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  1. Thanks Death and yes sorry I was tired last night when I made this.
  2. Today I will be telling you guys how to create a Normal Survival Server then a Bukkit Cool Server for MineCraft. The first tutorial will be Normal the Second will be Bukkit okay let's get started! Normal Minecraft Server First go to http://Minecraft.net/Next go to Downloads.Then Click on Minecraft_Server.exe For windows and minecraft_server.jar for linux!Then put one or the other into a Folder on your Desktop.Next run the file.Then you will have all these files there. ( You're mainly concerned about the server.properties files to edit the server config!)Then open "server.properties" and edit them to your settings you'd like I will not explain that in this tutorial.There you have it a Normal SMP Server for MineCraft. Bukkit Minecraft Server First goto http://Bukkit.orgNext click the tab "Get CraftBukkit"Then Download CraftBukkits Latest Build.After that Put it on a folder on your Desktop.Rename the .jar to CraftBukkit.jarThen DO NOT CLICK TO RUN simply make a text document and in the text document put java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar craftbukkit.jarPAUSE Then save that file as Starter.batThen run the .bat file.Once The files are done downloading/Setting up you may edit the server.properties file to your wantsI will not show how to install plugins in this tutorial but maybe my Next one! !Making it Public! Goto CMD or Known as Command Prompt and type in ipconfigThen copy the default gateway and your IPv4Now goto your default gateway and goto something like Gaming and Applications or PortFowarding !Then click add custom and make the ending and starting port 25565And last add your IPv4 to the end of the PortFoward! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please +1 if this was helpful!
  3. Well hello lordcraft viewer anyways I just bought a vps and I need a lot of help.I know where to start from how to:Linux on trinity core page but I'll use arcemu or trinity but anyways I have a linux vps can be Debian CentOS and Ubunutu and Suse so I need help setting up my wow server Please help me!! MSN : Michaeldk5482@hotmail.com Skype : Michaeldk66 Please help me today !
  4. Sure infinity whats your skype ?
  5. Thanks death.
  6. Hello I am wanting to be a developer but I don't know where to start can someone help me ?I have already made a server but I am using a repack not a core and I don't even know how to compile my own core so I am really looking for help please help me.I have skype. My skype username is: Michaeldk66