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  1. Awesomesauce!
  2. I honestly have no clue just outoff my league! Hopefully someone has a solution to your issue!
  3. Best of luck on the sales!
  4. Best of luck!
  5. Interesting! looks cool!
  6. Very simple SQL Query that provides all flying skills upon character creation. Yep it's reshared a million times. but ohwell i was doing the work manually within my own project and figured whynot share it. it may help people! Simply Run this query targeting world DB, Restart your Server and Create a new character! INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 33388, 'Apprentice Riding GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 33391, 'Journey Riding GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 34090, 'Expert Riding GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 54197, 'Cold Weather Flying (Passive) GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 34091, 'Artisan Riding GLOBAL');
  7. Doing that may result in it not working at all on the other end. Install it from scratch on the webhost. that's by far the best way i'd say!
  8. Can vouch for this artist! Great work!
  9. Ohh i wouldn't recommend running on wamp nor xampp. Get a proper webhost =)
  10. Alright. hmm, i'm not entirely sure. I believe you need to setup a application thang on paypal. Don't have the exact link. but do some googling =)
  11. Best of luck
  12. shamelessly giving good words jk! best of luck! looks great
  13. And that my dear friend. is the key to success! Regardless i'm sure you are in for it either way if it brings success or not !
  14. Looks a lot better =)
  15. There hasn't ALWAYS been. but i believe i launched it a few weeks back. it's been here for a good 2 months time?