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  1. Thank you for your release!
  2. Nice one, it has been a while since I last seen a signature show-off.
  3. That actually makes pretty much sense. Thanks for helping me understand.
  4. You are right, but even when a teacher is asking something and I tell them clearly I do not know the answer. They keep asking the same question, were I just answer the same answer I already gave them. Either way, I'm not much of a talking kind of guy, if you would see me at school I'm that guy who sits there 8 hours and you'll probably will only hear me talk like 3 or 4 times. So I guess that the person who is guiding me through my study, is only asking me a lot of questions so I would open up or something or talk more during class or project hours. Maybe there is a good reason why people keep asking the same question over and over even if you already have said that you don't know the answer. Anyways, thank you for answer this subject. It really helps me out to understand.
  5. Good day everyone, I'm wondering why people ask others questions were they already know the answer to, what is then the point of asking that particular question in the first place. This subject popped into my mind since my parents started asking more questions about how I'm feeling or how am I doing and so on.. They already know the answers to those questions and yet they ask them.. Another easy example is, my teachers. My teachers are asking those questions like "What happens if you change this, or when you do this." were I am like "I don't know, you tell me, I'm here to learn something." if I already knew the answer I wouldn't be at school, that would mean I already know everything. Anyways, what do you think about this subject? I'm wondering what your stories are. Kind regards.
  6. @DPCoder Can you check this topic if there is something missing or wrong on your thread layout? I think you ment to hide the script but I'm not sure.
  7. I'm not playing this game, but I can relate to having an addiction to a mobile game. I normally don't like/play mobile games too. But for as now, also during the finals, I'm playing Township. Pretty funny and it keeps me busy while waiting on other things like when I queue up for random battleground in World of Warcraft.
  8. @Slayérduck™ File not found, can you fix it?
  9. Congratulations on the A mate, keep up the good work and thanks for believing in me
  10. Kind words, I'm currently busy with my exams for graphic design.. The exams are pretty hard to be honest. Failed for one and passed for one. Anyways, I also want to wish everyone the best with their finals/exams.