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  3. 10,312
  4. Very nice, bright and eye appealing good job!
  5. 10,310
  6. huh who would've thought! what speed setting was it set to? (seconds wise)
  7. 10,307
  8. No i cannot do the calculation. I'm not that clever rofl. however even i see that this is incorrect. Take this for an instance you are using 2 buffs to achieve 1800% and one spell has 900% each. in theory by + this would work! BUT you are additionally INCREASING 900% BY ANOTHER 900% this is how it looks atm " 900% increased by 900% " and this is based off your base damage so 900% of 108 equals to 972, but now if you do 900% of 972 that would equal to 8748 and you are not doing 900% + 900% this is 900% increased BY ANOTHER 900% of that earlier base stat and 900% from the beginning, so that is where i think it fails. BUT it could also be that the core just don't allow it *yet* to be able to have 1800% cuz it'll break the game.
  9. Well you are essentially buffing %900 of base value by another %900 which equals TO A LOT MORE than %1800 your calculation is quite off. the function works but you need to figure out the maths before it'll be correct.
  10. Do you happen to have a 64bits computer?
  11. Woaw. i can't say i'm able to provide much support. simply because most of the pictures are with Russian Context
  12. 10,300
  13. That is the main point i'd say you have done a pretty decent job. considering the "online" gif. will require layers/forms in all different kind of positions along the product/item, Impressive.
  14. Like the design overall. but some images could've been better and or different in terms of image itself. background specifically
  15. not bad!