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  1. Here's the paid adobe Illustrator CC 2017 amtlib.dll crack that will allow you to gain full access to After Effects for FREE and avoid those hassling trials. No surveys, ref or affi links. Just download and enjoy! (You'll need to login or register before you can download.) Other than that feel free to hit that like button! Instructions: 1. Navigate to your Illustrator CC 2017 directory. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Illustrator CC 2017 OR C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Illustrator CC 2017 2. Drag the amtlib.dll from the folder and into the directory mentioned above. Overwrite or delete the current amtlib.dll. 3. Run After Effects and enjoy license-free editing! Download: Extras: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 amtlib.dll download: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 amtlib.dll download: Adobe Effects CC 2017 amtlib.dll download: Useful Illustrator shortcut key cheat sheet
  2. Interesting piece of work right there! Not bad at all. but i do feel that the quality lacks here and there. and on that texture behind "level 255 wotlk" try to add a wow map instead thank me later
  3. Yup this is solely made in photoshop CS6 and only photoshop CS6, like most of my work i really find it the opposite
  4. It isn't anything special. But it's something i made. Feel free to let me know of your opinions regarding this showoff. Criticism is more than welcome! This banner is for sale. If you are interested feel free to contact me through a Private Message Sincerely OMGhixD
  5. I confirm that i can stand as a middleman if wished. Best of luck on selling! =)
  6. it's gonna be difficult to find staff within a mostly english speaking forum. However best of luck! \o/
  7. View File FusionCMS Latest (Legion Support) FusionCMS Latest (Legion Support) Submitter OMGhixD Submitted 10/17/2017 Category Content Management Systems  
  8. Can you take a screenshot of the available emulators?
  9. Thank you for the share Foufos😊😊
  10. I know that re-engineering or decrypting or something else. i can't recall the exact name of the task but i know what you are talking about. this isn't impossible but no one has been able to do it yet. There is extremely little information about this really. i've only heard it been spoken of here and there (maybe 3-5 times in total over 8 years) so you can understand that this isn't a thing most people desire to achieve. As it's extremely difficult. i have heard that 1-2 guys has been able to re-engineer the WoTLK client. but this was never 100% confirmed and can be a lie Anywho i don't think this will be an easy task
  11. Indeed a neat piece of work there!
  12. Have you tried redoing the process? Reinstalling it.
  13. The avatar he uses is the exact same. The approachment of his word selections are just the same. If you think about it. Our thread regarding megindian was quickly spread and read. It woild only be natural for him to go under a new name. The intentions of this user as shown in the picture is clearly money or power.
  14. The incident that took place roughly 4 hours ago could hurt the Lordcraft Staff Team in terms of the public Eye, Which is why i'm making this thread. It is with a sad mood that i have to announce this, Our former Super Moderator Megaindian Was found guilty of scamming a fellow community member, If not members. This notice was given to me literally 4 hours ago (00:00 GMT+1 time) IT IS NOT WISE TO TAKE, GIVE or RECEIVE from this Former Member. Please just don't have anything to do with this person. I myself was sadly not able to take immediate actions as i was busy doing my own things (friday night hello? ) Regardless! Lordcraft is to be a safe place for everyone and we do NOT tolerate scammers under ANY circumstances. It is with this that i give my sincerest apologizes for ever putting you guys at this risk. I also wish to include my sincerest apologizes to the one who got scammed, it is truly a sad sight to see someone take advantage of something that could've been a fair trade/deal. this should've been posted in the Scam Report section, However considering that this was a Staff Member of Lordcraft LLC, i find it extra important that we (i) take an action that reach out to the audience/community. This is not how a Staff Member should behave and or perform, This was sadly not something i could have foreseen. if I could, the person wouldn't have been hired from the beginning. However Megaindian has been a member since 2013 and by that I thought loyalty and honesty was on its place. But I was wrong. User-Name |Name | Link | : Megaindian | https://www.lordcraft.net/profile/1664-megaindian/ Date | 00-00-0000 | : 02.03.2018 - 00.00 GMT+1 Proof | IMGUR PASTES | : None needed, I was myself blocked even before getting to talk to him about this situation. It is rather obvious that he did this. I also did get several screenshots but i will not reveal these as they show off rather sensitive information and i cannot break our privacy policies Once again, I am truly sorry for not seeing this issue earlier. Recent information gathered : Megaindian has also been found guilty in impersonating former staff member "Katos" in this case. Megaindian is using this E-mail to recieve payments "Katosmodz@outlook.com" Please remember this! Katos has nothing to do with this and was included un-willingly because of Megaindians Actions I was given permission by the scammed victim to provide the evidence that was given to me, For obvious reasons i will leave the scammed victims name. This is his Discord ID MegaIndian#1856 secondary discord account. Yannk#6518 His skype Selena.heart4 and his additional skypes : badboi9011, reaper.dev, selena.heart4, resque.developer, live:katosmodz, live:katosmodz123, disturbedanime@yahoo.com PayPal Emails: UNDER 18 (katosmodz123@outlook.com and katosmodz@outlook.com) Additional Email: badboi9093@yahoo.com The scam activity also takes place on his "Fake service discord server" also known as Warcraft Community Once again i recommend all of you to refrain from taking contact and or having anything to do with the accused and confirmed scammer as well as his community. he is also known under these names : badboi901, LycanWoW (renamed to Kirora), Carlsberg renamed to Deadpool), DeadlyDuel, Xavier, AmdWoW Data from Lordcraft History 09/30/2016 04:51 PM Display name changed from CrazyMoDz to MegaIndian 05/28/2015 10:18 PM Display name changed from Carlsberg to CrazyMoDz 01/27/2014 04:40 PM Display name changed from Devastator to Carlsberg 12/26/2013 06:02 AM Display name changed from DeviGFX to Devastator More information to keep you safe is to come as i recieve it. Megaindian has also been using Lordcraft as a trust-gainer. Which is completely wrong and if he contacts you saying he is a staff member here then that would be a lie. We have a staff list which is updated immediately after a change has happened And this would be that List
  15. Added more information. He now goes under this user id Yannk#6518 His discord server is still a thing. Be on guard.
  16. Thank you. Added to main thread Fyi, he tried to add me as well..😂
  17. Thanks for sharing!👌
  18. Thank you for letting us know. Could you provide the user name+the id? (exmaple : ExampleUser#9283)
  19. completed

    Redid the wallpaper because of a name misspelling
  20. Lord-TopSites is a brand new Gaming Topsite, it is built on the idea of promoting serious and active projects. The Private Server industries are dying, players are more and more difficult to get Along with this topsite we bring assurance and trust. The Site is in association with Lordcraft.net And the same rules apply here as there, we will do things we do here but also there. That includes in SiteListing cleanups. removal of unserious and toxic projects. Always promoting for free WITH banner automatically enabled from the very beginning you hit that submit button. You may purchase Highlighted spots, Where you pay for the days you want. A euro a day basically (no really that's the case) I hope that you will consider registering your project within Top-LordSites! It is very much appreciated! How To Get Started! Either click the Link or the title of the box below Enjoy! https://www.lordcraft.net/topic/46499-lord-topsites-tutorial-nr1-getting-votes-and-getting-the-vote-banner/
  21. Don't forget to add your site to https://www.top.lordcraft.net
  22. Interesting @Loud Best of luck dear! Don't forget to add your site to https://www.top.lordcraft.net/
  23. Ohh this is actually an issue on the light theme to Just go a tad up (basically click the very top of the text) and then it should work =)
  24. So as many of you know, i started developing a Dark Mode Theme for Lordcraft. Kinda done with burning my eyes out every time i visit the forums! So here we go! Supportance for the gamers. Here is a quick Preview of the Theme. Please do keep in mind that this theme IS A WORK IN PROGRESS and certain functionalities are expected to be somewhat bugged on a global state (on both themes basically) But again Work in Progress. and we'll get not only one top notch theme. But two! So how do i activate this you may ask by now. It's very easy! Just follow these 2 steps and you are on the new theme faster than you can say spaghetti! [not really but ohwell] I hope you now enjoy the new Dark Mode! Feel free to report bugs THROUGH THE REPORT SYSTEM thank you Sincerely your friendly Director OMGhixD