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Found 17 results

  1. - Custom Patch- - Instant Level 255 - - Over 350-450M HP - - World chat - - Teleporter - - pocket Teleporter - - VIP system - - VIP Commands - - Starters gear - - Upgrade able gear sets - - Custom instances - - Over 5000 custom items - - Over 1000 custom quests - - Custom Instances and Raids - - Farm areas - - Upgrade items system - - Transmogrification - - Gambling - - Custom events which are soloable - - Custom World Bosses - - Custom Zones - - Several custom malls - - Arena & PvP gear - - Vote rewards - - Donation rewards - - and much more ! otherwise you can do battlegrounds and you can do arena to earn PvP gear for honor points and more. But the gear is a very high rate such as HP is in the millions for everyone. we have Donor gear and Voter gear, After that you can go into dungeons with people such as your friends or whoever is in your party/raid to fight bosses to get better gear and weapons. How to play: Following is required to play on our servers: » You must Register account here in our website; » You must have WoW: Wrath of the Lich King patch 3.3.5a (12340) installed » Edit your realmlist.wtf file located in "*:\WoW folder\Data\enGB/or/enUS" with our realmlist: Set realmlist Logon.strong-wow.com Website http://strong-wow.com/ Click Here for Download Patch-7.mpq
  2. Hi guys! All you know, Openwow closed, and some projects need to do own database, or using already exist database from anothers guys (Competitors). And i opened free and neutral database for all guys : dbwotlk.com Database used 5 locales : enUS, esES, deDE, frFR, ruRU for implelent scripts in your web-site (forums and etc) : <script type="text/javascript" src="http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js"></script><script>var aowow_tooltips = { "colorlinks": true, "iconizelinks": true, "renamelinks": true }</script> also you can use selected lang in links ( just replace by this part code in previous) what you need : for eng lang http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=us for spanish http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=es for deutsch http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=de for français http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=fr for russian http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=ru I hope it will help you guys. The freshest database with all updates from TC
  3. Server Information: This server is in a Development phase, but as soon as we get enough finished we will release it in beta to test everything and fix all the bugs before release. The servers name is not released yet, since it may or may not be changed. It will be a 3.3.5 Fun server with high stats, a remake of an old server called Mond WoW. It will not be a full remake of the server just partially, it will not be a pay to win server. I mean players will be able to pay and get an early lead into the game but that's it. The developer positions will not be paid, so you will be doing this for free. This may change in the future, and or we can discuss it in private but don't expect to be paid. What do we need? Well, we are in need of someone who has a lot of experience in C++. A few people to create quest lines and or creatures. We don't need someone to create a website for us, but it would be nice. Anyone who has screen shots and or a good memory from Mond WoW 3.3.5 Contact Info: I am a busy person, so please give me time to reply. If you are interested in a position or just want to talk about the server you can email me at krypticwow@hotmail.com or you can reply to me on this topic and or in a private message but emailing me would be the fastest way to contact me. If you are applying for a position, it must be done in an email. Thank you,
  4. trinitycore

    Heya, folks! It's been quite some time since I've written any tutorials, so bare with me as I get back into the game. Today, I am starting small. First and foremost, you must have at the very least, a repack that requires you to get your own .dbc files. I use my own compiled servers, so I'm unsure if repacks extract .dbc's or not. Anywho, let's officially begin! Tools Needed: MyDBCEditor - (Hosted by Lordcraft) MPQ Editor - (Hosted by Lordcraft) Step One: This is the easy part, open your .dbc folder and locate a file called CharTitles.dbc. Do yourself a favor and copy this .dbc and place it somewhere just in case you mess up and have to try again. Or if you want to simply "back up" and restart from scratch. I usually place mine on my Desktop. Step Two: This may get complicated! I'm kidding, this is an easy tutorial that doesn't require much though. You're going take the CharTitles.dbc and drag it onto your MyDBCEditor.exe. When you've done that, it should look like this: Step Three: We're doing good so far! But here's the fun part! You'll see under ID 177 is the Wrathful Gladiator title, right? Right. Right click that, go to the option that says "copy line to..." and type in 178. This should make a copy of the Wrathful Gladiator title. Cool, right? Well, we need to change a couple of things here... 1st - Change Wrathful Gladiator %s to whatever title you want. 2nd - %s stands for "string" or in this case, a character's name. So "Wrathful Gladiator %s" would be "Wrathful Gladiator Valtorei". Put the %s wherever you need it to be. 3rd - Change the title in both locations, leave everything else alone. 4th - At the end of the line in column 37, there should be a number "142". For each title you add, increase this by one. In this case, you should make it number 143. 5th - Save it and close it! Step Four: Good job! Patch up the .dbc file, make sure it's placed in you data folder, clear your cache, and restart your server! (Make sure the updated .dbc is also in your dbc folder!)
  5. I edited the login screen for my WoW client and patched it up but ended up breaking my character creation screen. Modified GlueParent.XML CurrentGlueMusic = "GS_Custom_Login"; GlueCreditsSoundKits = { }; GlueCreditsSoundKits[1] = "Menu-Credits01"; GlueCreditsSoundKits[2] = "Menu-Credits02"; GlueCreditsSoundKits[3] = "Menu-Credits03"; GlueScreenInfo = { }; GlueScreenInfo["login"] = "AccountLogin"; GlueScreenInfo["charselect"] = "CharacterSelect"; GlueScreenInfo["realmwizard"] = "RealmWizard"; GlueScreenInfo["charcreate"] = "CharacterCreate"; GlueScreenInfo["patchdownload"] = "PatchDownload"; GlueScreenInfo["movie"] = "MovieFrame"; GlueScreenInfo["credits"] = "CreditsFrame"; GlueScreenInfo["options"] = "OptionsFrame"; SoundEntries.dbc GS_Custom_Login LoginScreen_Ang.mp3 Error:
  6. Heya, folks. I have been out of the modding/emulating community for quite some time now, so I'm way out of practice when it comes to playing with Trinity. Or anything relating to it, honestly. Not to mention that there has been huge changes to the Trinity Core since I was around last. Currently I have been downporting models from WoD/Legion to my WotLK server, which has been taxing and a pain, but that's not what I'm asking about. A project that I've been working on alongside the model modding is spell edits. I have been trying to come up with new mounts and spells that don't involve overwriting old spells/mounts. AKA: I need a NEW spell to cast a custom mount with a new display ID and all that jazz. I'm also doing this with custom shapeshifts, i.e. a new flight form that any class can use. One of my issues is that I can't find these spells in the database, and I already know I'll probably need to do some edits in the core for a flight form. But I'm not 100% where to go from here.
  7. Hello, i'm trying to apply this patch to my latest TC rev. but i'm getting this error.. anyone has an idea how to fix this error? http://prntscr.com/esl3gi the patch i'm trying to apply is on the attachments. 2016_09_07-LordPsyanBots.patch
  8. Naxxramas 10 Obsidian Sanctum 10 Vaults of Archavon 10 are now released, Join the fight now! Want to Join us but don't want to leave your hard work behind? We are now offering a Character Migration to our realm from your old one! also PROMOTIONAL OFFER: FREE Level 80 Character Boost, Full Riding Provided, 1000G and Heroic PvE Dungeon Gear We are now ready to release our amazing and well scripted blizzlike realm onto the public, Thanks to lots and lots of hard work from the team and the testers that spent their time finding bugs and allowing us to fix them we now have a stable and well fixed core that is ready for release. The Realm: The Realm is a 3.3.5 WOTLK Progressive Server which will begin at level 1 all the way to level 80, Players will be able to level at x7 rates while also being able to do everything that was once possible in retail while leveling. Professions, Spells, Talents and Glyphs are working as intended and the damage per class is scaled to how blizzard once had it in Wrath of the Lich King. We also have Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Mounts and Pets available to players as rewards and also have Transmogrification sets available also. Using these expand our horizon upon bringing the latest released Blizzlike realm and creating an Impact with allowing players extra features to enjoy their game-play. We also have Seasonal Events and Quests for players to enjoy and earn some fun items from. The Staff: Runic-WoW has a dedicated and highly professional staff team who are available to help the community with their needs. The team are here to help and do their job accordingly whilst also handling issues when required. If you ever have an issue in-game you can always feel free to make a ticket in-game or head to our forums and a member of staff will deal with your issue as a professional. Information regarding the realm: Name - Vanguard Realm XP Rate x7 - Quest, Exploration, Drop Rates, Reputation and x2 Profession Rates