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  2. When a report comes in, we get an email that a post was reported and found that so far in the last few weeks 100% of them have been false reports so the reports have been cleared out but it takes us away from other important things so we're hoping this change helps with that.
  3. Recently, we have been receiving a lot of false reports on posts and blank reports. When reporting a post, please state a reason and it must be a real reason otherwise we will assume it is false. Effective immediately if you are found to be submitting false reports, you will be receiving a warning on your account. There have been way too many false reports and this is a step that we're taking to prevent false reports in the future.
  4. Probably not a good idea because when there are signs of people making a profit on Blizzard's work... Blizz tends to act more on it that way. You can pay them, but be a little more discreet about it.
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  13. Good. Thank you. I will definitely be discussing this to see if the one I administer would be willing to use this. It's expensive to run a server so 1 time fees are usually the best way to go so it doesn't dip into the monthly budget.