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  1. I know, our site is not launched yet, will be today.
  2. Thanks for your advice, going to remove it.
  3. Venoxis-WoW Beta * * Venoxis-WoW is proud to announce the beta testing stage of our custom server, starting from 17th of January 2018. We offer custom content that rivals Blizzard in terms of scripting quality. Players will progress from levels 70 through 80, taking part in events and custom content and quests. During the beta, we will offer a total of 2 dungeons and 1 raid, all entirely custom and re-designed from scratch. Players are able to download our content through a custom launcher which simplifies the process of logging on our realms. * * Progression on Venoxis realms aims to give players a sense of satisfaction as you obtain better items for your character through both PvP and PvE. Your playtime is rewarded with in-game currency for completing various activities. The in-game currency is then spent on upgrades or cosmetics for your character. * * The beta testing stage does not represent the final release, and its purpose is to ensure our released content is of the highest quality. All valid bug reports owner will be rewarded. SITE -- FORUMS -- DISCORD We'll keep thread updated as long as we progress.
  4. Hello guys, I'm looking for a VFX artist who is professional enough to make a teaser/trailer for our server. It's a paid job, if you're interested add me on discord: MiDo#7805
  5. I know, I'm just letting everyone know because it's the 2nd time I see someone talking about the server name. Thank you.