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  1. @Katos, lovely CC and I appreciate it a great deal. I will defiantly take this into consideration!
  2. Lol, I'm saying that I'm not a designer. I just got bored and did this and explained my thinking. But here.
  3. Very beautiful! Thank you, friend.
  4. Bump, @Death, I may have a compromise to what EMD requests and what your desires are. We could make it so the buying/selling threads do not appear in the "posts" box that shows new topics or comments. We stay classy and less "spammy" and they still can post ridiculous boxes without spamming up new post content that no one but them comment on. Their concerns may be that their trade is affected, and while there is no sure fire way to say that "My topic may have been seen better if it appeared in the recently posted sidebar". Realistically, no one is going to look at the side bar when they want to buy/sell something. They're going to go to the forum itself and look at the topics (and they basically chicken-block themselves with the ridiculous symbols and capslock). However, we can meet their demands in the middle and offer a tab for the buying/selling posts that users can flip (similar to a bookmark) so people can see normal post updates, and trade updates.
  5. Like, 90% of what you just told me made no sense, not going to lie. I only did signatures with @Wabbit and @Katos. Once they stopped teaching me and us three went our separate ways, I stopped using Photoshop all together. This was simply something I used to see if my Photoshop still even ran as I had to re-install it with a new crack. I was never good to begin with lol. Also, note that the signature itself is to look like a "calling card" of sorts. It's showing a runic, or old runic language (signifying "magic") with a dark undertone to signify darkness or death. Something to push light and vibrant away. Grenth is the Guild Wars god of death so it fits to have him there. He's also not supposed to blend into the background, but instead seem as if the background is something staged. Hence the shadows at the bottom and lighting at the top to show more of a dark "light" featuring only part of his body to introduce him. Simply put, using basic skills and like, five minutes of free time, I made this. Also, centered text is really nerve wracking unless posted in something like a review. It's personal taste. Thanks for the feedback though! If I pursue anything more seriously, I'll definitely keep all of that information in mind.
  6. Because deer aren't people nor rabbits, merely dinner.
  7. There's a difference between being a nazi and having a classy forum. This isn't RPHeaven or whatever where people do whatever they want and bully their ideas into reality by using claims of "nazi", "autism", and other derogatory remarks. Having four classy, respectable, and helpful individuals is better than having forty leechers and negative individuals that do nothing but complain and bully each other.
  8. Just showing off a random signature I made today.
  9. @DemonReborn, unless my browser is glitching, your image no longer works?
  10. @Life, your image links are borken. Also, your child would be humanity. Children brought to life only to age and die, forever repeating the process.
  11. Good luck with your server. Looks pretty good, but what OMGhixD says is true.
  12. I actually liked this when you showed me. And it made me feel tingly down there. Nothing like murder to put some lead in your chest.
  13. I wish you the best! I think you should add some screenies to get some folks interested though.