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  1. Was looking for a new logo for a while, the only logos i could find were really expensive so i had to build my own and here's the result
  2. Were you using only photoshop for that ? really don't have the patience to create gifs in photoshop :))
  3. thank you guys, appreciate as always
  4. Yannk#6518
  5. I have a feeling he is a known person *cough* Megaindian, be careful do not give him any money, do not join his shitty discord channel. He tried to make me pay for, eh, advertising and after refusing him he started advertising a server to players from my server discord chat trough PMs. Careful he is also using Nercc as an alt account. Just ignore this guy. I wish i could meet this moron in person so i can teach him what respect mean. Here are some pictures
  6. suggestion for BBOX colors
  7. Hired this guy few months ago as a trial, in my server trials are very limited, since he had no power he just went inactive, never heard of him ever since. However while he was trial in my server (2 days) he kept posting application to every other server.
  8. Sincerely i really expected a little bit more from the website. It tok me almost 2 minutes to fully load the website and the layout did not changed so much after the last time i checked. If you are using bootstrap i suggest you to use the following grid <section id="yoursection"> <div class="container"> <div class="row"> Your section content here </div> </div> </section> This will make a beautiful responsive layout with perfectly divided margins.
  9. Thx guys, apreciate
  10. In past 2 - 3 weeks I've been porting the whole Shado Pan dungeon and creatures, successfully spawned every creature and every boss and I have finally started codding the instance. The first code was ofc the entrance event "I decided not to make it blizzlike but rather give a slightly fun/lored event" and here is the result. Maybe not a big deal for many but it is for me since I have ported spawned and codded everything myself rather then just copying from a shared patch. Here is a little video with the starting event.
  11. Where's that in the first place :)) and why I'm not there ??
  12. I'm not going to describe much about this, if you got to this point serching for such tool that mean you know pretty much what to do, so here is just some informative pictures. In my case, pandaren creatures were a big pain in the, you know where, because most of them are using BakedTextures along with pandaren character model so here's what you have to do. First of all load your Texture in photoshop (Using CS6 not sure if it work on lower versions). Ok now Click on Window->Actions, actions panel will open up on the right side Now load the action as follows, once the action is loaded select the body file and click RUN and there you go. Ignore the name, i have updated the action while writing this topic For batch conversion go to "file-> automate-> Batch...", choose the action and the folder you want and hit "OK", that will convert every texture in the specified folder using the Converter. Download: MOP TO WOTLK BAKED TEXTURES PHOTOSHOP ACTION
  13. We starter receiving some feedback from our users and helped us to fix many minor issues. This engine become a lot stable day by day