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  1. libera pra nois o link desse repack de download 



  2. That channel went down the toilet but luckily they kept their old content live.
  3. Well, your parents only do that to let you know they care and to give you an open-invite to talk to them as needed. In other situations, I myself ask questions despite me knowing the answer to just to reinforce my knowledge. Your teachers, however, are simply just testing your knowledge to see where you're at as far as progress. Even if your class has hundreds of students teachers still try and relate to you to better you in their class which makes their numbers higher. It may come as a shocker but teachers are also graded on performance.
  4. I've been playing Imperia Online which is pretty fun. The combat system is not as brutal as other games.
  5. I will keep this thread open in the meantime.
  6. Then gmlevel 3 is the max. To give level 3 all commands go to the commands table in the world table and ensure the max level on all commands is set to 3. To add additional levels see the account_access table and add a value or alter an existing value.
  7. @Slayérduck™ go back to using soundcloud. This new platform is not getting much reputation here.
  8. @Suraf Any plans on relaunching this? (Perhaps as a different node.)
  9. If you're reading this in 2017 know these services will 99% of the time be blocked by your server as a port scan/trigger attempt. The best method is to use built-in utilities with most WUI systems or install OS-Specific software that can scan in-house rather than per-directory.
  10. @sofiane thanks for the kind reply!
  11. New maps have been uploaded @gogavardoevi @499453466
  12. Updates to address minor bugs and to fix map archive will be released within an hour.