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Found 30 results

  1. In my opinion spamming all kinds of characters on the thread title is really "hurting" the eyes and overall doesn't look very good. Here is an example: As you can see this pretty much should be considered as SPAM. Unneeded squares, money, ticks symbols and the CAPS is pretty distracting too.
  2. I don't know if this has been posted or not but when I came alone I see more topics and post about welcoming an new incomer then anything else It's cool but over the top. That's right I do go on the activity page I don't see an point of this topic but make some delay and slow it down so that the real deal topics can be seen and posted.
  3. Can we get that automatic feature disabled. In theory it's great so people know when someone else joins, but no one posts on them and when you try and see what's recently been posted (given that it's not as easy to scroll through things pre the update) it floods the channel with pointless posts.
  4. Hi I'm wondering if this would be a good feature of we can enable the banner image. That would be awesome I know you can do it on this build of IP board
  5. So today i contacted katos to see if he could help me with some problems i had. He found a **** ton of problems, and literally started fixing them. There isnt much i can say besides wow. He went way above, and beyond what i wanted done, and didnt stop for one moment until he had to get some sleep. Amazing work @Katos .
  6. Please post below any issues that you have encountered on LordCraft while using the new browser called Microsoft Edge. Try to include a screenshot if you can. The only issue I've encountered so far is the Visual Editor not allowing me to post/submit changes. I have to turn it off to actually post/submit.
  7. feedback

    Hi I got a suggestion to change the logo ever time when there is something special. Example fathers day edit the logo likes a father having something with children . Just likes google etc this gives more detail to the forum I guess.
  8. So.. it's 5:00am U.S (MST) here, I'm nearly dead, my eyeballs feel like they're going to pop out of my head and I can't even see straight from being awake for 30 hours. But for some odd reason, I realized we don't have a "Head Artist" or "Lead Artist" rank! I mean, we have Head Mod/Manager, I figured we'd have a Head Artist, Lead Artist, Head Designer/Lead Designer... just whatever you wanna call it doesn't matter to me. Whilst were on the topic, (although i'm like 99.3% sure this is because we don't have the correct amount of staff yet) we also don't have a "Head Support Agent" as well. - You know.. i'd like to be "The Constable" or even have something like "Emote Master" as my rank.. (i'm being sarcastic, don't let this blow over your head). But seriously, this just seemed like an "odd thing" that we didn't seem to have. At least not yet anyways... Discuss,
  9. feedback

    Hi, You have seen this coming. I guess we should beter remove this, or change this with a private message or maybe and Icon on theire profile likes. A birthday cake, I also thinks needs to remove it because its seems likes spamming.
  10. Remove auto welcome threads from the recent topics. Just gonna turn into a list of people being signed up to the forums.
  11. Maybe there should be an option that lets us select six (or so) awards that we want to use that we already have, so they could be displayed. There could be a button like "more awards" where people can see our other awards we've got once pressed. I just think that some of us have too many, and showing what we pick out of all we have might show what we mostly appreciate, perhaps.
  12. Hello everyone i would like you to vote on the poll i added to this post, please let me know what about your thoughts. Example; Wiken scams Death for $30 and Death is very unhappy. Basically would it be relevant to you if someone scammed and you did not know about it? Would you want to not know or would you like to know so you do not end up getting scammed as well. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, also do not forget to vote on the poll!
  13. The whole update seems very slick and so far I'm enjoying it - the icons and all of the new things. I really like how more stuff fits in the screen (atleast on mine!) and the very little things that look like a lot has changed, but it hasn't. Mostly the tables and bars - they have probably been here before, but there's something with them that makes the theme look moar special. It simply looks more professional and amazeeng, also works a lot smoother in mobile devices! However when I was browsing before the update, I'd know there was a new topic/reply when its title was bold. Now everything is bold and my brain is confused. anyone else has the same thing happening with their brainz, or is it just me? Otherwise I really love it - and it isn't a really big problem, it's just a matter of getting used to it, I suppose. Good job LC <: ! just had to say it. I'm a rabbit.
  14. Hello, I have got some question for our homepage why not making our own self-created home page beacuse for now we just got a portal page. default IP.Board come on people we are a dev forum we can make our own thing We are not noob. We fight and doese look back (I mean we dont look to other people what they do we needs to be creative) ;-) I hopes you understand
  15. Hey guys, We want to know what you think about the new request restrictions proposed here: https://www.lordcraft.net/topic/3764-must-have-15-posts-to-request/ Do you like them, do you not, would you like to see them more lenient? Would you prefer more restrictions? Please also try to enforce your feedback with why you think what you do. Regards, The Lordcraft team
  16. feedback

  17. The past three days or so my devices haven't been able to connect to Lordcraft. No matter what I did, or my sister did, would allow us to. The only way I could fix it was to borrow a device from a friend. Not sure what the issue is. The problem gives us errors saying there is an SQL problem, a "you do not have permission" problem, or just a blank screen.
  18. Greetings... I am making this report official, though I did not find the exploit. I thought I'd make the report and warn everyone that I will be watching your carefuly should you choose to use this exploit after I posted it. I have also made a private report for Death. Basically what this exploit does is allow someone to access locked forums. For example, a normal member would be able to access the VIP section if they used this exploit. However, should a topic have files included, they are not accessible. Cheers. P.S. The way to do this will not be released in order to avoid malicious intent.
  19. Heyo! So... I noticed that we have a decent amount of people on the forums, but very few of them are actively posting. So I was wanting to make a suggestion about getting the members we already have more active, or bring in a more active population. Sadly, I don't have any ideas off the top of my head. So, maybe we could use this topic to gather an abundance of ideas and map them out. Members alongside the staff and other high ranking posters. Cheers!
  20. The site has been running rather slow for me. Especially now, it was off and on earlier now it's pretty steady. Anyone else having this issue? I am not downloading anything or really doing anything different from when it wasn't loading slowly.
  21. Hey folks! Just a quick questionnaire to see how many of you would be interested in a forum release section for hooks, mods, themes etc for forum applications such as: Xenforo Vbulletin Ipboards MyBB Vanilla Forums Please note! Please note that this poll does not mean that this section is definitely going to happen, or that all (if any) ideas posted in the poll will be implemented. This thread is merely for informational research purposes only. Thank you. Please fill out the poll and leave any additional opinions or suggestions below. Thanks for helping to improve Lordcraft!
  22. What are some features you would like to see with BBC? Examples: Facebook articles Music Player Twitter tweets Leave your suggestions bellow.
  23. If you look to the logo and under the logo, you have your avatar, your name with an arrow looking down, email, bell for notifications, and the a blank spot for the moods. The "mickey-mouse" picture is gone and if you hover-over it with your mouse clicking machine, its kinda a little hard to click it like has its acting as a small tiny button to just press it so the mood interface can pop up and so you can change your mood. Hopefully you get what I mean, summary: There was a picture there, like mickey-mouse, but its gone now.
  24. Can't change my mood anymore S:
  25. LordCraft is based on it's community so without feedback we wouldn't know what to do... Feel free to leave us feedback on the new look. We accept positive/negative feedback as long as you represent all points and explain yourself. Anything else will be marked as flame and removed. ======================= ======================= Regards, The Staff