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  1. Excellent work, Looks beautiful. Code igniter was a great choice. Love it.
  2. Keep it alive, I can apply some updates for you if you want. No need to let it die. Throw it up on Github or if you prefer shoot me a skype/lordcraft message like the good ol' days.
  3. Ah, that makes sense. Cool
  4. My only comment on this, is why would you have a cataclysm style graphic for a WOTLK era server?
  5. Thanks!
  6. I will definitely do that, thanks. Looking forward to learning more about this unique looking project.
  7. I'd be interested in a developer position. Preferably C++ and SQL.
  8. Excellent work as per the usual. You are really talented Dark.
  9. Stop what? You got your credit added. If the author note was removed from the code upon posting I can't possibly know who the original author is. You have a really interesting way of talking to people. So you sold your code originally then after you took money for it you released it publicly for free? Interesting.. And yet you proceed to call me a dumb *******?
  10. Visio list is really good out of the box but its also something you can customize really well. I would recommend you do a little bit of design work to create a nicer user interface. Some examples of other people using visio list: http://www.arena-top100.com/ http://gamezone100.com/ http://www.rsps-list.com/ I know the lead developer of visio and he's really done some great work in terms of making it easy to build your own style onto the backbone of their code. Have fun with it and good luck!
  11. inactive

    So 1-3 works? But you set it to 6 and its now not working?
  12. I don't think you can go wrong with Warmane, probably the best funded and one of the oldest.
  13. inactive

    Interesting. I could be mistaken but shouldn't the GM level be 3?
  14. This code has been reposted all over AC web and various forums. I was merely sharing it to assist the community. In fact I had posted a question about bridging from ipb4 and no one was able to render any assistance so after some work I was able to piece this together. Not quite sure why you've decided to publicly call me out like that - If this code truly does belong to you then great - I've credited you at the bottom of the post. Thanks for reminding me why I don't actively involve myself in Lord Craft anymore.
  15. This is actually being done inside Starcraft II.