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  1. Neaat! loved world at war.
  2. Rated Battleground has been added and working.
  3. === Posted by OMGhixD on 19.03.2017 === I know that you guys are waiting patiently for the Release of Our instant 85 PvP Realm. And well! here we are to tell you that we are one step closer to release! As of today the Open-Beta is OVER! Which means that we will use the gathered information and attempt to polish the server to its full potential! Make sure to keep urself up to date with our latest news to make sure u KNOW when we release! As for a reward you will recieve a mount which will only be given to ONE character. this will be given upon new character creation when the server goes live. === UPDATES Posted by OMGhixD on 26.03.2017 === Several Spells were also fixed - Pyroblast ( Dealing to low damage, now recalculated and recoded ) - Obliterate ( Had a crazy crit issue, now recoded and fixed ) - Rip & Rake ( Was ticking for way to much, this was lowered with some recalculations and is now very blizzlike ) Ardor has recieved many updates througout the past days! these being the following. Play Time Rewarding System! When a player stays connected for 3 hours, the player will be rewarded with 150 Honor Points and 25 Arena Points Beastmaster System The well known hunter will no longer need to roam the world to find a suiteable pet. They can now visit the local Beastmaster NPC located next to the runeforge where they will get a various amount of pets to choose from! Professions Trainer The Professions trainer is rather self explaining but here we go! it lets you learn whatever profession of your desire and it gives u that profession you choose with max skills! Field o'Bot 4000 has also been added to the game! This is a small Robot which sells everything you would need within reagents for ur class. Example : Ankh, corpse dust and poisons! It sells at a quantity of 200 each click so dont be shy! VIP / MVP Updates VIPs can now use an Exclusive NPC within the transmogrification mall which will grant you any item of desire for Transmogrification with a simple item ID! find the ID paste it in and Wollah! the item will appear in your bag ready for you to Transmog it! Release Date As an official announcement, the release date will be 13th April. 18:00 GMT+1 time. More updates to come! Stay tuned Ardors!
  4. Very nice indeed! If you need GFX assistance AND or Translation i am available!
  5. Easy and simple Thread +1 Why you start at level 55? (color -1) change it, difficult to read from my pov due to the White Background. I'd say go green ish All classes scripted, Have you guys tested very each class and all their spells? i find it hard to believe that they are all fully scripted considering pathfinding of the charge and blink has been slightly broken for years within several cores. IF you guys have been able to achieve all classes scripted then congratulations! Overall it looks nice! === DID U KNOW FUN FACT === Did you know? : That at level 58 during vanilla wow there actually werent enough quests to level up to 60? You'd essentially have to grind ur way up 2 levels which could take up to 1 to 5 days. Best of luck!
  6. I could give it another go. but that text effect is gonna be funky
  7. you mean races ? and you want Draenor Player Models. And custom content from the expansions listed as following "Mists of pandaria, Warlords of Draenor and Legion" ?
  8. Im really sorry if this doesnt meet ur expectations.
  9. Wb
  10. Still running servers lol?

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      Hehe. i'll be on shortly as well


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      Sorry about the way we left things lol, I don't even remember what happened, it was long as hell ago. I defiantly was a **** though considering you're the one that set me up for the **** I did once I left your server, after the experience thereI got a Senior GM Position on adverseWoW while they were hitting 200 + players daily. Defiantly owe most of that too you. You're the one who trained me lmao :P

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