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  1. This is just cruelity. I came by to visit Lordcraft after sometime, and now this? Katos has always been a dear friend of mine as well as someone to come to in need to get some graphics done. I'm glad the staff here at LordCraft LLC took the right actions to dismiss him from the team, ban him from the community and make this thread about this situation to warn others of this malicious behaviour. Hope all is well for you @Katos, as well as the LordCraft community!
  2. 0xc000007b is always related to a Visual Studio Redistributable / .NET Framework issue. Be sure you have them installed. Oh and it is always an issue with the 64-bit version. Can't solve it, just use a 32-bit version.
  3. Version 2.3.1 coming out August 20th. For more information on what's been changed, click here.
  4. Really well put CC @Katos. @Valtorei, I hope you do learn and take an account from Katos CC. Other than that the outcome of this signature is really impressive!
  5. Looking for critiques for this product, even if it may be harsh criticism. Learn from it.
  6. @Death as a different project and different name. Yes.
  7. Version 2.3.0 is available for download!
  8. Version 2.3.0 will be released tomorrow. Partners of Atlas Industries may receive an early access copy of it now, PM me if you'd like to test it out! https://www.atlasindustries.info/wiki/Atlas_Hard_Drive_LED/Patch_2.3.0
  9. View File Grommash Vengeance - Warlords of Draenor Blizzlike Repack Main Thread Submitter Suraf Submitted 03/31/2017 Category World of Warcraft  
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    Main Thread


  11. Version 2.3.0 coming soon, will introduce a settings window (which will be apart from the about window) and now selecting a drive will be more magical instead of you doing the magic.
  12. [url=https://www.atlasindustries.info/static/resources/files/HDDLed.rar][/url][url=https://www.atlasindustries.info/wiki/Atlas_Hard_Drive_LED][/url]
  13. That's exactly what I did.
  14. Though you do realize ASC 10 is out now.
  15. /vouch @ArtisterHD Seems pretty legit. Thanks for your time to put this together, can't wait to see for more updates!