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  1. Xbox One has made some missteps with gamers over the last few years, but the most notable one was the announcement of their new console, which immediately turned gamers against them. Fortunately, Microsoft seems to be taking the feedback onboard and acknowledging that... yeah, they messed up. Hopefully this is a good sign for what's next?
  2. Those earlier rumors that Call of Duty is returning to World War 2 seem to have merit! New marketing materials have leaked ahead of the game's announcement.
  3. @dves I'm sure the chain smoking and drinking didn't help.
  4. @BrewmasterDonegan please provide your authserver logs.
  5. Please be sure to post your server logs along side all support inquires!
  6. Popular Twitch Streamer Brian "PoShYbRiD" Vigneault tragically passed away during a charity livestream he was running on Twitch to benefit Make-a-Wish Foundation. He leaves behind his partner and three children.
  7. Nintendo's striking back against leakers (and firing everybody), For Honor might have broken No Man's Sky's record, Valve is losing more people associated with Half-Life, The Batman can't keep a direct... hot dang, there was a lot of news over the three day weekend. You should catch up on it, huh?
  8. Ok, so Halo Wars 2 is partially out if you splurged on the ultimate edition, but for everyone else it comes out on Tuesday! Here's everything you need to know about the game when deciding if it's right for you.
  9. A Nintendo Switch was sent out early to a fan, who gave us the world's first unboxing video and look at the system. Plus, Zelda gameplay has leaked, showing off the early minutes of the game and more bits of gameplay, so... be wary of spoilers!