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  1. Ty
  2. Nike Air (Max), they are just such good shoes. Mostly i can use them for atleast 2 years before they start to let loose!
  3. Thank youu
  4. Introduction My friend is into 'nulling' websites, later on gave the files to me. Then I decided to turn it into WoW registration site. Screenshots Looks odd on screenshot! Install Installation is pretty easy, copy all the files into your 'htdocs' or 'www' folder. After doing that, head over to the \account\register\include\config.php to match the settings with your auth database. Want a forum? Paste your phpbb, mybb, vbulletin or something else into the \forum folder. I advice using mybb! OPTIONAL: I've added a counter to the site, to make this somewhat work execute the .SQL in the \sql folder. Updates I may release a few tweaks, keep an eye on the commits. Credits Nex4iz - Nulling Website EmuDevs - Registration Page Brian8544 - Editing Site Download GitHub: https://github.com/Project-Reborn/Website
  5. Then you have a clean TC, which can be found on: https://github.com/trinitycore/trinitycore/tree/3.3.5
  6. Is there a way to not repeat the same php script in every <div> ? This will probably look very messy to experienced developers, my excuses for that Script: http://pastebin.com/nnaa58VW
  7. Due some old-players asking how to set it up, I've decided to make a 'noob friendly' repack. What is this repack: "Kription-WoW is a new World of Warcraft Server! Instant 255,Huge Stats (Over 1000m HP) with over 10000 custom items,MOP/CATA Content" - Taken from Top100 advertisement Click here for YouTube videos Features: V.I.P. Activator NPC V.I.P. Mall Transmog Many Custom Scripts Custom mall Custom instances How To Start? [CODE]!!! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED "patch-7.mpq" & PLACED IT IN YOUR "WoW/Data/enGB or enUS/" FOLDER! 1.) Click on StartDB.bat 2.) Click on /Core/AuthServer.exe 3.) Click on /Core/WorldServer.exe Server is now running. To connect, change your realmlist to: _____________________________ Want to create a new account? Type in the console (without quotes): "account create username password" _____________________________ Want to be a GM? Type in the console (without quotes): "account set gmlevel username -9 -1"[/CODE] Links: - Download - Patch-7.mpq (Required to see custom npc's etc.) - Official Thread - Source (GitHub)
  8. Here i release a working WowAdminPanel for all expansions (INCLUDING LEGION!) tested & working on the following servers: - Atlantiss - 4.x - Warmane - 4.x - WoWCircle - 4.x - Monster - 4.x / 7.x - Firestorm 7.x -- Start WoW and run the wap.exe -- Click here to download Don't forget it's your own responsibility, currently not detected by anti cheat. But player reports ban can be possible.
  9. @alireza2010
  10. @OMGhixD I know, but since TC development is growing daily, it would be nice if this repack could be updated aswell
  11. Any updates?
  12. Thank you!
  13. Template used: 2081 Solution @TooPlate Has a Legion registration page added! Credits to WodCore.es for creating it. This will be my last html edit for now, learned just enough to create own things without using templates. Perhaps anyone can use this as their beginning or place to learn aswell Screenshot:Github: https://github.com/brian8544/TemplateWoW_Legion
  14. @kian I did in sourcecode, on ur request i've added it in main thread aswell -- Thanks for telling