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  1. Really nice! I hope people will stop using FusionCMS and switch to clean designs like this.
  2. New Functional Wordpress Theme created by ExpThemes for a movie website. What do you think?
  3. Okay, I can't hide this any longer... I joined Lordcraft on 24th of May, 2015 and the forum looked like THIS. Look at that beautiful thing...it's simple, it is loading fast, it doesn't have all these flickering things that sometimes give me a headache at night and there is a freakin' support girl picture on the sidebar, which is not part of the team, but @Death decided to put here there anyway and it's the best decision ever. Did I said that the forum was loading fast? I enjoyed writing my reviews. The editor was nice and was loading fast, easy to use, because now I need to wait 0.5 seconds in order to insert a link, because of that annoying stupid little loading circle, which I'm going to beat the crap out of it if I see it somewhere IRL. I hate the current editor. Bring back that theme, pls. Did I say it was loading fast btw? Grammar mistakes, because I wrote that on my phone. New phone, who dis? P.s: No, I wasn't drunk, while writing that. Yes, I was joking...about not being drunk. Kidding, gotch ya right? I'm joking about everything, except wanting the old style back and that I hate the posting editor and the flickering things. Well...I guess the only joke here is that I'm gonna beat the loading circle if I see it IRL. Incoming: WTF did I just read?
  4. SPECIAL HALLOWEEN DEAL : Get Anduin For just €19.99! For more info, please message me on Skype: emdlordcraft!
  5. SPECIAL HALLOWEEN DEAL: Get Anduin For just €19.99! For more info, please message me on Skype: emdlordcraft!

  6. Latest Fixes and Improvements: Loading improvements Avatars will no-longer disappear on hover Fixed font-awesome icons that were not showing properly Fixed the Moderator's Control Panel Posting Page Updates Thank you message at the footer. It will display the latest theme version to the users Users can now pick from pre-selected avatars Added social icons on the footer Changes might not be immediately visible on the demo site if you don't clear your cache. Learn how to clear your cache on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox .
  7. Looking nice! Happy to see some fresh things coming up!
  8. Bump! Click here to view the updated posting interface!
  9. Hello everybody, I'm looking for a script that will generate video embed codes from video sources. Here is an example of the script I need. Basically I want to put in an .mp4 video source and get the video with a custom player (example: video.js). Thanks in advance!
  10. inactive

    I've sent you a Discord invite. Thanks @Death
  11. School Flyer

    Version 1.0.0


    Junior School Promotion Flyer Template, Suitable for junior school or preschool theme. You can use this template for informing school admission, new academic year or promoting the opening of new school. Author: themedevisers