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  1. Yes, however I can assure you the issue is not related to permissions. It seems related to the actual PHP code itself because after increasing the PHP time limit it now times out after awhile without displaying anything at all.
  2. No, for the item shop neither of these have worked. But for in-game GM commands in general 6 has worked better than 3.
  3. While GM Level 1-3 work I've noticed setting it to 6 works fine and is needed to truly enable all commands.
  4. I've tried using both of them seperately with the same issue persisting on both of them. I'm not very familiar with directory permissions, everything else works fine in the CMS besides JUST the part where you checkout your items. Thank you for your reply.
  5. Hi! Thank you for your reply, I've tried all your solutions above including re-installing the entire CMS with a wiped cache. The account in question has correct GM level (6) as well as using the correct User/Pass in the CMS config. Sadly I still have the issue above.
  6. Hi I've recently been setting up a FusionCMS site for my World of Warcraft server. (1.12.1 - ManGOS) Everything works fine up until the Item Store... Summary of my problem: Once I add items in my cart and attempt to purchase the site will load for ~20 seconds before displaying an error. (See picture below) "Help1" displays the error I get when attempting to checkout using SOAP. "Help2" displays the error I get when attempting to checkout using RA. "Help3" displays the server config. (Ports are portforwarded and display as open) Account used for sending out items has GM rank 4. (Also tried with rank 3 and 6). CMS Version: 6.2.1 PHP Version: 5.4.45
  7. Cheers mate!