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  1. Thanks for the share!
  2. Can't wait for mine, I pre-ordered just waiting on delivery.
  3. Thanks man, it is a great game
  4. Thanks for the key @Staff Just got it
  5. Not a problem, I just messaged him.
  6. I really won it?!?
  7. Are you adding support for Cata / WoD ?
  8. Yeah, there is so many. Such a talented community
  9. No problem haha, I didn't either at first.
  10. Dang, nice! I think the music could use a tad of beef but doesn't really matter. Up to you!
  11. It says on the top of the chatbox that 15 posts are required.
  12. Thanks guys!
  13. denied

    I will add more detail, A minecraft section at the very least because there is development(Modding, Plugins, Etc), graphics, in-game artwork and more that relate to much of the same values of lordcraft. The other sections since are not server related I would personally leave out. Let me handle those guys at my gaming community