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  1. So to those who are interested in Rust. Heres the newest Devblog! Its really Rustalicious Pull on the Heavy Plate Armour and decorate your base with bears, chairs, tables, and rugs. Also, maps now show landmarks and Vending Machines, naked players who have weapons will be highlighted, you can add guest codes to your base, and more. Shopfront FixesMaurino Berry Shockingly the Metal Shopfront had very few bugs that needed fixing. The weird flamethrower exploit is now fixed, and its balance is equal to that of a sheet metal wall. I’ve also made some improvements! Firstly, you can now right-click to deposit items in the shopfront as both customer and vendor. Also I’ve added a small delay after both people have pressed Confirm before the trade completes. This makes the experience less jarring, and gives you a chance to really, really be sure. Peacekeeper ImprovementsMaurino Berry After running my shop for a week I realized that the Peacekeeper Turret needed a little bit of work. Water Bottles, Bota Bags, Buckets, and Rocks are no longer considered hostile items to the turret, so you won’t be blown away by pulling one of these out. However, if at any point you deal any damage to anything you will immediately be targeted. I feel like this is a good trade-off: troublemakers may get one shot off, but they’ll be taken care of right away. I also fixed a bug where players would continue to be marked hostile even after respawning. Lastly, the Sentry Gun has a laser sight. Stay safe. Gross, but check it out: I’ve added an option on beds where you can make them Public. If a bed is Public it means anyone can walk up to the bed and take it over. Then they own it. It’s similar to assign to friend but allows that process to happen if you’re not around. A good place for these to be used would be near shops or if you wanted to set up apartments. You can also set them to be private at any time. - GARRY Guest CodesMaurino Berry You can now add a guest code to your Code Lock! When someone enters the guest code, they will be able to open and close the door but nothing else. They can’t unlock it, change the code, or take the lock off. I feel like this will be useful for a variety of reasons, maybe you can grant someone provisional access to your large furnace room for a fee? Should be interesting. "Heavy Armor" Maurino Berry Taylor Reynolds I’ve worked up a really rough implementation of the Heavy Armor. I added a new feature to support it: the ability for armor to dictate max movement speed. Each piece of the heavy armor you wear slows you down a bit, down to a total of about 30% loss when fully equipped. It does a pretty good job of protecting you, but it’s very vulnerable to heat damage and makes you pretty cold in the arctic biome. It’s probably UP or OP, but I’ll fix it all next week. I really have to go through and adjust the Metal Facemask/Chestplate now to make sure everything has a purpose in the game as some of our costs vs protection values are all out of wack. I also really need to add more ways that armor can have positive or negative effects on the player, such as movement noises, helmets that partially occlude your view, etc. I’ll see what I can do over the next few weeks. Wooden Armor Reworked / Re-Designed! This is the most interesting parts of the newest DevBlog. And i'll be sure to post the upcoming once in the near future! Happy Rusting!
  2. Best of luck. The Website seems to be offline. Perhaps its just me?
  3. I guess you meant "Localhost" no local adress can be searched as "local host" there cannot be a space ;P
  4. To be fair everything can be modified. So banning those who use mouse and keyboard on consoles would be like saying no to life. The company shouldnt restrict players because they spent more money on equipment. I myself have lost to those who use controllers because it has somewhat Auto-aim-assistance. But on keyboard / mouse you dont get that. But obviously you'll have better and faster reaction time on a mouse and keyboard rather than on a console
  5. i mean i dont see how CSGO skin gambling could become illegal. they either win or loose they are fully aware of that.
  6. I indeed like this repack / source. However 255 realms feel really packed up to the max. As if you were to travel for 2 days and brought your entire shelf with cloths
  7. Best of luck. but some helping guidelines. Try to keep everything within graphics related towards the expansion/s you are hosting. This makes it easier for the user to understand what version of the game they are connecting to. Secondly On FusionCMS you have the ability throught adminpanel to create a custom page. I'd recommend making one named " Downloads " and place the Patch file there instead of the main menu in a news. as new news come the patch will dissapear. Thirdly change the sliders to something that is in an international language ( english ) so its understandable from every part of the world Fourthly Perhaps move the text on the register / login button to the right so its not UNDERNEATH THE Vol'jin hand Showcase :
  8. best of luck!
  9. Doing it like firestorm have done it is ideal and really cool, But the code is a bit unknown as they dont share it for obvious reasons Been checking out their code and it seems that there is a somewhat of json or query updater that changes the "online since (amount)" same for the players connected. I believe it's just listening to a text document where a program is updating it on a certain amount of interval By the way if you dont plan to use some code i'd recommend just removing it completely ( )
  10. Is that a program or something?
  11. recently bought a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Memory 4095 MB Current GPU Clock 607 MHz Current Memory Clock 405 MHz Current Shader Clock 405 MHz Level 1 - "2D Desktop" GPU Clock 607 MHz Shader Clock 405 MHz Level 2 - "Default" GPU Clock 569 MHz Shader Clock 810 MHz Level 3 - "3D Applications" GPU Clock 569 MHz Shader Clock 3504 MHz it's really doing a great job. you get a lot of GPU for the money =)
  12. inactive

    Cant u test it and place the bugs here then we can work together to fix em? So it'll become a shared release, perhaps someone else is having this issue or may have it in the future.
  13. Best of luck. I'd appreciate a small credit tho as i made that. == Update == Thank you