE/skse.ini file with the following lines: [Memory]DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768ScrapHeapSizeMB=512 Make a "clean save". Skyrim's problems to deal with updates of scripted mods is another big CTD cause. At least temporarily reduce the number of FNIS based mods. Pinup Poser, for example, is a great mod. But I can't understand why user keep a pose mod active all the time when they suffer from frequent CTDs. (".NET Problems") The generator gives some other strange error messages like "0x800A0005 (CTL_E_ILLEGALFUNCTIONCALL)", ".NET Framework Initialization Error", or aborts immediately after double-clicking. Most likely you have a corrupted .NET installation, which can even be caused by undetected viruses. Re-Install .NET from Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer). If this does not help use .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool and Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool. The following links might give additional information: .NET 40 Redistib install error "failed with 0x240006" and Possible issue where .NET Framework 4 setup reports success but fails .... This .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool User's Guide seemed to solve many issues. If nothing helps, and before you have to completely re-install windows, you might consider How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 R2. I installed FNIS Spells for the first time, but cannot find the spells in my magic inventory. FNIS Spells is not correctly installed or activated. Check in your Steam "Data Files" if FNISSpells.esp is activated Re-Install FNIS Spells, and make sure you say "No" when asked to "Update?" Buy a legal Skyrim version. There are certain problems where "owner" of a pirated skyrim version are not able to activated plugins (.esp files) When I cast an Idles Spell on a character, she stops for a split second, and continues her regular task. What can I do? Try using the spells on another character. Some characters execute high priority packages, which are not easy to interrupt FNIS Spells worked fine in a previous version, but with the new version I have problems (don't get the spells, only some or none of the animations work, ... Why? Make sure, FNIS Behavior and FNS Spells are properly installed Try with different save files (one where you had not yet installed FNIS Spells, and one where you had not used FNIS spells for at least the last 3 minutes before save). If none of them work either, you have not installed properly. If nothing works, you need to start from a "clean save". What is a "clean save", and how can I make one? There are (hardly understood) mechanisms in the engine which cause problems with updates of scripted mods. The mixture of old save data, new scripts, quests, and objects can cause all kinds of problems. When it does not help to use another save, where FNIS Spells have not been used during the last 3 minutes, you should try with a "clean save" Dismiss any follower Go to a vanilla interior cell Equip only vanilla equipment Save and Quit Deactivate all pugins that you want to update (or, all except Skyrim.esm and Update.esm) Run, load the previous save, save again -> THIS is your "clean save" Activate your plugins There are more complicated "clean save" procedures reported, but they might only be necessary for more complicated mods Why is it necessary to call GenerateFNISforUsers.exe every time I (re-)install or delete an FNOIS based mod? Behavior files were not intended by Bethesda to be moddable, so there is no native plugin interface for that. I'm aware that it was easier for the user with FNIS 2.1 and before. But it was impossible add some new FNIS features without a generator tool Why is GenerateFNISforUsers.exe not integrated into the NMM installation? NMM's fomm/C# interface does not allow to start programs. I tried (really) ALL Nexus channels to make aware of the need, but unfortunately to no avail. Is there a way to make it easier calling the generator tools? When you exit the generator tool (the 1st time) you are asked, if you want a link created on your desktop (with a clearly visible "F" icon). If you don't have this link yet, remove Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users/DontAskAgainForLink.txt, start the tool again, and exit. I have uninstalled one of the mods which use FNIS Behavior. Now I get CTD when loading a save file. That's a sytem reaction when a behavior file is missing. Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe and you should be fine again. I want to run the Generator on Linux, but it cannot be run there because of .NET 4.x. Here is what you can do (thanks to hellgeist): 1- On any version of Linux, install VirtualBox, put windows XP on it 2- Update windows and Install .Net 4 3- Install Skyrim and patch it via Steam. 4- Use VMWare Tools to add a shared drive so you can port files between Linux and XP. 5- Copy the Data folder from your main install on linux and overwrite the windows one. 6- Install the ForesNewIdles in Skyim-FINIS mod, and run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe 7- Make sure your main Linux data folder is backed up. 8- Copy the updated Data folder from VirtualBox (Windows) Skyrim and overwrite your main one on Linux 9- Close VirtualBox and run Skyrim. I'm a modder and have a mod which conflicts with the behavior files modified by FNIS (0_master.hkx, defaultmale.hkx, defaultfemale.hxk). How can I be compatible with FNIS? Talk to me. If it's only a change in default(fe)male.hkx, I can add your mod as a patch. If you need a quick work-around for added file names, then you can create a (pseudo) FNIS mod, and in the file list have an entry like "b <pseudoAnimEvent> ../<animation file name>" (in case this animation file resides in Skyrims standard animation directory). ___________________________________________________________________________________ INSTALLATION (extended) Requirements: Microsoft .NET 4.0 (follow the link when GenerateFNISforUsers.exe issues a corresponding error message) Administrator rights to your Skyrim installation directories NMM Installation (extended) Under FNIS Behavior V5_5 -- ALWAYS necessary click "Download with Manager". Say "Yes" when asked "Overwrite?", say "No" when asked "Update?" If you want to use Creature Animation mods: Under Creature Pack V5_3 click "Download with Manager". Say "Yes" when asked "Overwrite?", say "No" when asked "Update?" Under FNIS Spells V5_0_1 -- ADD-ON for the spells click "Download with Manager". Say "Yes" when asked "Overwrite?", say "No" when asked "Update?" In the NMM Plugins tab, make sure FNISSpells.esp is ticked Install other FNIS dependant mods (see mod list above) Goto to your Skyrim Installation directory(usually C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim), and from there toData/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users Start (double-click) GenerateFNISforUsers.exe (part of FNIS Behavior) ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, or NOTHING works Select necessary Behavior patches in the Possible Patches field (make sure you have the patched mod installed!) Click Update FNIS Behavior (this will create your installation-specific behavior files) Click Behavior Consistence Check (optional, checks if new mods have defined inconsitent stuff) Click Exit. Say "Yes" when asked to "Create a shortcut on your desktop?" (strongly recommended, you will need the generator quite frequently) Manual Installation (extended) Note: there are many ways to manually install. This is "my way": Create a temporary directory <temp_dir> (name of your choice) Download FNIS Behavior V5_5 -- ALWAYS necessary into <temp_dir> If you want to use Creature Animation mods: Download Creature Pack V5_3 into <temp_dir> Download FNIS Spells V5_0_1 -- ADD-ON for the spells into <temp_dir> Open and extract FNIS Spells with your favorite archive program (e.g. 7zip) into into <temp_dir> Open and extract Creature Pack V5.3.7z into into <temp_dir> Open and extract FNIS Behavior 5.5.7z into into <temp_dir> - Say "Yes" when asked to "Integrate...". Now you should have a "<temp_dir>/Data" folder with 3 subfolders: "Meshes", "Tools", And "Scripts". Drag and drop the <temp_dir>/Data folder into your Skyrim installation directory (usually C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim). Say "Yes" when asked "Overwrite?", or when asked to "Integrate..." Install other FNIS dependant mods (see mod list above) Goto to your Skyrim Installation directory, and from there to Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users Start (double-click) GenerateFNISforUsers.exe (part of FNIS Behavior) ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, or NOTHING works Select necessary Behavior patches in the Possible Patches field (make sure you have the patched mod installed!) Click Update FNIS Behavior (this will create your installation-specific behavior files) Click Behavior Consistence Check (optional, checks if new mods have defined inconsitent stuff) Click Exit. Say "Yes" when asked to "Create a shortcut on your desktop?" (strongly recommended, you will need the generator quite frequently) Start Steam and click "Play" In "Data Files" tick FNISSpells.esp Mod Organizer Installation (courtesy of MistakenMystic) Download FNIS using the "Download with manager" button. Open the 'Downloads' tab and double-click to install FNIS Behaviour 5.5. Select the 'Manual' option and expand the FNIS Behaviour 5.5 label using the arrow icon to its left. Right-click the 'Data' label now visible and select "Set data directory". Message at the bottom of the dialog changes to read: 'Looks good'. Hit 'OK'. A dialog should appear if you already have a previous version asking to 'Merge, Replace, Rename or Cancel'. Select 'Rename' and rename it to something specific. At this stage the FNIS Behaviour 5.5 and any previous versions will be installed together. Deselect any previous version of FNIS Behaviour and activate ONLY the FNIS Behaviour 5.5 and any animation packages you want. -----IMPORTANT----- : If you have already set up FNIS in the 'Executables' list and created shortcuts either on the toolbar or the desktop, these will be pointing to the wrong generator and will produce errors. Modify the list to point to the correct executable and ensure you save this by pressing, "Modify". You can now run this tool via the 'Run' drop-down selection box or via a shortcut and FNIS will run and update the animations. Things to keep in mind: If you choose to overwrite the previous installation or replace it with the new, you can not switch back to 5.2 without installing it again. If you follow this preferred method ensure you deactivate the 5.2 version first or ensure version 5.5 has a higher priority or else you will have version mismatch errors. Modify all existing shortcuts and executable paths to point to the current version. ___________________________________________________________________________________ UNINSTALL NMM Uninstall First, if you have the FNIS Creature Pack installed: Open the Generator and press "De-Install Creatures". Then deactivate both FNIS Behavior, FNIS Creature Pack, and FNIS Spells in NMM's Mods tab. That should take care of everything. To be totally sure that there are no behavior remnants, delete the following files, if they should still exist: Data/Meshes/actors/character/behaviors/0_master.hkx Data/Meshes/actors/character/behaviors/mt_behavior.hkx Data/Meshes/actors/character/characters/defaultmale.hkx Data/Meshes/actors/character/characters female/defaultfemale.hkx Data/Meshes/animationsetdatasinglefile.txt Data/FNISspell.esp Manual Uninstall First, if you have the FNIS Creature Pack installed: Open the Generator and press "De-Install Creatures". After that, remove the following files or directories: Data/FNISspell.esp Data/Meshes/actors/character/animations/FNIS Data/Meshes/actors/character/animations/FNISBase Data/Meshes/actors/character/animations/FNISSpells Data/Meshes/actors/character/behaviors/0_master.hkx Data/Meshes/actors/character/behaviors/mt_behavior.hkx Data/Meshes/actors/character/behaviors/FNIS*.hkx Data/Meshes/actors/character/characters/defaultmale.hkx Data/Meshes/actors/character/characters female/defaultfemale.hkx Data/Meshes/animationsetdatasinglefile.txt Data/Meshes/AnimObjects/FNIS Data/Tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Modders Data/Tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users ___________________________________________________________________________________ Known Restrictions and Incompatibilities This mod is incompatible with every other mod which modifies the same behavior files 0_master.hkx, defaultmale.hkx, defaultfemale.hkx, or mt_behavior.hkx. Or similar files for the Skyrim creatures. However, when using the generator, FNIS will overwrite these files with it's own generated version (defaultfemale.hkx, defaultmale.hkx, mt_behavior.hkx, 0_master.hkx). Ultimate Combat modifies more than any other mod I know of. This is not a problem for characters, since it does not change the same behaviors FNIS changes. But it will be incompatible for the following creatures (draugr, dwarvensteamcenturion, falmer, and giant). Provided you use an FNIS dependent mod that adds animations for these creatures. FNIS Zoo does, for example. FNIS is incompatible with Animated Prostitution - Skyrim after download. According to the AP description, AP can be made FNIS compatible by removing the file "behavior/mt_behavior.hkx", and running the FNIS generator after AP's installation. Some walking NPCs will just continue their way after a short interlude. So will most NPCs standing, leaning or sitting in dedicated places. I have implemented a 10-quest/quest idle management to make most casts successful. But there are still misses due to specific situations. To make these work it would be necessary to implement rather complicated packages (based on scenes). But I didn't think it's really worth this effort. It's a little tricky to end the player's idles. Reason is that the CK doesn't provide an event for hitting a key (for interruption). The easiest way to end a player idle is to use space to jump up, then toggle to 1st to re-gain casting ability. Note: this spell DOES NOT change your standard idle(s). It only makes the the player character play the idle until you interrupt. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Usage for MODDERS See FNIS 4.0 for Modders Documentation in the files section. A short syntax for Anim definition can be found at the top of each FNIS (character) AnimList (e.g. FNIS_FNISBase_List.txt) ___________________________________________________________________________________ History (major steps) 2012/03/01 V1.0 . . Initial Relase 2012/05/14 V2.0 . . Moved all FNIS Behavior functionality into a seperate file (FNIS_behavior.hkx) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Added functionality for acyclic, cyclic AnimObject, and acyclic AnimObject. Added 400 cyclic slots. 2012/07/08 V3.0 . . First version using generator tool, which allows for mod specific, parametrized behavior files 2013/02/20 V3.5 . . Generator: Generalized Skeleton patch, fix Turkish "i" problem, and for legal Skyrim check after Verify Cache . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spells: Re-generated with Skyrim 1.8 CK and Papyrus (hopefully avoiding some unexplainable CTDs with PCEA) 2013/10/02 V4.0 . . Adds creature support. Adds furniture and arm offset animations to the game (modifications in mt_behavior.hkx) 2013/12/08 V4.1 . . Changed behavior strucrute (humanoids and creatures) to avoid Load Game CTD conditions 2014/02/08 V5.0 . . Added Paired Animation and Killmove support 2014/06/01 V5.1 . . Added Alternate Animations for non-weapon walk/run, and option for Animated Camera. 2014/11/06 V5.2 . . Added (modder) parameter to make animations send arbitrary trigger events (e.g. to allow animation triggered soundplay) 2015/04/02 V5.3 . . Added (modder) parameter motion/rotation(MD, RD), set AnimVars (-AV, -AVI), AnimCam set/reset (-ac1, -ac0) 2015/04/23 V5.4 . . Added alternate weapon equip/unequip animations (for use with XPMSE2 and RaceMenu) 2015/05/28 V5.5 . . Added custom animation pre-cache, and ch animation type ___________________________________________________________________________________ Credits TheFigment aka The Hologram for his invaluable hkxcmd Umpa for Dance Animation for Modder dualsun for Funny Animations And Idles mirap for the CHSBHC arm fix cougarbg(Bulgarian), Zimitry(Español], latranchedepain(Français), speleologo(Italiano), vicpl(Polski), kapasov(Russian), xyzeratul/liu5166518 (Chinese), NomexPT(Português), sssSami(Norsk), 1stchannel(Indonesian), and Luke2135(Hungarian) for Generator translations somebody4 for input, feedback and test for pre-cache functionality. And for pushing me in moments when I wanted to give up on this matter. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Future Plans Alternate animations (allowing mod to dynamically use alternate custom animations for many important vanilla animations, especially combat) ___________________________________________________________________________________ Licensing/Legal The FNIS Behavior can only be downloaded and used in the described way. Without my express permission you are NOT ALLOWED to upload FNIS Behavior TO ANY OTHER SITE to distribute FNIS Behavior as part of another mod to distribute modified versions of FNIS Behavior to make money with files which are part of FNIS Behavior, or which are created with the help of FNIS Behavior You can use and modify FNIS Idle Spells in any way that does not prevent running (the original) FNIS Idles Spells in its described way. Simply give credit, and inform me when you include it into your mod.
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    Made a signature to practice smudging. I rather like this a lot. Credits to Katos for the name and smudge tutorial. (Appreciate it buddy) RENDER: http://i.imgur.com/rphSNlE.png BACKGROUND: http://wallpoper.com/images/00/43/91/82/the-thick-forest_00439182.jpg OUTCOME: Let me know what you think. (:
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    Today I would like to release some Vanilla vendors 1.12.1 I update some time ago. I didn't make these vendors, I only update the Structure so they are runnable and gave it a nice format to it. - http://pastebin.com/2fC1cD1G
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    My heart goes to those veterans, i do self want to be one. I have a dream to go in war.
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    You may noticed that the gear sometimes disappears from players and you're able to see just weapons, otherwise the characters are completely naked. I've done a "hack-fix" for it in past, I am not happy of it but it solves the issue for now. I think the real issue is somewhere between loading and cache clearing on the load. This bug appears on MapUpdate or Login. ScriptLoader.cpp add those as required // You need to find the codeparts in code look for "custom" void AddSC_GearVisibilityFix(); // Add both to custom bracker AddSC_GearVisibilityFix(); Custom/CMakeLists.txt // Add this, depending on how you named the file Custom/GearVisibility.cpp Custom/GearVisibility.cpp <- Add it #include "ScriptPCH.h" #define GNOMISH_XRAY_VISION 54844 class GearVisibilityFix : public PlayerScript { public: GearVisibilityFix() : PlayerScript("GearVisibilityFix") {} void UpdateGear(Player *player) { if (player->IsInWorld()) { Unit *target = player; // Hacky way to fix the gear update (Needs to find proper solution) player->AddAura(GNOMISH_XRAY_VISION, target); player->RemoveAurasDueToSpell(GNOMISH_XRAY_VISION); } } void OnLogin(Player *player) { UpdateGear(player); } void OnMapChanged(Player *player) { UpdateGear(player); } }; void AddSC_GearVisibilityFix() { new GearVisibilityFix; } Regards, Doowrew.
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    We can reuse the Open File dialogue box that we have added. Instead of filtering for images, we'll filter for text files. We'll also add a different kind of text box - the Rich Text Box. This will allow us to easily add the text from the file, straight into the programme. So return to Designer View, so that you can see your form. Now expand the Toolbox, and locate RichTextBox, under Common Controls: Double click to add a RichTextBox to your form. You may have to adjust the height and width of your form, and reposition other controls. But your form should look like this, when you've added the RichTextBox: The RichTextBox is the one at the bottom - it looks exactly the same as a normal text box, but you can do more with it. One Method it does have is called LoadFile( ). We'll use this to load a text file. Now that we've added the RichTextBox, we can add some code. So, access the code stub for youFile > Open menu item. It should look like this: We can add the same lines as before. So add this to your code: string Chosen_File = ""; openFD.InitialDirectory = "C:"; openFD.Title = "Open a Text File"; openFD.FileName = ""; The only thing we've changed here is the Title property. For the next line, we can add the Filters: openFD.Filter = "Text Files|*.txt|Word Documents|*.doc"; The RichTextBox can open plain text files as well as Word documents, so we've added both of these to the Filter property. (It can't handle Word documents very well, though.) The next thing to do is to display the Open File Dialogue box, so that a file can be selected. Add the following to your code: if (openFD.ShowDialog() != DialogResult.Cancel) { Chosen_File = openFD.FileName; richTextBox1.LoadFile(Chosen_File, RichTextBoxStreamType.PlainText); } This is more or less the same as before. But notice the line that adds the text file to RichTextBox: richTextBox1.LoadFile(Chosen_File, RichTextBoxStreamType.PlainText); You'll see a better way to open up a text file later in the course. For now, run your programme and test that it works. You should be able to add plain text file to the RichTextBox.
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    Some of Win7's best timesavers are staring you right in the face on your keyboard, particularly via the previously underutilized Windows key. You probably already know that pressing the Windows key (Win) opens the Start menu. But now, holding the Win key in combination with other keys does a lot more. Win7's Windows-key combinations speed up opening system tools, navigating between files and apps, and performing other common tasks. (Note that many of these shortcuts work in XP and Vista as well.) * Win+Pause: Displays the System Control Panel applet. * Win+D: Shows the desktop. * Win+Spacebar: Shows the desktop without minimizing open windows (Aero Peek). * Win+E: Opens Windows Explorer with Computer selected. * Win+F: Opens a Search window for finding files or folders. * Win+Ctrl+F: Opens a Search window for finding computers on a network. * Win+G: Cycles through Gadgets (if any are installed). * Win+L: Locks your computer or switches users. * Win+M: Minimizes all windows. * Win+Shift+M: Restores minimized windows. * Win+P: Chooses a presentation display mode. * Win+R: Opens the Run dialog box. * Win+T: Cycles through and previews programs on the taskbar. * Win+U: Opens the Ease of Access Center (Utility Manager in XP). * Win+X: Opens the Windows Mobility Center (which isn't installed by default on desktop PCs). * Win+(numbers 1 to 5): Starts the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. If the program is already running, it switches to that program. * Win+Shift+(numbers 1 to 5): Starts a new instance of the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. * Win+Ctrl+(numbers 1 to 5): Switches to the last active window of the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. * Win+Alt+(numbers 1 to 5): Opens the Jump List of recently accessed items for the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. * Win+Tab: Cycles through open programs by using Aero Flip 3-D. (You must have Aero working; Win7 Home Basic and Starter don't use Aero.) * Win+Ctrl+Tab and then Left or Right Arrow: Opens Aero Flip 3-D to cycle through open programs. * Win+Ctrl+B: Switches to the program that displayed a message in the notification area. * Ctrl+click: Pressing Ctrl while clicking a taskbar icon will scroll through multiple windows of that icon's application. * Win+Up Arrow: Maximizes the window. * Win+Left Arrow: Docks the active window to the left half of the screen. * Win+Right Arrow: Docks the active window to the right half of the screen. * Win+Down Arrow: Minimizes the window. * Win+Shift+Up Arrow: Stretches the window to the top and bottom of the screen. * Win+Shift+Left or Right Arrow: Moves the window from one monitor to another. * Win+Home: Minimizes all but the active window.
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    Today I am releasing something that I have been working on. This is for Trinitycore 3.3.5. This npc has been set up with gossip_menu_option and smartai so that when you click on the arena season that you require it takes you to choose your class. When you pick your class you then receive the 5 pieces of the main set to your bag. Please see screenshot: Included in the rar file is the 3 sql files that you will need to run and a readme.txt file that gives information on the npc id for you to be able to spawn the npc, the gossip_menu_option id that has been used. Download: https://www.lordcraft.net/files/file/174-arena-season-gearing/
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    Heya all! So, I created this a while ago in school, and I tought, maybe you guys would like it. Rim is the name of our Photoshop teacher. I think Tunes can relate to that Go check it out and give some rating! <Preview> <Tutorial> Hope you liked it! Cheers!,
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    So this is a Christmas gift wallpaper for a friend that I've been working on for some time now It's not completely finished yet, but I still decided I wanted to show off what I have so far. Info: Dark Souls Intuos Pro Tablet Photoshop CC
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    Preview AdminCP > Look and Feel > [your skin] -> Board Index -> boardIndexTemplate Find <foreach loop="side_blocks:$side_blocks as $block"> {$block} </foreach> Add before: <if test="memberbox:|:$this->memberData['member_id']"> <div class='ipsSideBlock clearfix'> <h3>Welcome, <a href="{parse url="showuser={$this->memberData['member_id']}" seotitle="{$this->memberData['members_seo_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}" title='{$this->lang->words['your_profile']}'> {$this->memberData['members_display_name']}</a></h3> <div class='_sbcollapsable'> <center class='desc member_title'> <if test="$this->memberData['title'] != ''"> {$this->memberData['title']}<br /> </if> <br /> <a href="{parse url="showuser={$this->memberData['member_id']}" seotitle="{$this->memberData['members_seo_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}" title='{$this->lang->words['your_profile']}'> <img src='{$this->memberData['pp_main_photo']}'></a> <br /><br /> <center> <span style=' font-size: 14px;'>{$this->memberData['prefix']}{$this->memberData['g_title']}{$this->memberData['suffix']}</span><br /><br /> Posts: {$this->memberData['posts']}<br /> Profile views: {$this->memberData['members_profile_views']}<br /> Member No.: {$this->memberData['member_id']}<br> Joined: {parse date="$this->memberData['joined']" format="joined"} <br /><br /> Your IP: {$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']} <br /><br /> <div style='background:#0f2437 ;padding: 7px; color: #fff; font-weight: bold'>{$this->memberData['pp_reputation_points']} </div> </center> </div> </div> </if> To change background color from Reputaton, just edit: <div style='background:#0f2437 ;padding: 7px; color: #fff; font-weight: bold'>{$this->memberData['pp_reputation_points']}</div>
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    Open Registry Editor Click Start -> Run ->Type regedit In the registry in the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion] there is a string called ProgramFilesDir, by default with the value C:\ProgramFiles. Change the value to X:\ProgramFiles. (Replace the X to your desired drive letter) Reboot Now, try running the Skype Installer. Make sure to take a backup of the whole Registry before editing the value. Btw, this may change in a later update or something Idk
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    Source An armor compilation mod assembled by Hothtrooper44. With great contributions from Eckss. If you're seeking to enhance your Skyrim with a greater selection of armor sets without breaking from the natural feel of the game, this mod is for you. It adds many new armor sets that have been seamlessly integrated into the world. The items are balanced and spread across your gaming experience. You will be finding new, power appropriate armor sets starting from level one up to level fifty and beyond. This mod will be constantly evolving to bring new life into your world. Currently this mod adds 55 new sets of armor to the game (over 60 including variants), tons of addition non-set helmet options, 396 new shields and a large number of other items such as eye patches, capes, earrings, scarves and more! They are all craftable, upgradable, enchantable and are integrated into the game through leveled lists, quest rewards, placement in dungeons and/or onto specific people. New in version 7, there is now an MCM menu that supplies tons of ways for users to customize their Immersive Armors experience. For users that do not use SkyUI, you will find this menu as a spell in your spell book instead. I make my own videos now! Feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel where I always post a video before I release a mod. =) I would like to thank the users of my mods, and the Nexus community at large. I am honored to be a part of this community, and to contribute to it. Thank you for your patronage of my work, whether it comes through comments, endorsements or even a kind donation. You are the reason that I spend long hours of work bettering Skyrim. The Nexus community is the reason I continue to create mods. Thank you. This mod REQUIRES version 1.8+ of Skyrim. Before anything else is considered, make sure this is in place. Q: BOSS says SPIKE.esm is not present or active - what do I do? A: The BOSS version you're using is out of date. SPIKE.esm is no longer required. Update BOSS to v2.2 (or better). BOSS v2.2. Q: WyreBash mentions some error with a helmet entry? A: This is a false positive and should be ignored. Q: The Immersive Armors Configuration has Finished message appears repeatedly. A: Your game and/or save are corrupt. Assuming you have SkSE, you can try: Load a save from before you installed IA_v7. Go to an interior cell (like a player home) In the Console enter: ClearInvalidRegistrations 1 Then save your game. Try installing IA_v7 on that save. Q: Will you make X armor for me? I really want someone to make it for Skyrim! A: I am a busy man! I no longer take requests, sorry. Q: I am upgrading from version X to version Y. Anything I need to know? A: No. I make installation a one click process for your ease of use. Q: Will you make a CBBE patch? A: One exists here. Q: I have the following NMM error: Failure A problem occurred during install ..."system.outofmemoryexception"... The mod was not installed A: This error has nothing to do with my mod. This is an error thrown by NMM 32bit for all large files. For 32bit NMM users, I suggest a manual install. My mod is only 3 files. It is easy to keep track of. Go tell the Nexus staff to fix this. The best way to be heard is to speak. Q: The download for this file on Nexus Mod Manager keeps stopping before it's finished! Help! A: This is a problem with the NMM program, and unrelated to this mod. Navigate to C: -> Games -> Skyrim -> mods -> downloads. Delete anything with the name hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation found there. Also do the same for the cache folder found under mods. Now download again. Q: I have performance issues with my system. A: None of the assets in this Mod are higher resolution than the official High Resolution DLC. If you can use that free DLC, you can use this without issue. For performance problems, see this guide: Skyrim Project Stability. I would like to personally name the Nexus users who have decided to make a donation for my hard work. Thanks! ENBarcelo Damask15 Cat midhras BioTek mars84 G Brooke Nebsif incubus664 TOTENKOPF1988 ((Josh)) Thorn ScreaminGreenMachine BarnabasCollins GHETTOCAT xXGamer85Xx Unduli Alex B toghopper crispiniscool Fenghal SitchBlap sanctusvir Spencer R. Luzburg Ravenbear Teppouu IDzeroNo Jhampa DaemonMort LavaHawaii ManlyDicSizzle Jonathan Freeloader ProtectorVargs v7.1 log: - Tribunal Masks changed to use Mask slot - Gold Earrings changed to Ear slot - Eyepatch Changed to Misc slot - Bandannas changed to stop them hiding the Misc slot. - Added Menu Option for compatibility with Alternate Start Mods - Added Menu Option to remove the Quest & Gameplay based requirements for Crafting Armors - Made Boiled Chitin Armor Configurable - Light/Heavy - Split Dragonscale Ebonsteel Armor off from Dragonbone Ebonsteel as Light Armor variant - Altered Dragon Knight Armor to provide a Light Armor variant - Made Gildegreen Aegis Configurable - Light/Heavy - Made Glacial Crystal Armor Configurable - Light/Heavy - Removed Cloak slots from all but standalone cloaks for greater compatibility - Fixed Painted Shield tempering - Fixed Exporting errors & flags in certain meshes - Fixed invisible Jorrvaskr Shields on vampires - Added Translation Strings to MCM Menu - Fixed other minor issues - Added Ritual Armor of Boethiah book to the tent near the Shrine v7 log: - WIP v6 log: - All weapons have been removed from this pack in light of the new "Immersive Weapons" mod that can be located HERE. - All armor in the forge will now be found under a custom crafting menu "Auxiliary Armors". - Ground models (what you see in the forge or in your inventory) were updated for every item in this pack. - Full racial compatibility was updated for every item in this pack. - Full gender support was updated for every item in this pack. - The leveled lists were reworked to spawn the items more often. - Removed the hanging fur hood varients from the lvled lists (still craftable) and from guards for less clipping with Cloaks of Skyrim and other such mods. - The crafting materials were reworked for every item in this pack to be more intuitive. - Prices of many items were reworked for balance. - Some sets were moved from higher levels to lower ones to better flesh out the early game experience: - Viking Heavy Armor has been changed from Ebony stats/perks/lvl lists to Steel stats/perks/lvl lists - Viking Light Armor has been changed from Glass stats/perks/lvl lists to Leather stats/perks/lvl lists - Mercenary Armor has been changed from Daedric stats/perks/lvl lists to Leather stats/perks/lvl lists - Changes were made to Barbarian and Mercenary armor sets to help with bad blood decals. - Alpha layer edits were done to better the Mercenary Armor set. - Alpha layer edits were done to better the Heroic Imperial Armor set. - The textures of the Heroic Stormcloak Armor set were reworked to fix the issue with users running on low quality texture settings. - Fixes were made to the arms of the female version of the Warchief Armor since they were out of line. - Fixes were made to fix the invisible calves / forearms of the Viking Heavy Armor set. - The Crowned Hood for the Dragon Hide Armor was removed. - The Dragon Hide Hood varient for humans was changed. - The stats and perks required for the Dragon Hide Armor was moved from cloth to Dragonplate based on user feedback. - The Witchplate Armor no longer appears on Vigilants of Stendar but instead rarely on Warlock bosses. - The no-bones versions of the Einherjar Armor have been removed to avoid confusion. - The boneless version of the Warchief armor is now the light version of that armor for the females. The heavy version for the females has bones. - The old Vagabond helmet has been removed and it has been replaced with a new one. - Fixed an issue with the gloves of the Dragon Hide Armor that caused invisible forearms. - Fixed an issue with the Spellbinder/Paladin/Hedge Knight Armors that caused invisible forearms. - Reworked the scaling on many female helmets to make them better fit. - Fixed issues with the Vanguard gloves and boots and body slide scaling. - Renamed the Vagabond Armor variants to be more lore friendly. - Adjusted the Vagabond Leather Armor sleeves to fix a misalignment issue. - Added more helmet variation to some guard factions. - Removed the Redguard Knight Armor with the cape, and instead made the cape standalone and you can choose to equip it with the Redguard Knight Armor or any other armor. - Fixed a normal map issue with the Falkreath Shield. - Moved the Heroic Imperial Armor off of low level Imperial Captains for early game balance. This set will now have a 50% chance to spawn on Imperial Captains over the level of 20. It also appears on Hadvar for sport. v5 log: - "Spellbinder Armor" by me(hothtrooper44) has now been included in this mod. - "Stag Skull Staff" by me(hothtrooper44) has now been included in this mod. - "Witchplate Armor" by Telthalion has now been included in this mod. - Added dialogue options for the armors to NPCs! Now some NPCs will see your armors/weapons/shields from this mod and say relevant lines. For example: Wearing the Dwarven Mage Armor: "That's some fine armor, Dwarven make, am I right?" Wearing Heroic Stormcloak Armor, an Imperial might say: "How dare you wear that Stormcloak filth here!" Wearing Mercencary Armor: "That's the armor of a mercenary right there." There are 1-4 lines for every piece in the mod! - Placed Ulag's Sack in the Sleeping Tree Cave as intended. - Re-balanced Hunter armor to require advanced armors perk to smith, and have scaled armor stats as intended. - Re-balanced Warchief armor to have Orcish stats as intended. - Re-balanced Einherjar armor to have ~steel-plate stats which better fits its perk requirements. - Re-balanced the boots and gloves of the Mercenary Armor set. - Added default race tags to the fur hoods for custom race compatability. - Added vampire race tags to Seadog Tricorn so it will appear on vampires on trasformation as intended. - Removed the Paladin Armor set from the Vigilant Officers, and replaced it with Witchplate Armor. Paladin armor is now craft only as requested. - Fixed blood decals on the Wabba Jackhammer. - Fixed a graphical error on the Mercencary Armor set with alpha edits. - Removed the enchantments and extra armor of the Vanguard helmets. - Increased the level to find Ranger armor from 1 to 16 as was intended. - Fixed crafting component bug for the Hunter Armor set. v4 log: - "Apotheus Light Armor" by GuitunScarfin has now been included in this mod by the author's suggestion. This is truly a well made set and the lore back-story is top notch. - "Nordic Hunter Light Armor" by frankdema has now been included in this mod by the author's suggestion. One of the best sets for a hunter themed character without a doubt! - "Heroic Stormcloak Armor" by lumps has now been included in this mod by the author's suggestion. This is a great compliment to the mod as it adds an upgrade to the Stormcloak side similar to the "Heroic Imperial Armor" already in the pack. - "Seadog Armor" by me (hothtrooper44) is now included in the mod. - Some earnings created by humannature66 from "HN66s Earrings" were added. - "Paladin Armor" by me (hothtrooper44) is now included in the mod. - Added an optional UNP support download for users that prefer that female body model. - Fixed the first person mesh of the Hedge Knight Armor to better fit the set. - Ran a texture optimizer over all files. - Fixed an issue that was making a couple of the fur hoods invisible. v3.2 log: - Removed the Falkreath cape from the mod. - Fixed an incorrect path with the Dwarven Mage Argonian Helmet. - Fixed a crafting issue with the Redguard Coif. - Corrected some incorrect biped object slots for 2 Argonian helmet variants. v3.1 log: - Fixed an issue that was making the Aegis of Life invisible. - Fixed some crafting recipes for the Einherjar set. - Fixed an issue that made the fur hoods uncraftable. v3 log: - "Einherjar Armor" by Omesean has now been included in this mod by the author's suggestion. There couldn't be a better armor set to fit into this pack, thanks Omesean. - "Fur Hoods HD" by Northborn has now been included in this mod by the author's suggestion. This hood pack is fantastic and 100% lore fitting for the tundra of Skyrim. Amazing work Northborn, and thanks. - A new "relic" shield has been added to the pack. It's called "Aegis of Life" and can only be found on difficult NPCs at level 50+ with a very low drop rate. Alternatively, it can be crafted with the Daedric smithing perk. - Integrated new items into leveled lists. - Added Akaviri Samurai Armor set into the Skyhaven Temple. - Snipped two CK bug world edits. (thanks jacktthompson and crazyjackal) - Fixed the bug with the grey variant of the Vagabond Boots that was causing it not to appear. - Fixed a bug that caused the Vanguard Gloves to not upgrade at a workbench. - Fixed the armor value difference in the no bones female version of the Warchief Armor. - Added perk requirements to craft the Redguard Knight set as intended. - Fixed an issue that was not allowing the use of cloaks with the Hedge Knight set. - Fixed the spacing in the name of the Hedge Knight Gauntlets to display correctly. v2 log: - Changed the name of the "Baratheon Armor" set to "Falkreath Armor" to better fit lore. - Reworked some assets to lower the size of the file. v1 log: - Release. The fully detailed credits for each set is listed on the individual post for that set, and is linked at the bottom of this post, or the original posts of items made by other authors. Hothtrooper44 – Immersive Armors, project management, fixes, v1-6 CK work, mod page assets, Fur Collar, Falkreath Armor, Akaviri Samurai Armor, Gildergreen Aegis, Dragon Knight Armor, Dragonhide Robes, Shields of Jorrvaskr, Body Shields, Round Shields, Tear Shields, Hedge Knight Armor, Mantle of the Silver Hand, Nord Mail Hauberk, Nord Mail Shirt, Painted Hide Shield, Painted Iron Shield, Painted Spiked Targe, Paladin Armor, Redguard Knight Armor, Seadog Armor, Spellbinder Armor, Trollsbane Armor, Vagabond Armor, Vanguard Armor, Warchief Armor Eckss - for the v6 tempering solution he created, the v7 MCM menu, scripted item distribution, shield painting station, TONS of CK work, v7 change log, v7 readme, fomod installer, spell menu, item name changes, crafting recipe balancing, testing, and encouragement Rahman530 - the armors that came from the “Lore Friendly Armor Pack” Omesean - Einherjar Armor Gechbal - Imperial Knight Armor, Stormlord Armor volvaga0 - Bandanas VincentIcarus - Bucklers Patobek - Crimson Ranger Armor, Spellbinder Armor Luddemann - Shaman Robe Jack0o – Spellbinder Armor Zairaam – Tribunal Robes Natterforme - Daedric Lord Armor, Ebony Mage Robes, Tribunal Robes Mcmuffin – Daedric Lord Armor Wasbunny - Ritual Armor of Boethiah Thusky - Boiled Chitin Armor, Glacial Crystal Armor, Ringmail Armor, Snow Bear Armor, Vvardenfell Glass Armor FranklinZunge - Brigand Plate Harness, Brigand Dwemer Breastplate, Highwayman Mail shodan44 - Orcish Masked Helm Maty743 - Bosmer Armor, Wild Hunt Armor, Falkreath Armor Prometheus_TS - Barbarian Hero Armor justice123 - Alduin Scale Dreogan - Dragonbone Ebonsteel, Skyforge Shields, Nordic Shields, Wolf Shields InsanitysSorrow - Target shields Northborn - Fur Hoods HD GuitunScarfin - Apotheus Light Armor frankdema - Nordic Hunter Light Armor lumps - Heroic Stormcloak Armor Telthalion - Witchplate Armor Carifourbe - SkyRe patch for v6 exeter - mesh alterations to support the UNP body mesh Oogee - teaching me about guard's armor dialogues GrandBulwark, CookieVortex, MisterGibson, Ithildin, xsbullx – Testing for v7 All the encouraging users of my mods – you are the reason I keep going, thanks! Bethesda - Skyrim and its assets Parts of these armor's meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used here with permission. The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved. http://www.cdprojekt.com/Please visit the individual armor posts linked at the bottom of the page for details specific to each set.
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    /* ScriptData SDName: boss_darksaw SD%Complete: 90 SDComment: I believe some (if not all) sounds the boss produces will be played amongst all the players @ current map. Im not 100 % sure of this, anyway it is not a priority to me. (If this 'problem' is true and u fixed it, drop it in comments SDCategory: Custom Boss EndScriptData */ /* SQLData README: For the dialogues to work (most of his talking) you will have to: 1 replace the '99xxx' with your own creatures GUID, 1b Only if your World database name differs from 'world', change 'world.creature_text' also. 2 execute the next query on your database: REPLACE INTO `world.creature_text` (`entry`, `groupid`, `id`, `text`, `type`, `language`, `probability`, `emote`, `duration`, `sound`, `comment`) VALUES (99xxx, 0, 0, 'So the Light''s vaunted justice has finally arrived? Shall I lay down Frostmourne and throw myself at your mercy, Fordring?', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17349, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_INTRO_1'), (99xxx, 1, 0, 'You''ll learn of that first hand. When my work is complete, you will beg for mercy -- and I will deny you. Your anguished cries will be testament to my unbridled power...', 14, 0, 0, 22, 0, 17350, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_INTRO_2'), (99xxx, 2, 0, 'I''ll keep you alive to witness the end, Fordring. I would not want the Light''s greatest champion to miss seeing this wretched world remade in my image.', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17351, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_INTRO_3'), (99xxx, 3, 0, 'Come then champions, feed me your rage!', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_AGGRO'), (99xxx, 4, 0, 'I will freeze you from within until all that remains is an icy husk!', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17369, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_REMORSELESS_WINTER'), (99xxx, 5, 0, 'Watch as the world around you collapses!', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17370, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_QUAKE'), (99xxx, 6, 0, 'Val''kyr, your master calls!', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17373, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_SUMMON_VALKYR'), (99xxx, 7, 0, 'Frostmourne hungers...', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17366, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_HARVEST_SOUL'), (99xxx, 8, 0, 'Argh... Frostmourne, obey me!', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17367, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_FROSTMOURNE_ESCAPE'), (99xxx, 9, 0, 'Frostmourne feeds on the soul of your fallen ally!', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17368, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_FROSTMOURNE_KILL'), (99xxx, 10, 0, 'Hope wanes!', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17363, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_KILL'), (99xxx, 10, 1, 'The end has come!', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17364, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_KILL'), (99xxx, 11, 0, 'Face now your tragic end!', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17365, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_BERSERK'), (99xxx, 12, 0, '%s begins to cast Defile!', 41, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 'The Lich King - EMOTE_DEFILE_WARNING'), (99xxx, 13, 0, '|TInterface\\Icons\\ability_creature_disease_02.blp:16|tYou have been infected by |cFFCF00FFNecrotic Plague!|r', 42, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 'The Lich King - EMOTE_NECROTIC_PLAGUE_WARNING'), (99xxx, 14, 0, 'No questions remain unanswered. No doubts linger. You ARE Azeroth''s greatest champions. You overcame every challenge I laid before you. My mightiest servants have fallen before your relentless onslaught... your unbridled fury...', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17353, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_OUTRO_1'), (99xxx, 15, 0, 'Is it truly the righteousness that drives you? I wonder...', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17354, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_OUTRO_2'), (99xxx, 16, 0, 'You trained them well, Fordring. You delivered the greatest fighting force this world has ever known... right into my hands -- exactly as I intended. You shall be rewarded for your unwitting sacrifice.', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17355, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_OUTRO_3'), (99xxx, 17, 0, 'Watch now as I raise them from the dead to become masters of the Scourge. They will shroud this world in chaos and destruction. Azeroth''s fall will come at their hands -- and you will be the first to die.', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17356, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_OUTRO_4'), (99xxx, 18, 0, 'I delight in the irony...', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17357, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_OUTRO_5'), (99xxx, 19, 0, 'Impossible...', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17358, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_OUTRO_6'), (99xxx, 20, 0, 'Now I stand, the lion before the lambs... and they do not fear.', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17361, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_OUTRO_7'), (99xxx, 21, 0, 'They cannot fear.', 14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 17362, 'The Lich King - SAY_LK_OUTRO_8'); And you are good to go */ //Spells #define SPELL_ICE_ARMOR 36881 #define SPELL_LIGHTNING_BOLT 548 #define SPELL_BLISTERING_COLD 71049 #define SPELL_DARKWINTER 74275 #define SPELL_SHADOW_SPIKE 46589 #define SPELL_BERSERK 45078 #define SPELL_SINBEAM 40827 #define SPELL_SOULSTORM 68872 #define SPELL_SOULSTORM_CHANNEL 69008 #define SPELL_SOULSTORM_VISUAL 68870 #define SPELL_FEAR 68950 #define SPELL_FROST_BEACON 70126 #define SPELL_FRENZY 8269 #define SPELL_WHITEOUT 72034 // 30 % Debuff #define SPELL_FROZEN_MALLET 71993 #define SPELL_CHAIN_LIGHTNING 33665 #define SPELL_HARVEST_SOUL 68980 #define SPELL_FURY_ANTICHEAT 72350 #define SPELL_RAISE_DEAD 71769 #define SPELL_DRAIN_MANA 5138 #define SPELL_BLIZZARD 26607 #define SPELL_JUMP_TO_TARGET 64430 #define DEATH_GRIP 64431 #define MIRROR_IMAGE 55342 #define MIRROR_IMAGE_PREEFFECT 8677 #define MIRROR_IMAGE_TIMER 180000 // Orb spell info #define SPELL_ORB_FLARE_PASSIVE 30234 enum Events { // Global Events: EVENT_WHITEOUT = 1, EVENT_BERSERK = 2, EVENT_BLISTER = 3, // Phase 1 EVENT_SHADOW_SPIKE = 4, EVENT_SOULSTORM = 5, EVENT_FEAR = 6, EVENT_FRENZY = 7, EVENT_CHAIN_LIGHTNING = 8, // Phase 2 EVENT_BLISTERING_COLD = 9, EVENT_DRAIN_MANA = 10, EVENT_FROZEN_ORB = 11, EVENT_SINBEAM = 12, EVENT_FROST_BEACON = 13, // Common Events: EVENT_RANDOM_CHAT = 14, EVENT_INTRO = 15, EVENT_COMBAT = 16, EVENT_INTROB = 17, EVENT_INTROC = 18, EVENT_PAYBACK = 19, EVENT_HARVEST_SOUL = 20, EVENT_REVIVE = 21, EVENT_PLAYSOUND_CAST1A = 22, EVENT_PLAYSOUND_CAST1B = 23, EVENT_SOULFRAGMENT = 24, EVENT_MIRROR_IMAGE = 25, EVENT_MIRROR_IMAGE_MAINSPELL= 26, EVENT_GHOSTLY = 27, }; // FYI: You can have 1-8 phases max. enum Phases { PHASE_NONE = 1, PHASE_ONE = 2, PHASE_TWO = 3, PHASE_OWNED = 4, PHASE_OUTRO = 5, }; //Chats enum Texts { // The Lich King SAY_LK_INTRO_1 = 0, SAY_LK_INTRO_2 = 1, SAY_LK_INTRO_3 = 2, SAY_LK_AGGRO = 3, SAY_LK_REMORSELESS_WINTER = 4, SAY_LK_QUAKE = 5, SAY_LK_SUMMON_VALKYR = 6, SAY_LK_HARVEST_SOUL = 7, SAY_LK_FROSTMOURNE_ESCAPE = 8, SAY_LK_FROSTMOURNE_KILL = 9, SAY_LK_KILL = 10, SAY_LK_BERSERK = 11, EMOTE_DEFILE_WARNING = 12, EMOTE_NECROTIC_PLAGUE_WARNING = 13, SAY_LK_OUTRO_1 = 14, SAY_LK_OUTRO_2 = 15, SAY_LK_OUTRO_3 = 16, SAY_LK_OUTRO_4 = 17, SAY_LK_OUTRO_5 = 18, SAY_LK_OUTRO_6 = 19, SAY_LK_OUTRO_7 = 20, SAY_LK_OUTRO_8 = 21, }; enum MiscData { MUSIC_FROZEN_THRONE = 17457, MUSIC_SPECIAL = 17458, MUSIC_FURY_OF_FROSTMOURNE = 17459, MUSIC_FINAL = 17460, EQUIP_ASHBRINGER_GLOWING = 50442, EQUIP_BROKEN_FROSTMOURNE = 50840, }; enum AuraSpells { AURA_TWISTER = 13913, AURA_SHADOW = 16592, AURA_REFLECTION = 10831, AURA_SOULFRAGMENT = 71905, AURA_GHOSTLY = 16713, }; enum AuraSpells_Timers { AURA_SOULFRAGMENT_timer = 6000, }; // Adds Settings #define ADD_ID_TOSPAWN 17096 #define ADD_MAX_ADDS 14 #define MIN_PAUSE_CHATTER 16000 // Timer of the random chatter (Do not set too low or you will get crazy). // Declarations bool _soulstormed; bool _frenzied; bool _berserking; // The scripting for this is not compltete yet so I recommend nog using the according phase yet or write it yourself it is not hard. bool _reflectdmg; // Same --^ bool _has_orb_adds = false; bool _playerscheating = false; int _current_orbs; int _ticks; uint32 _inMeleeRange; uint32 _lasthp; uint32 _newhp,_hplost; uint32 _totaldmgtaken; uint32 _chatter_timer; uint32 t; //Modelsmorph #define MODEL_DARKSAW 30721 // LichKing. In my case not needed, because my creature already has value 30721 as displayID in the database. #define MODEL_CLONE_DIED 24641 // The spawned Arthas Mirages. We change their model @ death (mostly for visual enjoyment). // The actual Boss Class: class boss_darksaw : public CreatureScript { public: boss_darksaw() : CreatureScript("boss_darksaw"){} CreatureAI* GetAI(Creature* pCreature) const { return new boss_darksawAI(pCreature); } struct boss_darksawAI : public ScriptedAI { boss_darksawAI(Creature *c) : ScriptedAI(c) {} // Class Inits (Occurs only once @ script init: EventMap events; uint32 addztimer; uint32 _last_lk_special; // Also chatter. // What to reset @ first init, after boss died, players died or fled: void Reset() { // First, reset eventsmap events.Reset(); // Walk Speed (Or set in in DB, but do NOT do that is you choose other Model ID than Lich King as I dids): me->SetSpeed(MOVE_WALK, 2.6f, false); // Act cool: me->SetWalk(false); // Remove all spells and auras from previous attempts me->RemoveAllAuras(); // set some used variables _berserking = false; _frenzied = false; _soulstormed = false; _has_orb_adds = false; _playerscheating = false; _ticks = 0; events.SetPhase(PHASE_NONE); me->SetReactState(REACT_AGGRESSIVE); // Ghost Effect me->AddAura(AURA_GHOSTLY,me); } void EnterCombat(Unit* who) { // Stay relaxed: me->SetWalk(true); // Remove Ghost effect events.CancelEvent(EVENT_GHOSTLY); me->RemoveAura(AURA_GHOSTLY); // Some fool pulled,. (: start the war: events.SetPhase(PHASE_ONE); me->SendPlaySound(17458, false); // Some intromusic, does not interrupt current music and does not loop. me->AddThreat(who, 30.0f); me->AI()->AttackStart(me); me->setActive(true); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_INTRO, 100); } void DamageTaken(Unit* attacker, uint32& damage) { /* // Not Finished yet,. // Cannot lose 1 % HP in 1 tick.. I will cheat! if ((me->GetMaxHealth() / 100) <= damage) { events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_PAYBACK, 2500); me->MonsterYell("Your end is nigh!",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); _playerscheating = true; } */ if (damage > 0) { me->AddThreat(me->getVictim(), 1.0f); if (_reflectdmg && attacker->HasAura(AURA_REFLECTION)) { // When reflect avtive, cast 10% of damage done back to boss. attacker->DealDamage(attacker->getVictim(), damage * 0.1 ,0,DIRECT_DAMAGE,SPELL_SCHOOL_MASK_ALL,0,true); // me->MonsterSay("Debug: Aura Powered!..",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } /* _totaldmgtaken = _totaldmgtaken + damage; if (_ticks == 10) { // After } */ } if (!_frenzied && !HealthAbovePct(75)) { // add the shadowaura if not already present: if (!me->HasAura(AURA_REFLECTION)) { me->AddAura(AURA_SHADOW,me); } } if (!_frenzied && !HealthAbovePct(50)) { // schedule the event that changes our phase _frenzied = true; events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_FRENZY, 100); } if (!_berserking && !HealthAbovePct(24)) { // schedule the event that also changes our phase: _berserking = true; // It works, but atm not recommended. It gives 900% damage buff // Just leave the boolean True at all times. // events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_BERSERK, 100); } // we're losing health bad, go insane! if (!_soulstormed && !HealthAbovePct(15)) { _soulstormed = true; events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_SOULSTORM, 100); } } void JustDied(Unit* /*killer*/) { events.Reset(); if (RAND(1,2)==1) { Talk(SAY_LK_FROSTMOURNE_ESCAPE); _chatter_timer = 0; } // 50 % chance he will comment on death. me->RemoveAllAuras(); } void KilledUnit(Unit* victim) { if (victim->GetGUID() == 99001) // Wanneer een Clone. { victim->SetDisplayId(MODEL_CLONE_DIED); } if (victim && victim->GetCreatureType() == CREATURE_TYPE_HUMANOID) //GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER && me->IsValidAttackTarget(victim)) { me->MonsterSay("Haha lol, you suck, ",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); if (RAND(1,2) == 1) Talk(RAND(SAY_LK_FROSTMOURNE_KILL, SAY_LK_HARVEST_SOUL, SAY_LK_KILL)); // 50 % Kans dat er een opmerking komt. _chatter_timer = 0; } } //-- void UpdateAI(const uint32 diff) { // Updates Out of Combat if (me->GetAuraCount(AURA_GHOSTLY) < 1) { if (!UpdateVictim()) { me->AddAura(AURA_GHOSTLY,me); } } if (!UpdateVictim()) return; // Updates IN Combat events.Update(diff); //Timers Updates/Reset: _ticks++; _current_orbs = 0; _last_lk_special += diff; _chatter_timer += diff; // Adds and other EVENTless stuff: if (_has_orb_adds == true && addztimer <= diff) { std::list<Creature*> IcicleAddsList; GetCreatureListWithEntryInGrid(IcicleAddsList, me, ADD_ID_TOSPAWN, 100.0f); for (std::list<Creature*>::iterator itr = IcicleAddsList.begin(); itr != IcicleAddsList.end(); ++itr) { /*(*itr)->*/ ++_current_orbs; // Optionally, you also can do stuff with (*itr)-> here. } if (_current_orbs < ADD_MAX_ADDS) { if (RAND(1,4)==1) { events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_PLAYSOUND_CAST1A, 10); _chatter_timer = 0; } //Summon Orb Add Creature* AstralOrb = DoSpawnCreature(17096, float(rand()%47), float(rand()%47), 0, 0, TEMPSUMMON_TIMED_DESPAWN_OUT_OF_COMBAT, 5000); Unit* target = NULL; target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_TOPAGGRO, 0); if (AstralOrb && target) { AstralOrb->CastSpell(AstralOrb, SPELL_ORB_FLARE_PASSIVE, false); AstralOrb->AI()->AttackStart(target); } } addztimer = 10000; } else addztimer -= diff; // return back to main code if we're still casting if (me->HasUnitState(UNIT_STATE_CASTING)) return; while (uint32 eventId = events.ExecuteEvent()) { switch (eventId) { // CasterSounds: case EVENT_PLAYSOUND_CAST1A: t = RAND(14803, 14771, 14751); if (t==14803) { me->MonsterYell("Touching..",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14771) { me->MonsterYell("No mercy..",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14751) { me->MonsterYell("Your army..",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_PLAYSOUND_CAST1B, 2500); me->SendPlaySound(t, false); // Touchy.. / No Mercy. / Your.. Army.. _chatter_timer = 0; break; case EVENT_PLAYSOUND_CAST1B: _chatter_timer = 0; t = RAND(14795, 14786, 14787); if (t==14795) { me->MonsterYell("Where is your light now, crusaders?",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14786) { me->MonsterYell("Living or dead, you will server me.",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14787) { me->MonsterYell("Suffer, insects!",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } me->SendPlaySound(t, false); // Where is your light now crusaders? / 14786 u will serve me .. _chatter_timer = 0; break; // Berserk Handler: case EVENT_BERSERK: _reflectdmg = true; // Now reflecting big portion of damage back to LK. // Our positive BUFF: me->AddAura(AURA_REFLECTION,me->getVictim()); me->getVictim()->BuildAuraStateUpdateForTarget(me->getVictim()); // Bosses Negative buff: me->RemoveAurasDueToSpell(SPELL_BERSERK); me->CastSpell(me,SPELL_BERSERK); me->SendPlaySound(13878, false); // Buff Sound me->SendPlaySound(14805, false); // LK Sound _chatter_timer = 0; break; // Cheaters payback! ^^ (Disabled) case EVENT_PAYBACK: /* _has_orb_adds = false; // No adds now. events.SetPhase(PHASE_OWNED); DoCastAOE(SPELL_FURY_ANTICHEAT,true); // Some more overkill me->MonsterYell("So, Too can play that game, nib! ;)",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); _chatter_timer = 0; me->SetWalk(true); Talk(SAY_LK_OUTRO_2); // Fake outro,. _chatter_timer = 0; */ break; // Random Chatter: case EVENT_RANDOM_CHAT: if (_chatter_timer > MIN_PAUSE_CHATTER) { _chatter_timer = 0; t = RAND(1,4); if (t==1){ Talk(RAND( SAY_LK_OUTRO_5, SAY_LK_KILL, SAY_LK_FROSTMOURNE_KILL, SAY_LK_AGGRO)); }else{ t = RAND( 14738, // "You have crossed into the world of the dead in search of answers. You wish to save you ally, and have risked life and limb to be here. Allow me to help." 14745, // "But.. It is not yet your time to serve the Lich King. Yes, a greater destiny awaits you. Power.. You must become more powerful before you are to serve me." 14754, // "Fail me and it shall be your undoing.." 14755, // "Succeed and even greater power shall be yours!" 14760, // Random,. //14770, // "Very well.. warriors of the frozen wastes, rise up! I command you to fight, kill, and die for your master. Let none survive.." 14773, // "Mercy is for the weak!" 14792, // "Let the destruction of this place, serve as a lesson.. To all those who would dare oppose the scourge.." //14799, // "Come to me, crusaders. I will remake you!" 14802, // "Lay down your arms, and surrender your souls." 14766); // "Be warned.." if (t==14738) { me->MonsterYell("You have crossed into the world of the dead in search of answers. You wish to save you ally, and have risked life and limb to be here. Allow me to help.",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14745) { me->MonsterYell("But.. It is not yet your time to serve the Lich King. Yes, a greater destiny awaits you. Power.. You must become more powerful before you are to serve me.",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14754) { me->MonsterYell("Fail me and it shall be your undoing..",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14755) { me->MonsterYell("Succeed and even greater power shall be yours!",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14760) { me->MonsterYell(">:D",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } //if (t==14770) { me->MonsterYell("Very well.. warriors of the frozen wastes, rise up! I command you to fight, kill, and die for your master. Let none survive..",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14773) { me->MonsterYell("Mercy is for the weak!",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14792) { me->MonsterYell("Let the destruction of this place, serve as a lesson.. To all those who would dare oppose the scourge..",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } //if (t==14799) { me->MonsterYell("Come to me, crusaders. I will remake you!",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14802) { me->MonsterYell("Lay down your arms, and surrender your souls.",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14766) { me->MonsterYell("Be warned..",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } me->SendPlaySound(t, false); // Touchy.. / No Mercy. / Your.. Army.. _chatter_timer = 0; } } events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_RANDOM_CHAT, urand(14000, 16000)); break; // PHASE_ONE: case EVENT_CHAIN_LIGHTNING: if (Unit* target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM)) //me->CastCustomSpell(SPELL_CHAIN_LIGHTNING, SPELLVALUE_MAX_TARGETS, 1, target, false); DoCast(me->getVictim(), SPELL_CHAIN_LIGHTNING); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_CHAIN_LIGHTNING, urand(7000, 11000), 0, PHASE_ONE); break; case EVENT_WHITEOUT: Talk(RAND(SAY_LK_FROSTMOURNE_ESCAPE, SAY_LK_HARVEST_SOUL)); // Warning - Important. DoCast(me, SPELL_WHITEOUT); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_WHITEOUT, 120000, 0, PHASE_ONE); break; case EVENT_BLISTERING_COLD: _inMeleeRange = 0; for (uint8 i = 0; i < 10; ++i) { if (Unit* target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_TOPAGGRO, i)) // check if target is within melee-distance if (me->IsWithinMeleeRange(target)) ++_inMeleeRange; } // trigger spellcast only if we have 1 or more targets to affect.. if (_inMeleeRange >= 1) { // ..and only if a frost add is near: if (Creature *SummonedAdd = GetClosestCreatureWithEntry(me, ADD_ID_TOSPAWN, 3.0f)) { Talk(RAND(SAY_LK_OUTRO_5, SAY_LK_BERSERK)); // Warning - Important. DoCast(me->getVictim(), SPELL_BLISTERING_COLD); _chatter_timer = 0; } else { //me->MonsterYell("<Blistering Cold Evaded>",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); // Debug. } } events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_BLISTERING_COLD, urand(10000, 20000)); break; case EVENT_SHADOW_SPIKE: if (Unit* target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM)) DoCast(target, SPELL_SHADOW_SPIKE); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_SHADOW_SPIKE, urand(4500, 6000), 0, PHASE_ONE); break; case EVENT_FEAR: //me->MonsterYell("Hahaha...",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); me->SendPlaySound(14820, false); _chatter_timer = 0; if (Unit* target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM)) me->CastCustomSpell(SPELL_FEAR, SPELLVALUE_MAX_TARGETS, 1, target, false); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_FEAR, urand(12000, 48000), 0, PHASE_ONE); break; case EVENT_DRAIN_MANA: DoCastAOE(SPELL_DRAIN_MANA); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_DRAIN_MANA, urand(10000, 12000), 0, PHASE_TWO); break; case EVENT_SINBEAM: DoCast(me->getVictim(), SPELL_SINBEAM); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_SINBEAM, urand(4000, 6000), 0, PHASE_TWO); break; case EVENT_GHOSTLY: me->AddAura(AURA_GHOSTLY,me); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_GHOSTLY, 55); break; case EVENT_SOULSTORM: _has_orb_adds = false; // From now on, no more ads that cause Blistering Cold explosions. // Notice: Resetting all current auras on boss, if you dont, the Soulstorm will most likely crash the client. me->RemoveAura(SPELL_BERSERK); // Extra, might not be neccesary. me->RemoveAura(AURA_SHADOW); // Extra, better safe than sorry. me->RemoveAllAuras(); Talk(SAY_LK_QUAKE); _chatter_timer = 0; me->CastSpell(me, SPELL_SOULSTORM_VISUAL, true); me->CastSpell(me, SPELL_SOULSTORM, false); break; case EVENT_FROST_BEACON: if (Unit* target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM)) DoCast(target, SPELL_FROST_BEACON); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_FROST_BEACON, urand(40000, 75000), 0, PHASE_TWO); break; case EVENT_HARVEST_SOUL: Talk(SAY_LK_HARVEST_SOUL); _chatter_timer = 0; if (Unit* target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM)) // DoCast(target, SPELL_HARVEST_SOUL); DoCastAOE(SPELL_HARVEST_SOUL); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_HARVEST_SOUL, urand(40000, 75000), 0, PHASE_TWO); break; case EVENT_SOULFRAGMENT: if (me->GetAuraCount(AURA_SOULFRAGMENT) < 9) { events.CancelEvent(EVENT_SOULFRAGMENT); DoCast(me, AURA_SOULFRAGMENT); } events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_SOULFRAGMENT, AURA_SOULFRAGMENT_timer); // Lasts untill cancelled break; case EVENT_MIRROR_IMAGE: DoCast(me, MIRROR_IMAGE_PREEFFECT); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_MIRROR_IMAGE_MAINSPELL, 4800); break; case EVENT_MIRROR_IMAGE_MAINSPELL: for (uint8 i = 0; i < 2; ++i) { // DoCast(me, MIRROR_IMAGE); //Summon Clone, will dissappear after a short while when out of combat. Creature* MyDarkClone = DoSpawnCreature(99001, float(rand()%47), float(rand()%47), 0, 0, TEMPSUMMON_TIMED_DESPAWN_OUT_OF_COMBAT, 5000); Unit* Clonetarget = NULL; Clonetarget = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_TOPAGGRO, 0); if (MyDarkClone && Clonetarget) { // MyDarkClone->CastSpell(MyDarkClone, SPELL_ORB_FLARE_PASSIVE, false); MyDarkClone->AddAura(AURA_GHOSTLY,MyDarkClone); MyDarkClone->AI()->AttackStart(Clonetarget); } events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_MIRROR_IMAGE, MIRROR_IMAGE_TIMER); // Lasts untill cancelled } break; // // Defining Phases: // // Phase 2 Events: case EVENT_FRENZY: events.SetPhase(PHASE_TWO); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_DRAIN_MANA, 5000, 0, PHASE_TWO); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_SINBEAM, 2000, 0, PHASE_TWO); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_FROZEN_ORB, 1500, 0, PHASE_TWO); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_HARVEST_SOUL, urand(40000, 75000), 0, PHASE_TWO); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_BLISTERING_COLD, 120000, 0, PHASE_TWO); t = RAND(14808, 14800, 14787); if (t==14808) { me->MonsterYell("APOCALYPSE!!!",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14800) { me->MonsterYell("Cower.. before my terrible creations..",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } if (t==14787) { me->MonsterYell("Suffer, insects!",LANG_UNIVERSAL,NULL); } me->SendPlaySound(t, false); _chatter_timer = 0; DoCast(me, SPELL_FRENZY, true); break; // Phase 1 Events: case EVENT_COMBAT: me->SetWalk(false); // Always running events _has_orb_adds = true; addztimer = 10000; // Starten random chats: events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_RANDOM_CHAT, 21000); // If you uncomment next line, you will most certainly die (fast). // DoCast(me, SPELL_FROZEN_MALLET); // Will go insane with stacks... events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_SOULFRAGMENT, 100); // Phase one events (regular form) events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_MIRROR_IMAGE, 4000); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_SHADOW_SPIKE, 5000, 0, PHASE_ONE); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_CHAIN_LIGHTNING, 9000, 0, PHASE_ONE); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_FEAR, 25000, 0, PHASE_ONE); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_BLISTERING_COLD, urand(10000, 20000), 0, PHASE_ONE); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_WHITEOUT, 120000, 0, PHASE_ONE); break; // Intro Events: case EVENT_INTRO: Talk(SAY_LK_INTRO_1); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_INTROB, 12500); break; case EVENT_INTROB: Talk(SAY_LK_INTRO_2); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_COMBAT, 12500); break; default: break; } } DoMeleeAttackIfReady(); } }; }; // Last but not least: void AddSC_boss_darksaw() { new boss_darksaw(); }
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    Hello everyone! I'm done upgrading my PC for the next couple of years i guess Old stuff: MSI GTX 970 2GB - GPU Intel Core i5 6600 Skylake 4x3,3GHz - CPU Kingston HyperX DDR4 2133MHz 4x4GB - RAM New Stuff: MSI GeForce Titan X 12GB - GPU Intel Core I7-5960X LGA2011V3 Extreme Edition 8x3,5GHz - CPU Kingston HyperX DDR4 2666 8x8GB - RAM
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    Download: http://koda.darkhost.ru/page.php?id=download What's new: Graphic editor Better support of limited accounts and UAC under Vista/Seven Styles editor allow multiple selection Icons in additional controls (Tab, ListView, TreeView) Redone Object tree, with support of editable descriptions Awareness of GUI_SS_DEFAULT styles And many smaller changes (see full history) New version is out! What's new: Added small abilities that become in latest beta of Autoit Improved language system Improved update checking Improved site New version is out! What's new: Customizing colors External import framework Custom controls (ones that available via standard UDFs) Rewritten support for icon - now it support full color ones Better support (bugtracker, wiki) Bugfix release is out! After another year, new version is out! Most significant changes in this release: Customizable toolbars Undo support Aligning palette Import Autoit GUI scripts Full help file, with context sensitive help support And as usually, lots of bugfixes and small changes. After long period of development and testing, new release is finally here! Thanks to all who support us and help done this work! Most significant changes from previous release: New, more fast and reliable form read/write routines. Rewritten form list handling code Menus support (with visual editor) Obj support (with visual browser) Templates-based code generation Generating event-based code Help file (unfinished) Credits: LazyCat from ATI Forums http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/32299-gui-designer-koda-1730/
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    Tought i'd give it a try aswell.