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  1. Kewl to see people reviving this, best of luck
  2. Not bad, nice job.
  3. Thanks for the share.
  4. good luck selling. grats on your rank.
  5. Thanks for the share, always liked Zygor. 6.1, is this forwod?
  6. Don't worry, everyone has stuff do to IRL more important than online
  7. Thanks for the share
  8. Very nice job as always Axe
  9. Pretty sure this is indeed him although don't really think this is enough proof. Nice job though
  10. Text : Limit Subtext : Color Scheme: Blue What Type of Request is This? : Profile Picture. Size : 80x80 Please. Any Additional Information? : This background is awesome to me, if you could just put Limit in a nice matching way that'd be awesome. If you can't do that for any reason, please just have me have some soothing purple color with some galaxy in it Thank you GFX team < 3 .PSD Needed?: No thank you. Edit: Sorry for the text messup above ^
  11. Thx for the share
  12. Thank you for the share.
  13. Thanks for the share.
  14. Thanks for the share.