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  1. It was just a simple check to see if the players had a spell from their spec.
  2. Fixed this issue a while back, thanks for the assistance though!
  3. So I'm trying to create a buff command that allows players to buff themselves when trying .buff. I have it to where if you're a certain class it buffs you with certain spells. But I'm trying to narrow it even more with the spec the player is for certain classes, such as Paladin with a retribution strength buff pertaining to ret spec, and holy intellect buff pertaining to holy spec. Every class that doesn't have an active spec included works properly, but it's the narrowing down to the spec the player currently is I'm having trouble with. Here's the script: https://pastebin.com/YiGVFDca I'm using trinitycore 4.3.4 Recommendations, criticism etc are all welcomed when it comes to how it looks or possibly the best way of implementing this as I'm still learning C++ and would love to learn the best ways of implementations of certain things.
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    The core I'm using has more working content and what not which is why I'm using it. But I might consider migrating over since their core is likely a lot more stable, and will try to move over the scripts and stuff I have working on mine. Do you know how well their core is working in terms of content, stability and what not?
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    The core is an older version of trinitycore so it's outdated compared to the current one, around 2013 from what I can tell. (if I knew how to update it I could try) Addons: Addons aren't affecting it I believe because there were other players on the server and they also experienced the same issue. But it could still be addons considering other players used them. Going to have to check more extensively when I get home. Character/Pet Saving: Characters seem to be saving correctly, haven't noticed anything not saving for characters, other than pets it seems like, but I will have to check just in case. Where are the possible places I can check for this in the core? Looked through world config and found some lines about saving guilds, some guid for something. I'll have to check again. Would it be in auth or world config? Only a few buttons on the pets action bar disappear. Especially if you take them off and try to put them back on, they just don't save after logging out. Pet.cpp: Looked in Pet.cpp but I'm still learning c++ and not entirely sure what's everything does, so I'm not sure if anything is missing, looks out of place, etc. But with a glance, it didn't seem like anything was missing. I can pastebin the cpp file and you can have a look if you'd like.
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    So for some reason my pets spells on its action bar keeps disappearing whenever you logout and doesn't reappear for some odd reason, like it's not saving on logout for some reason. Anyone know a possible solution? Using an old update of trinitycore for a 434 source. https://imgur.com/a/OrsAX The image may seem vague, but the attack ability for the pet (in the first slot on the bar) is there, but once I log out it disappears and is no longer on the pets bar.
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    I sent a picture and cmake logs in the in the form of imgur and pastebin in the post. But in-case you can't see it: https://imgur.com/a/XF8RC and the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/yS3tgRnV. In case anyone's confused, my cmake cant configure/identify the compiler 2013.
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    I'm using a Trinity source that used to work for me using Visual Studio 2013, but I recently cleaned my C drive which contained some stuff for visual studio and I guess in doing so must have broke Visual Studio 2013 from working properly with Cmake or any source of that matter. It's a built upon source not by me but by someone I know, help would be appreciated. The problem lies in Cmake not being able to find the compiler or something: https://imgur.com/a/XF8RC I've tried multiple solutions, looked up the problem but nothing is helping, repairing, reinstalling, etc. Here are the Cmake logs: https://pastebin.com/yS3tgRnV Visual Studio 2017 doesn't work for the source, I suppose it doesn't support it(Again It is not the up-to-date trinity source, it is a custom source built on with trinity but out-of-date for those of you who may tell me to use 2017, and is a 4.3.4 not 3.3.5)