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  1. Sorry for the inactivity guys. Ever since my PC was formatted, the files for this project have been lost. Not to fear as I am recreating a project similar to the original (improved ofc ) P.S. I have lost interest in playing WoW however I have not lost interest in developing
  2. 64 bit - http://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost-binaries/1.57.0/boost_1_57_0-msvc-12.0-64.exe/download 32 bit - http://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost-binaries/1.57.0/boost_1_57_0-msvc-12.0-32.exe/download
  3. Using content for personal is illegal? If they haven't charged a penny to anyone then I'm pretty sure it counts as personal use.
  4. Bump, taking requests once again!
  5. Nice, thanks for sharing
  6. completed

    Ill do it for free for you. I don't want money hungry monsters around you. Send me a pm!
  7. Things people do to please sony, heh.
  8. You can't scan the files as you suggest it The spyware/adware may be a download link which can't be 'detected' as it may be running in the background hidden from the user
  9. I'm pretty sure there's a catch to this, aka spyware or adware?
  10. @cybork I suggest you leave your skype in the thread as many use it as a form of contact in the WoW Community. Also I'm interested, hit me up on skype, rajafury Have fun, and good luck!
  11. @Death can you please close this thread? I managed to fix this problem on my own
  12. Hey there I'm trying to create a script. The script does work perfectly except when I add : if (Bag->GetFreeSlots() == 0)
  13. See lordcraft responded so fast compared to the other forums you posted on!
  14. My suggestion would be to go to your services and turn mysql off.