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  1. Very nice, have been speaking with the owner of the server and helping out. Is really nice and friendly community both in game and on Discord.
  2. Best of luck with you project
  3. Very nice, Looks great . Looking forward to see when completed
  4. Hi @axebreak, What custom script are you looking for? I think it may help if you also added more information, For the newest Trinitycore Rev 3.3.5 or other? Feel free to Pm me and if I can help then will see what I can do, without further information not sure if will be able to assist or not
  5. Thanks for share, very nice
  6. Best of luck
  7. Best of luck
  8. Very nice, Look very interesting and extremely promising. Best of luck
  9. Best of Luck, Looks interesting and promising
  10. Best of luck with your project
  11. Best of luck, looks very interesting and very promising
  12. very nice, thank you for sharing
  13. Best of Luck with you project
  14. Very nice, looks amazing. A really nice job on a custom logon screen
  15. Very nice, Looks awesome thanks for sharing