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  2. Thanks, to both of you.. I plan to do a-lot for the community in terms of inactive threads, boosting activity, and overall helping insight part of the community.
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  7. Definitely a way to see who is contributing the most to our forums!
  8. Server is still active, looks pretty decent for a 2.4.3 server!
  9. @dves Can you reply with information regarding to why the realm is down, and what's expected of the server! Thanks!
  10. @deathorous Please update this thread with information regarding the new releases of Anarchy-WoW. This will save you from needing to make a new thread on the release date. You have 72 hours to update your thread, or reply with updated information. Warm Regards, MegaIndian
  11. Any information regarding the release of this?
  12. @Collins This listing is from when Venoxis was last online, please update it to what the new server is going to offer, so that the listing can't be archived. You have 72 hours to edit your listing to new details. Thank you, MegaIndian
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