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  1. Thank you for letting us know. I unfortunately am not able to replicate this. I tried multiple browsers and devices. Do you have any extensions installed? If so, disable them and see if it stops after that. If it does, re-enable 1 by 1 to find the culprit.
  2. Chainsawesome’s upcoming game Aftercharge FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. You can use the key to play during the upcoming alpha test this Saturday, April 14th from noon to midnight EDT. Reminder to be a good person and be respectful in their server. Discord is required to get the key. Get a key!
  3. Known issue that we're working on. As far as the realm list, I worry you're going to get targeted since that information is out there in public, make them work for it so I'd suggest changing your realmlist to something like
  4. We'll be hosting the first ever LordcraftCon on September 14th, 2018 at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France Meet your fellow community members Meet the Lordcraft staff team Giveaways Merch And much much more And don't forget to join us for an epic closing ceremony by Nickelback! Doors open at 10:00 Tickets start at $499.99 and go on sale soon! Edit: happy April fool's!
  5. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  6. Please add more detail to what you are requesting. This will help find the script that you are looking for.
  7. If something is being ignored, it's certainly not on purpose. If you feel a thread violates our rules and regulations, please report it. The staff team is currently undergoing some changes. Some staff are active where others are not and we're working with each staff member directly to come up with a plan.
  8. Welcome to Lordcraft. Have always loved your work!
  9. If it was optional, this would be a totally different story.
  10. On 03/20/2018 we were notified that wowsuite was using a coinhive script which makes money from your resources. When the launcher was running, your CPU, memory, and RAM usage would go extremely high. We immediately reached out to wowsuite to apply a fix and get the fix out to everyone that he had sold the launcher to and advised to seize all sales from Lordcraft until this had been resolved. Two days later, we got word that it had been fixed so we verified the fix to ensure that it wasn't using the script. Upon our research, we found that it was still using this script which we asked wowsuite to remove completely. We also found a lot of hidden code within the launcher that affects the usage as well. Wowsuite explained that he had nothing to do with that script being in there and that his developer had put the script in without him realizing. As of this evening, we have permanently suspended his Lordcraft account with the violation of spreading malicious content to our users and servers that found him through us. Lordcraft takes the privacy and security of our members very seriously and we do everything we can to ensure all of Lordcraft's members are safe and free from being infected by software found on Lordcraft. Here is a video going through everything in the launcher which determined our decision to cut ties completely with wowsuite. We thank you all for being a part of the Lordcraft family and we will continue to protect our members. Thank you all for your support! If you or anyone you know have wowsuite, we suggest to uninstall and attempt to get your money back from it if you purchased it from wowsuite.
  11. We take these matters very seriously and we do everything we can to protect our members. We will always stand by that and have been cracking down on those situations to stop them from happening. We definitely thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being a member of Lordcraft and know, that we'll only be getting better from here on!
  12. It has or has not? Please clarify so I know whether or not to lock this up. Thank you
  13. Just 100 members, they don't have to be online members. We are looking for already started communities that are willing to take the extra step to partner with us which is why active community is a requirement. There are too many communities out there that do have a lot of members but don't have the activity to back it up and that doesn't benefit us or them much so that would lead to a decline of partnership.
  14. Red is pretty cool. Best of luck!
  15. We are now accepting applications to become a lordcraft partner! Send an email to support-line@lordcraft.net with an invite link and an explanation of your community and what your goals for it are and we'll review. Please meet these requirements before sending an email. Must have at least 100 members Must have active staff that answer inquiries swiftly Must be an active community Please note: Lordcraft LLC can end partnership at any time with or without warning. Benefits include: Partner link in #partner on our Discord 1 free ad spot on the forums during partnership More benefits coming soon!