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    @Death Can you move this thread ive got it sorted now cheers
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    @Death @Dawnbrightsu
  3. completed

    Hello I'm looking for a website design, I've seen one design I like the look of but I don't want to copy of other designers and want it unique to my Gaming community. This is the design I like the look of http://livenationgaming.com/. Give me a price or if you can do it for free let me know
  4. Thank you for sharing
  5. completed

    could i also bring this into this request please. Teamspeak icons Custom 16x16 Founder Clan Leader Officer Game Manager H1Z1 Staff CSGO Staff Division Staff Rainbow Six Staff Team Captain PVE Captain PVP captain Featured Streamer Graphic Designer Donator OPN Verified Guest And maybe a logo please aswell.
  6. completed

    @OMGhixD I was wondering if you could edit the banner if you don't mind, Take the picture behind it away and make the banner something like this http://www.redemptiongaming.net/forum.php with the OPN tag please. edit the size to 1480x400 please cheers keep the snow animation Thanks in advance
  7. completed

    Render/Stock : anything Text : Opnation Gaming Community Subtext : Merry Christmas and a Happy New year Color Scheme: custom What Type of Request is This? : teamspeak banner Size : 1480x500 Any Additional Information? : could this be done asap please need it for Christmas, Also sorry about how late this is. .PSD Needed?: please
  8. I'm looking for a develop to help create a custom dashboard for h1z1 whitelisted server. I need it for server keys, Bans, Activty ect.
  9. Looking for a devleoper to create a gcp for h1z1 private server? Messge me for more info

  10. completed

    What's happening with this please
  11. completed

    Any news on this please
  12. completed

    Format Banner Render/Stock : any Text : Havoc Gamerz Subtext : Color Scheme: black and red What Type of Request is This? : steam logo , Teamspeak Banner Size : 1000x200 Any Additional Information? : .PSD Needed?:no Format Teamspeak icons Render/Stock : custom please Color Scheme: different colours What Type of Request is This? : Size : 16x16 Any Additional Information? : none .PSD Needed?: yes Clan Leader Officer Member Trial Failed Trial Graphic Designer Streamer
  13. How much could this be
  14. Raj could u do this, Also I'm thinking of an awesome new name for the csgo and h1z1 clan, The name I've got is Havoc Gamerz but need something more awesome
  15. @PrivateDonut if you could help me with this be awesome, I play h1z1,Csgo mainly, Could i get this converted for that ?