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  3. This is not something you can prevent. a humans creativity is to be shared through their own voicing, if they seem it fit to talk about it in the public they may do so. But you are of course more asking rather than forcing My point being that ideas are for the ones who have the power and oppertunity to perform them, if one server attend to re-use perhaps your entire server concept ohwell they may do so. theres a difference from basing off and stealing.
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  7. Cleaned it yesterday. Really enjoying the End-Results! You can get the Modifications yourself by getting an application called Rainmeter. Click if interested
  8. Gotta love Paint
  9. We are happy that you enjoy the returning feature! However it'll serve us more than to just showcase who is the best lil tease.
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  11. This Holiday Season, Ubisoft is giving us Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag For Free on PC! In their delebration of their 10th anniversary within the Assasins Creed Series! Get your Full Game Copy at -> https://www.ubisoft.com/nn-no/event/happy-playdays-2017 <- Available from 11.12.2017 to 18.12.2017 Credits to Tyrvana for tipsing me
  12. No problemo's! You are very much Welcome!
  13. Lordcraft has now launched new neat features! And these pffers are all first time free! This will include: 1 FREE Custom Title (you may advertise your project, but it must follow our rules and regulations, [NOTHING SIMILAR TO LORDCRAFT WILL BE ACCEPTED]) after that it'll cost $5 for 10 / Changes 1 FREE Background Change on your Profile after that it'll cost $5 for 5 / Changes *a dollar a change!* (same rule as above and must not contain anything violating our rules and regulations) How to receive this, At this particular moment i am still writing the system and organizing things. But you can contact me @OMGhixD if you wish to receive the free change, you'll have to add $-AMOUNT to your Lordcraft account through Credits. Which can be found here! -> LINK COMING SOON <- NOTICE: These may be used at ANY time and are valid for a lifetime. BUT AS SOON as the charges are used up. you must re-purchase the bundle pack These are essentially Premium Feature, and can be changed as many times you want if you are a Premium Member. How to get Premium? -> Click Me! <-
  14. very nice edits indeed. still awaiting the one with the requested song alltho i dont expect you to get that done in matter of hours
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  17. all dem links doe otherwise rather nice!
  18. Sounds good! Yes everything seems to be in perfect condition. Thank you for getting back at us so fast have a great day further mr/ms dilios! Sincerely OMGhixD Lordcraft Site Director
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  20. Very nice Nice and simple. with a cute bird! cannot ask for more honestly
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  24. Lovely concept! best of luck. cant wait to see the release!
  25. Best of luck on the serach for VFX, GFX and Developer staff!