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  1. OMG


    Is it that complicated now? Back in my day all you had to do was remove all the graveyards for it to respawn you at your corpse.
  2. https://marlam.in/obj/
  3. OMG

    Thanks for sharing!
  4. That's sexy as hell! Thanks for sharing
  5. OMG

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. Hello, Goodnight friend, I need help with repack, which is downloaded and it does not work, I do not give you the error, you can help me, I thank you RexusWoW Funserver 255

  7. OMG

    @darksoke I no longer represent LordCraft but I've passed the information along to @OMGhixD who I assume may have accidentally unpinned it.
  8. OMG

    Not a fan of the current dark theme, too much like Halloween.
  9. @isodidacte The source is in the thread.
  10. OMG

    In Order for your request to be fulfilled you need to follow the correct format. If your thread is not updated within 24 hours of this message this request will be deleted.