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  1. @isodidacte The source is in the thread.
  2. In Order for your request to be fulfilled you need to follow the correct format. If your thread is not updated within 24 hours of this message this request will be deleted.
  3. Moved to the correct section.
  4. This has already been answered. Give this solution a try and get back with me if it helps.
  5. 10,030
  6. @krusez There's a space at the end of it which shouldn't be there. Make sure to copy it as it is below: !IH2IBrYNdkTCwdTVcWsXM2fqgLNlLUMMJBjOXvT1TXk
  7. Throwback
  8. Thanks, @OMGhixD my internet won't let me upload at the moment.
  9. I'll see if I can pull some from an old project.