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  1. Congrats, man. I'm glad to see you're working hard on the forum.
  2. Since this is more of a milestone, I moved it to the correct subforum. Anywho, congratulations!
  3. I'm extremely excited for this.
  4. Thanks for sharing, man.
  5. No problem, guys. I'm working on the next one.
  6. Happy Birthday!

    May your day be fan-fudgin-tastic!

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  7. This looks pretty awesome. I'll have to check it out if I get time.
  8. Hey, Lordcraft Users! I'd like to welcome you to the first of a series of Java tutorials hand written by yours truly. They are going to be a Lordcraft exclusive and hopefully, everyone will find them useful. Going through these tutorials, I'll be assuming each and every one of you is brand new to both programming and Java. If you are already well versed in either of these subjects, feel free to wait around for the next bit of tutorials. ------- *** ------- Chapter I: Preparing Your System In order to get started with Java programming, you need a few tools installed on your system. Depending on your operating system, you may install things a little bit different then I am. I am using a Windows based laptop, so I'll be showing how a Windows user will setup their system. However, if you use a Mac or run Linux, comment below and I'll help you install everything. Programs: JDK - JDK 8 and JDK 9 IDE - NetBeans or IntelliJ or Eclipse I listed five programs above that you guys may be interested in. Right now, you probably have no idea what a JDK or IDE is, and that's okay. We'll go over that. For now, I recommend you download JDK 8 and Netbeans. I'll be using Netbeans in all of my tutorials since my university requires my program of study to use it for the Java language. Plus, it's super easy to use. Installing the JDK Step 1: Go to the downloads page and download JDK 8u152. (Don't forget to accept the License Agreement and pick the correct download for your system)! Step 2: Run the downloaded JDK application. Depending on your operating system, the way you'll do this may vary. Windows users will run the .exe file, Linux kernals will run it from the console (most distributions will run the tar.gz version), and Mac users will run the .dmg file. Links: Windows or Linux or Mac Step 3: Run through the installer, it's pretty easy. Just pressing "next" will be enough. Step 4: Congratulations! You've installed the required JDK application! Installing the IDE Step 1: Go to the downloads page and download Java SE Step 2: Run the Netbeans installer, depending on your operating system, the installed product will be different. You'll run it the same way you ran your JDK installer. Step 3: Accept the licensing agreement, pick your installation path, and check for updates (this will save you time later on). After that, let the installer do it's job. Step 4: Congratulations! You installed the required IDE! Now we can start programming... Almost. ------- *** ------- Chapter II: What Is a JDK and IDE? So now you're probably wondering what a JDK and IDE and why we need them. In short, a JDK (Java development kit) is a subset of a SDK (software development kit). The JDK offers a variety of tools for developing, debugging, and monitoring java applications. Essentially, it's the core behind the Java language. Without a JDK, you can't have your Java code. But what about an IDE? If the JDK gives us the ability to develop Java code, why do we need this? Well, an IDE (integrated development environment) is a program that allows you to easily make project files, test your source code, read error text, catch errors in code before runtime, and hosts a debugger. Not only that, but an IDE offers a quick and responsive function that builds your sourcecode into computer-readable binary, which then turns into an executable code. There's a lot more information about both the JDK and IDE, but all you really need to know is that a Java IDE requires an updated JDK in order to properly integrate Java code into programs. ------- *** ------- If you have any questions, leave a comment or contact me on Discord!
  9. Hey, welcome to the forum, buddy. It's a pretty chill place here and we have a lot of cool content you can learn from. If you have any questions, let a staff member know (or any member that's been here a while), and we'll help you out! Also, if you are looking for a certain tutorial but can't find one, make a post and I'm sure one of our users, maybe more, will write one up for you.
  10. Hey, folks! Just a heads up that a wonderful franchise is on sale this weekened! 50% - 60% off for all Witcher games and DLC's! I just bought Witcher III GOTY ($19.99), Witcher 2 ($4.99), and Witcher ($1.99) all for a great price and hours of gameplay. They're super fun games and I recommend you guys check 'em out.
  11. Welcome to the team, folks.
  12. They look amazing, man.
  13. @Katos, lovely CC and I appreciate it a great deal. I will defiantly take this into consideration!
  14. Lol, I'm saying that I'm not a designer. I just got bored and did this and explained my thinking. But here.
  15. Very beautiful! Thank you, friend.