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  1. Best of luck brother.
  2. Best of luck Zydrax boyo
  3. Best of luck brother.
  4. Wait there has always been dark mode? :rage:
  5. Thank you, you just saved my bleeding eyes.
  6. Was a ingame developer on this server 2-3 months ago, great people to work with! Sadly my job took up way to much of my time.
  7. Here you go brother. https://github.com/StygianTheBest/AzerothCore-Content/tree/master/Modules/mod-congratsonlevel
  8. That update made everything better! Keep up the great work @darksoke !
  9. Love it, well done Darksoke!
  10. Yeah, we are aware that the website theme is not the most unique one.
  11. Thanks brother, greatly appreciated.
  12. DIscord - https://discord.gg/7cBgjjq
  13. The shoulders really makes the transmog work!
  14. completed

    Perfect, just perfect! Thank you @OMGhixD !