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  1. VitalisWoW

    Bump! Still recruiting.. Always looking for C++ Devs and SQL! https://vitalis-wow.com
  2. Keep seeing this everywhere.. gj tho.
  3. VitalisWoW

    Appreciated Website/Forum is completed.. We are working on Accounts page next and then custom launcher + autoupdate patch. Thanks! - Positions are still available!
  4. VitalisWoW

    -C++ Developer -SQL Developer -GameMaster Positions available.
  5. VitalisWoW

    Appreciated, Thank you. Still recruiting for Positions! Head into discord to discuss further.
  6. VitalisWoW

    Nice Job, Looking to make something similar.
  7. VitalisWoW

    Thank you! Still recruiting C++ and SQL Developers. Other roles are available to be discussed. - Website Page is now completed! - https://vitalis-wow.com
  8. VitalisWoW

    Long time no see Jada! Send me a PM in discord and I'll be happy to discuss it further with you and of course, We have a good designer :) Discord: Karma#1071