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    Render/Stock : Stock Text : FP Subtext : None. Color Scheme: A range of blues What Type of Request is This? : Logo creation Size : 515x515 Any Additional Information? : We would like to have 2 seperate logos. One for our Website and one for ur discord/login scren. We would also like it to be similar to Anarchy-WoW's logo but be unique to our server, Ice, lots of blue .PSD Needed?: No
  2. ++++ More people should vote on this poll
  3. 9,367
  4. completed

    Very much so, I appreciate it . Amazing work.
  5. 9,365
  6. Prepare to be amazed @Moonkin, OMG is an amazing graphical designer
  7. Damn, that picture really shows how good the graphics are on that game Nice truck.
  8. 9,363
  9. Welcome to the staff team again!
  10. Thanks for the share!
  11. Congrats getting on the team guys! @MegaIndian I've seen you around a lot recently and you well deserve the mod rank I've also already welcomed Pandazz.
  12. Haha I might have to try this game sometime, looks interesting. Nice truck
  13. Awesome! I'm excited to see the new theme
  14. Good idea's with these polls OMG I'd personally go with 1 or 2.
  15. Yeah, I'd recommend trying this ^^
  16. Haven't listened to Hollywood Undead in a minute, lol.
  17. Thanks for the share
  18. Thanks for the share!
  19. completed

    These look ******* amazing, I appreciate the hard work put into these