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    Im uploading the DBC files, so you can take a look! dbc.zip
  2. inactive

    Can someone help me? When i try to CREATE A CHARACTER the character wont create... The printscreen says all... Its a custom DBC!
  3. I got it working, thanks... i used patch -p1 < name.diff
  4. Hello, i have a World chat script (eluna), and i want to know how i can link to player when i click on his name... Example: If i click on SAVENX name, the chat automatically will open WHISP to him.
  5. its complicated.... This is a fresh Eluna and i downloaded rochet Gomove, and its not working, ill try to apply manually
  6. Hi everyone, i am getting this error when i am applying patches on my ELUNA.. whats that?
  7. im saying about custom extended costas xD... like 2 vip stones to buy the item etc.. but anyway, you can mark as solved, thanks!
  8. Thank you dark... im going to use only a normal vip system, i cannot do that custom extended changes
  9. How i can make this extended cost Death?
  10. And what about this 'upgrade' on the item?
  11. Yea... sorry about my english, i did not expressed well what i wanted... You see this "Requires vip level 1"? And this custom extended cost? This is the system i want.... i want to know if exists any scripts that can do that Example: this extended cost its to UPGRADE (upgrade system) the item and this item REQUIRES vip (vip system) to equip...
  12. Hello everyone.. I was searching for a vip system script and i joined a server with this system: http://imgur.com/a/KIwFT Is there any vip system similar to this one? If someone can make it i can buy
  13. When i said Full Mysql i was saying MySQL community version... And thanks for the reply! you can mark a s solved
  14. I have installed the full client of MySQL... In my VPS (linux), this is can be a problem? How i can prevent this? question 1: how i can prevent this on my Windows 10? (i have installed full sql) question 2: how i can prevent this on my vps linux?