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  1. I'm prepared
  2. https://www.purplecs.com/Portals/_default/Skins/Grid/placeholders/PurpleLogo.svg
  3. Hello, i have wp themes and plugins, php scripts download website, i need good logo for it. i would like if there would be Emblem or something that describes my website. thank you. Text : Der.Ge Subtext : Sharing IS Caring Color Scheme: Text: White or Silver, Subtext: Green What Type of Request is This? : logo Size : 263 × 70 Any Additional Information? : .PSD Needed?: yes
  4. inactive

    this is for gameobject #include "GameObject.h" for gameobject.h is this #include "DatabaseEnv.h" and for databaseenv.h is this #include "QueryResult.h"
  5. inactive

    hello, i get this error after 99% done In file included from /usr/include/c++/4.9/memory:81:0, from /usr/include/ace/Auto_Ptr.h:78, from /usr/include/ace/Bound_Ptr.h:25, from /root/evolution/src/server/shared/AutoPtr.h:21, from /root/evolution/src/server/shared/Database/QueryResult.h:22, from /root/evolution/src/server/shared/Database/DatabaseEnv.h:27, from /root/evolution/src/server/game/Entities/GameObject/GameObject.h:27, from /root/evolution/src/server/collision/Models/GameObjectModel.cpp:26: /usr/include/c++/4.9/bits/unique_ptr.h: In constructor ‘constexpr std::unique_ptr<_Tp, _Dp>::unique_ptr()’: /usr/include/c++/4.9/bits/unique_ptr.h:160:59: error: constexpr constructor does not have empty body "constructed with null function pointer deleter"); } ^ /usr/include/c++/4.9/bits/unique_ptr.h: In constructor ‘constexpr std::unique_ptr<_Tp [], _Dp>::unique_ptr()’: /usr/include/c++/4.9/bits/unique_ptr.h:417:60: error: constexpr constructor does not have empty body "constructed with null function pointer deleter"); } ^ [ 98%] Built target scripts make[2]: *** [src/server/collision/CMakeFiles/collision.dir/Models/GameObjectModel.cpp.o] Error 1 make[1]: *** [src/server/collision/CMakeFiles/collision.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [all] Error 2
  6. Solved, there was different quest item until 3.3.0 so i changed it with old quest item and it works well.
  7. drop from npc, im going to make progressive server its bugged on 3.0.8 patch but when i change build to 3.3.5a it works
  8. hello, i have problem with quest item drop on this quest http://wow-mania.com/armory/?quest=33 , i checked loot template and queste template everything ok, anyone has idea what can break it?
  9. https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCMauOh1AgJRXjVr5wW27Q4A/live
  10. We accept Guild transfers. Players will get 4.5k-5k Gearscore (T8 Set, 219-232 Level Offset). Min 10 player. For more Information you can contact us on facebook page or in live support from website. http://fb.com/neltharion.org http://neltharion.org
  11. Hello Everyone. Im glad To announce Neltharion Reborn. let me say something about neltharion, we opened neltharion (non progressive) in 2016 June, then we closed it at 2017 February, cause of low population, our players peak was 180 Online at once. now we are opening it again but with different format : progressive. now talk about proggresive. our server will be half-progressive. so u will not start from Vanilla content, ull start from lich King first patch 3.0.9, wich include naxxramas, Eye of eterinity , Obsidian , Voa 1 Boss Raids. and Arena Season with deadly gladiators. max obtainable item level 226. then we will go 3.1.3 there will be Ulduar + Voa 2 Boss, then 3.2.2. with TOC. then 3.3.2 with ICC and at the end 3.3.5a with RS. Server rates will be 3x (not decided yet for sure). Pay2Win? first of all we are not planing to make donation shop first 1-2 month, we are not going to add items or something in shop, maybe there will be Vip accounts, what is VIp account? VIP account means, for example if server rates will be 3x, if u donate for VIp, ull have 5x server rates, something like that, and probably there will be race change / customize donations. why we need donations? cause there will be some billings that server wants to keep alive. server will be international. only english chats in global channels. Estimated launch Day : 2 June (not decided yet for sure) what we expect? we have some base players : we expect 100+ players at day one or day two. for what we are working now? atm Beta testing realm is on, and we are looking for bugs and fixing it as we can. server will be lag-free and protected , host will be on OVH. on gaming dedicated server. at the end we are really motivated and have big expectations. so lets wait how it going. if u want join beta testing server there visit our website : Neltharion.org Our Facebook Page : Neltharion if u have any questions u can comment here and ill answer everything.
  12. Solved, loot can be changed from reference_loot_template table.