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  1. boy that is a big error log.
  2. pending

    Very nice. Noggit is an important section within wow emulation in general
  3. Best of luck.
  4. holy smokes. that's a lot of cash they have made ruffly 173,680,000,0$ then
  5. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  6. You seem to missunderstand the term of "Full MySQL Server". We do not mean the SQL file (import file) we mean download MySQL Community Service and install an ACTUAL MySQL Server on your system. The one you are running now is one that is portable (it can be moved from system to system) you can of course move an ACTUAL MySQL server which is installed on your system but the only way would be to export and import elsewhere. You can go to your Configs settings and add this to your config file " skip-name-resolve " - Without Qoutes. that should take the warning away. The one thing to remember is if you get an ERROR. that is the once you wanna care about. Warnings are like snowflakes. You can wipe em off easily. Errors are like ice.. you gotta actually fix that And no. There are no signs of DDoS attempts as far as i can see. There has just been a missunderstanding between client and server within connection. That's all
  7. 1.Download and install Advanced SystemCare 2. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc ,open the hosts files with notepad and add this lines at the end: 3. Activate program with key given below.{will give an error "can't connect to server.." but the program will activated to pro anyway}. 4. Done! This KEY is only visible for those who have replied to the Thread. This key will also activate it as a pro version for a year only.
  8. I am sorry. I do not have much knowledge within this module. I never used it myself. But if you run into any issues perhaps giving me the errors and i might be able to fix it
  9. pretty cool. i would love to see some awesome cc effects when it blurs out
  10. It is not the topic creator who updates the core. it is trinitycore themselves. When they release updates the topic creator will most likely update the repack =)
  11. yes but i'd assume he wants it bridget to. Gonna cost a fortune.
  12. Ohh woaw. revert that fast
  13. Did that work for you @Anomaly? I'm assuming no. Did it change anything?
  14. pending