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Found 4 results

  1. Project We are a team of dedicated, passionate and experienced developers willing to set new condition standards and fulfill the players' expectations. Our goal is to build a strong community and relive the wonderful memories by providing an outstanding gameplay we have managed to experience throughout the prime years of World of Warcraft. Server Patch: 2.4.3 (progressive) Type: PvE Rates: x1 Leveling: 1-70 100% Blizzlike PRE-NERFED CONTENT PAY TO WIN Development We have put a lot of effort in our core which is originally a combination of CMangos 2.4.3 and backported fixes from SunwellCore 3.3.5 + a lot of our updates. It's been pretty tough having only 1-3 developers throughout the time, but giving up has never been an option. We have progressed as much as we could with so little manpower and the time given. The website and forum are almost ready. With a little help from a Graphical Artist they will both be done by the end of this month. Marketing The whole marketing plan will certainly not be revealed, but I can share a few key points: After a chat with Skill Capped's video editor (www.skill-capped.com) and we agreed to co-work under certain terms. He is currently half way done with our trailer. I have also made deals with multiple Youtubers (I'd rather not mention their name here, but you can probably guess some). They agreed to record a review (not sponsored!) of the server and its' features once we progress into the BETA phase. Staff Our team consists of 5 members as of right now: 3 C++ Developers (they all have at least semi-advanced SQL knowledge) Web Developer Manager (that's me, I do everything that needs to be done except for coding) Why would you choose us? We WILL deliver. We are going to provide an outstanding quality and unique features such as PRE-NERFED CONTENT. The main problem with today's private servers is the fact that they're not challenging at all. The game has been released in January 2007 and clearing the same and easier by the day content is just not fun anymore. The Burning Crusade will soon celebrate its' 10 year anniversary, which makes it almost impossible to research desired information about the expansion. Fortunately for us, one of our developers gathered his own notes and protocols over the years which enable us to replicate the level of difficulty back from early TBC days. With hard work, passion and attention to detail, our vision will soon become a reality. We have intensively brainstormed and listed every single thing that we did / didn't like about playing on private servers. We will do our best to eliminate the cons and create a new home for the amazing World of Warcraft community. And finally... Who are we looking for? If you are passionate about WoW Emulation, organized, speak English in a communicative form and you're able to dedicate at least 10 hours a week on server development, then you are a perfect candidate! C++ Developers (3/5) SQL Developers (0/2) Graphical Artist (0/1) Please keep in mind that it's not a paid job - we all do it out of pure love for the game. If by any chance you're interested in becoming a part of our team, please either PM me or leave your contact information down below (preferably Skype). Best Regards, Cortez
  2. ψ Website ω Forum ω Facebook ψ First of all hello and thank for taking the time to read about HammerHigh Project! Let me tell you a little bit about us, We have been playing live World of Warcraft from the very start of the burning crusade being released, and we have had a lot of previous experience in hosting and creating a private gaming experience within World of Warcraft. We have played on pretty much every top end gaming server at one point or another, so We know whats good and bad. The bad points on most servers is that after a while players will get bored and move onto another server, and so on and so forth. We will be releasing new instances (Hyjal Summit -> Black Temple -> Zul'Aman -> Sunwell / Isle of Quel Danas) on either every 1st or last day of each month. Meaning there will always be players at HammerHigh. Our aim for HammerHigh is to provide players with not only a free service but a gaming experience like no other. Rich in content and a high quality of game play. For these reasons We're not releasing the server just yet as We're still working on a lot of scripting, boss fights and instances, We will be releasing the realm which will be a high rates at the end of August 2015 (specific date yet to be confirmed) Do You Love Forums? So do we! Do you love trolling? Then welcome to our forums. We welcome those of you that feel you are clever and have something important to say! Of course now, we moderate most sections of our forums.. Though, we had to give you all a special place to speak your mind, 24/7, un-moderated fun. We call it, The Random. From Politics, sports, fashion, and just straight up **** talking. This is the ultimate place for those that can't keep their trap shut. If you are easily offended, you should not enter this area. Some people just cannot handle it. Political correctness is not needed here. You say what you have to say and don't give a mutha fucka about what someone says! This is your place and we admire those that have the 'uevos' to enter this area. Best of luck. Try not to let your brain