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  1. Hello LordCraft, Im looking for a decent 5.4.8 source code with a working battle pet system, professions, and raids working at least untill ToT. Message me if you have this source code or if you know someone that may have it!, Im really interested on it Thanks
  2. Make sure that your RA or SOAP ports are open!
  3. completed

    something like this is what you want?
  4. old i80 was a lot better looool, over 100 people online. anyways gl.
  5. OFC i remember that server i used to play there and i was gm too, you can count with me
  6. What i can understand is that he wants some kind of custom cms for wow and a forum design for ipboard
  7. Are you sure 7878 port is open in your pc, you need to enable it from the router, if you are using a vps you can ask the provider to open the port for you!
  8. I want to buy both netflix and spotify accs
  9. add a pic of the theme
  10. uh very nice
  11. inactive

    Depends... But default logon and worldserver ports are 8085 and 3724 for Trinitycore.
  12. i dont like eluna, anyways its a very good share thanks
  13. unconfirmed

    it was about time to warn people about him lol