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  1. coded

    only for lordcraft enjoy theme:) darkmoon.rar
  2. theme

    enjoy full coded Moltenwow theme there is no review Molten_Theme_-_.rar
  3. psd

    Sharing only for lordcraft
  4. ACP button For Fusion Cms Account panel buttons.rar
  5. theme

    monsterwow sorry
  6. theme

    hi there i will share this theme of monsterwow friend shared for me http://www.mediafire.com/file/7p41tpijbgl12dw/monster.rar
  7. inactive

    but i did register ID 5 u cant login into game
  8. inactive

  9. inactive

    well item also using last tcore what we are missing on that fusion cms legion support its register module //for Bnet account creation because if you register on SQL auth it will give account name for login but not 1#1 loginemail@hotmail.com legion u cant login with username we need email for it bnet i hope u understand me:)
  10. inactive

    any reply me If u know how ur database structure is, you will have no issues changing it. If you don't know I will highly recommend to hire someone to do it for u. There are great PHP devs here.
  11. inactive

    yeah its wod soap but i gues soap is working correctly but problem its only on database on auth table
  12. inactive

    hi i downloaded via website legion support fucion cms but register its same like old using username but not email after registering it should get like 1#1 any have ideas how to fix
  13. i fixed that but i have now another problem when i register i cant login as email because account need 1#1 or so how to fix it?
  14. A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1406 Data too long for column 'last_ip' at row 1 INSERT INTO `account` (`username`, `sha_pass_hash`, `email`, `expansion`, `last_ip`, `joindate`) VALUES ('aminad', '8a5aa5d22bb9979b11fd7b71ecb864469c9bc58c', 'dddcd@outlook.com', '6', '2a02:a03f:4e47:d600:8428:8911:f12d:a71d', '2018-01-11') Filename: C:\xampp\htdocs\newsite\system\database\DB_driver.php Line Number: 330 how to fix it?