melt and be careful not to let it spill over to our other forums sections. Bans start to HAMMER down hard sometimes. European GM Support Tired of going to a server that doesn't speak English? Vise-versa, your tired of going to a server with a Staff that has nothing but English speakers? Welcome to HammerHigh, where we have your problem solved. HammerHigh offers European Staff support for your timezones. We truely have a staff that covers our server in-game and out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here is a few things to look forward at HammerHigh ● New content released each month. ● High rates server. ● Quality core and content. ● Regular PvP and fun events. ● Scripted bosses and instances. ● Constant updates and fixes Realm Information ● Type: PvP ● Expansion: The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 ● Experience: x12 / Quest: x15 ● RaF Experience: x15 / Quest: x18 ● Drop / Gold / Money: x3 ● Honor: x2 / Professions: x5 ● Reputation: x8 / Rest: x5 ● Season / Tier: S2 / T5 ● IP: set realmlist logon.hammerhigh.eu If you like the server please tell your friends, If you don't please let us know. Come join us on our forum today and let us know what you think! Latest Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QzRCfHZPtA
  3. WTS AmdWoW 243 converted to 335 www source-craft com And Yes Im the real creator of this and I was the developer on AmdWoW Buy from Source-Craft Shop
  4. Who are we and what is our plans? First of all I want to say "Hi" to all readers.My name is Alin and I am here with a new project of others "1000" in World Of Warcraft Private Servers that I hope will have enough succes.Our plan is to open 3 servers(2.4.3/3.3.5a/4.3.4), yes I know everyone will ask how will you populate them.Our team is formed by One Web Developer/2 C++ Scripters/2 SQL Devs/Investitor and we are prepared to work hard on this project and we will use every kind type of advertise.For our first server we chose the name Addiction WoW. Release Date: 15.02.2014 (Server Has Opened) If you want to sustain our project spread it at friends and everywhere you know and let us know what do you think about our project commenting. How the realm will be? As the title say this server expansion will be The Burning Crusade.This server will have be a Midrate one with the max rate 10x, but from our experience we know that there are players that like 1x so you will can choose your own rate like 1x-10x. Details about Realm and Rates Realm name: Addiction WoW Monsters & Quest Xp Rate: 10x (max) Normal/Uncommon/Rare Drops: 15x Professions Rate: 3x Honor Gain: x2 Money Drops: 10x Reputation Gain: 0 Exploring Xp: x1 Epic Drops: x5 We know that everyone is bored of just leveling , making gear etc. so we will add some custom things that will add some custom things that will make the game more funny like: Transmog, Reward at level 10/20.../70, Reward for time played and more things. Working Content Addiction WoW want to offer the most scripted content and for this we will have a Bugtracker on website so our players can report every bug. PVE System: Raids: Karazhan - 90% working Gruul's Lair - 100% working The Black Temple - 100% working Sunwell Plateau - 100% working Battle for Mount Hyjal - 90% working The Eye (Tempest Keep) - 80% working Serpentshrine Cavern - 100% working Magtheridon's Lair - 90% working Zul'Aman - 95% working PVP System BattleGrounds: Warsong Gulch - 100% working Arathi Basin - 100% working Alterac Valley - 100% working Eye of the Storm - 100% working Arenas: Nagrand Arena - 100% working Blade's Edge Arena - 100% working Ruins of Lordaeron - 100% working Custom things that will make more fun on server We decided that, there are some things that make server more funny so we added and we will add: Rewards at 10/20../70 according to your class. - Not Yet Added. Transmog - Not Yet Added (Change your display to your items ) Custom Rates 1x-10x - Not Yet Added (This will be added for players that don't want to level at max rate) Train After Level - Not Yet Added (This learn your all skills after you make level and don't waste time to go to the trainer) And more things will be added so be there. Website details Addiction WoW uses as main source for website FusionCMS.We took a PSD from Zafire Repack (Thanks to Zafire), we coded it and we use it, but everywhere you can see this FusionCMS so we will try to change the website as more as we can to look more unique.Further more we will have a weekly lottery on website so you can win Companions/Mounts/Vote Points. What Addiction WoW expect from players? For better results Addiction WoW please players to vote us on website to have more players.Further more for every vote you get Vote Points and you can spend them on Item Store.So if you want to vote us rembember that you will find us using this banner: Promotions: For start we will give away 100 vote points for first 100 registered accounts on unique IP's and 30 more Vote Points to who will like us on Facebook(The page is new but we will update it soon) Hosting Details Addiction WoW is hosted on a Dedicated Server with belows specifications: AMD Opteron Processor 6366 HE (4 processors) Frequency: 1.8 GHz Turbo Boost: 2.2 GHz Ram: 8GB DDR3 HDD: 120GB Where can you find us and when will we be available? Our official website is: http://wow-addiction.com You can find us also on: