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  1. Updates coming soon to support patch 7.1.5 build 23420.
  2. People are always accusing ISPs of not living up to their advertising, but now Riot Games has supplied some proof that one provider might have been sabotaging League of Legends games on purpose with slower speeds. Now, the state of New York is stepping in and suing, because why not?
  3. Big changes are coming to Steam. Over the weekend, we got word that Valve not only wants to replace the Steam Greenlight program, but they're also thinking about dabbling in the dark arts of paid mods all over again. Didn't they learn their lesson the first time?
  4. There's some disconcerting reports floating around about the NES Classic stock, more third party games are heading to Switch, PC gamers are getting nervous about Nier Automata's PC port, and The Batman may finally have its director. Why don't you go ahead and start your Monday with a round-up?
  5. For Honor brings its unique brand of hack and slash multiplayer to the masses. What's the game all about? Here's everything you need to know.
  6. Nintendo's new system is only a few weeks away... and at this point we might know more about the games NOT coming to the system than the games that are actually coming out. We round up both for you so you know what you will and won't be playing.
  7. Valve held a press conference yesterday and talked future games and their disdain for consoles, Ubisoft's earnings call featured a couple of surprises (mostly bad), Infinite Warfare's team got hit with layoffs, and Hideo Kojima's YouTube career continues. It's our last round-up of the week, so we made sure it was a good one.
  8. Looks like all those dislikes really got to Activision. They've finally acknowledged the Infinite Warfare colored elephant in the room and said they'll be taking the series back to its roots. Plus, Destiny 2 gets some of its first details... and Bungie's going to have a problem if it doesn't come out this year.
  9. We've got some breaking news that Mass Effect Andromeda won't be including one of the series staples... because Paragon and Renegade options will be gone from the next game. What's next, they'll ditch the SPACESHIPS, too?
  10. YouTube's got another unsubbing problem, and this time it was used to maliciously target popular channels. But on the bright side, at least YouTube acknowledged that the unsubscribe bug is actually real this time. So hey, progress!
  11. Team Ninja made some major changes to Nioh before release that are pissing off players, the internet gets dubious Destiny 2 rumors, Final Fantasy XV nopes out on Switch, the Galaxy Note 7 strikes again, and the Castlevania TV series is real. Try rounding all of that up in one breath (no please don't, you'll die.)
  12. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney's got a beef with Windows, and now he's stepped up his game. In his latest rants against the platform, he's saying that Windows is going to start holding your PC games hostage. Probably not with a gun, but MAYBE.
  13. OK, so we didn't get a Super Bowl trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, but we got the 32nd best alternative... investor calls! Rockstar parent company Take Two dished out the first morsels of anything related to Red Dead Redemption 2 this week, and even talked about whether or not it will kill GTA Online.
  14. Steam had a scary script bug, Microsoft's hinting at secret exclusives for 2017, E3 is open to EVERYBODY, and somebody out there has already seen Star Wars Episode 8. What do they think of it? Well you'll have to check out the round-up, won't you?
  15. @Psyancy broken images.