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  1. No, but I will look into adding Adobe Illustrator amtlibdll soon.
  2. Download links verified and still confirmed working as of the date of this post.
  3. Closed as the download is no longer available.
  4. The download link is in the main thread.
  5. Not exactly what the OP requested but I made ranks similar to what we have now that you can alter to your likings.
  6. Your system can run 32-bit applications.
  7. Read the instructions section on the main post. Once you've completed that just launch PS. For After Effects
  8. @marianoryu This seems to be a compatibility issue then. Download 32bit versions for everything.
  9. @yvanb I will look into this.
  10. @Marian install .NET 3.5
  11. Best of luck!
  12. Working on a fix
  13. Best of luck!