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  1. Epic work @OMGhixD! I love them.
  2. Congratulations @Pandazz and @MegaIndian, Welcome to LC Team!
  3. You sir, should answer me on skype.

    1. Psyancy


      add me on psyancy.psychedelic i will be online the next days. i was working and i had no time to login anywhere.

    2. Slayérduck™


      You are so busy nowadays... You're online like once a month.

    3. Psyancy


      I'm very busy working, i stay on pc for like 30 mins 2 or 3 days of the week

  4. @Sabaka Photoshop link Updated.
  5. Please if you have any question or you need any kind of support do it properly on our Support section.
  6. I think yes, i don't really remember but if from the date i shared this i guess it's working on 350.
  7. I don't remember if this is for rev 350+ if yes then you won't have problem, because after 350 they changed a lot of things and also until 315-325 revs if i'm not wrong aCis was working with java 7 and now it's working with java 8 so there will be a lot of changes + things are not working because of the drop of javalution and more things but with some work you can make it work even if it's coded for older versions.
  8. np mate im glad you liked the content
  9. np mate im glad to help you
  10. np mate i'm glad to help
  11. @Sepul I'll contact a friend of me and i'll let you know.
  12. Go to this site: And download the Java SE Development Kit 8u111 Click on Accept License Agreement And then choose the one you want (windows, mac, etc) When you install this both jre and jdk will be installed on your pc.
  13. Updated. Added SVN Link on post. Cleaned some useless things. Fixed Auto Vote reward error. Added Special Effect for new player. 2 Hours Buffs.
  14. Hello Lordcrafters, Here is a custom enchant skill list. What this list contains? 100% safe enchant till enchant reach the config value If the enchant is higher than this value you have the retail chance If you fail to enchant and character is nobl ( nobl condition was for testing you have to change this with your condition ) the skill enchant will become -1 of the current enchant Its working for both conditions ( < 130 , < 170 ex. power,cost ) 2 configs ( no need more ) Video Preview: Code: Config: Credits: melron
  15. Item Market NPC

    Version 1.0.0


    Item Market NPC is an npc where you can add an item for sell in the market like interlude + chronicles Fixes: All html dialogs Removed adena,goldbars,Q-items ++ as items for sell Fixed same items can be added to list from other players Added custom htmls files for easy edit Reminder (message) to the item owner when the item sold Fixed many bugs i found (should have more) also not suggested for live servers without check .