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  1. I recommend posting here. Perhaps we can solve this "error" together and help others in the future at the same time
  2. Interesting Website indeed. Best of luck
  3. trinitycore

    Useful guide indeed!
  4. CHANGELOG [17/04/2017] V0.7 - Fixed multiple memory leaks including; OnUpdate, Map Grid, Guid delete and decreased loading guids at once (improves diff) - Improved Pet AI. Player pets will now synchronize with player movement to prevent stop-and-go movement. - Fixed Sanctuary where players still had sanctuary flag when left neutral zones. - Fixed Mirror images, mirror images glpyh will now cast correct spells depending on mages specialization. - Improved 3v3 soloqueue, now will correctly show blizzlike MMR values and other improvements to GUI. - Improved Arena spectator, allow players to use Arena spectator addon.
  5. Fixed Crash Issues Resolved an issue in regards of certain functionalities didnt save properly Fixed Flags not showing in The Battle for Gilneas [MAP] Fixed Disconnection issues Added LoS Objects in Duel Zone New Mall (Bigger, brighter and more user-friendly) New transmogrification mall (in proccess) Mirror Images fixed and much more! Many additional fixes towards the blizzlike environment. This is also regarding spells, talents and glyphs The new core is live! An Improved Ardor saw daylight just now. Feel free to login and play!
  6. 2nd of june, 2017! i will be there and enjoy your Content and Quality as im sure it contains many of the both
  7. Your Emulator choice is incorrect.
  8. Bump Release - 13.04.2017 GMT+1 18:00 (6:00 PM) 7 days to go!
  9. the problem is your "maps" folder or location of maps folder inside worldserver.conf. It seems to be incorrect or perhaps the folder isn't there?
  10. It seems that this script is having issues with SHA1. pretty funny as latest trinitycore is using SHA2