Progressive Server - Will be releasing Naxxramas as first available. Starter Heirlooms - Vendor at every starter place. Transmogrification - Transmogrification Available in every Capital City Improved Anti-Cheat System - Allows us to manage and keep track of hackers / bug exploiters easier. Instant Flight Paths - Fly to your Location Immediately Cata / Mop Mounts - Used for Rewarding our players in a unique style! Cata/MoP Pets - Used for Rewarding our players with an Awesome looking pet! Cata/MoP Items - Used for Transmogrification as Rewards or directly through the store! Spells on Levelup Script - Get your spells instantly if they are available for your level 24/7 Uptime - Guarenteed Uptime with only a few minutes downtime due to restarts! Constant bug-fixes - 24/7 Bug-Fixes for your reports to our developers! Friendly, Active and Professional Staff - Our Professional and Active team is here to help with your problems. No Pay to Win Gear! - We Guarentee no Pay to win gear to give players a unfair advantage over others! Future for Runic-WoW: Our future is simple. Open a new Blizzlike Realm with a Custom Expansion which will include: New features like Mentors, item upgrades, new raids, dungeons, world pvp zone, new continent, new spells for all classes Custom Dungeon Finder guide custom models custom quest line and much more! We are currently writing the story line and making it behind the scenes. Within the next few months we will be adding these features onto our developer realm and making these new and unique additions become a reality. Runic-WoW is hoping to have this custom expansion released by the beginning - mid of next year and will be a fantastic way to bring a new style of 3.3.5 expansion. Facebook Twitter Website Forums Happy Gaming!
  9. Runic-WoW is looking for Beta Testers to test our content on the blizzlike 1x Progressive realm we have available. Currently at this time this realm is not available to fully be released due to testing. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, then please do make an account HERE and log onto our Blizzlike 3.3.5 Realm. We do ask that all Beta Testers report any bugs they find on the bugtracker. Testers will have access to commands such as .tele, .add and .level to help with testing. They will also be rewarded with 25 DP, 1 Cataclysm and 1 Mists of Pandaria mount of their choice upon release. Information regarding the realm: Name: Blizzlike 3.3.5 XP Rates; x1 Drop Rates: x1 All Locations are open All Dungeons, Raids and Heroics are OPEN Spells, Talents and Glyphs are working Item Store will be available Dungeon Finder is Disabled No Pay to Win Gear Cataclysm / Mop Mounts used for Rewards/Purchase ICC Working (Up to Deathbringer's Rise) Friendly, Professional and Active Staff 24/7 Uptime and Only a short downtime due to updates/restarts Family Friendly Realm Above is what we are wanting to achieve, If you are wondering "Cata/Mop Mounts? Whaaat" that's right, we have added Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria mounts to allow our players to have new and fancy looking mounts in the WOTLK expansion. This is only to be tested and will be removed if players wish for it to happen. We added the mounts into the game to simply reward our players with a unique style, What's better than flying a Serpent through Icecrown?! Future Plans: Future plans are simple. We plan on creating a brand new and unique style to PvE and PvP content in WOTLK. We are currently in the process of designing a custom expansion for players to enjoy that is never seen before. Our Custom expansion will play through 1-90 (Such as MoP) and have brand new custom designed Zones, Spells, Quests and a Story line! Of course we will have to add a new realm for this, But hey! that's runic's future plans. If you are interested in also helping us with our projects, We do also have Developer, Lore Creator and designer positions available for people to apply for. You can apply HERE under the Staff Recruitment section. Thank you for reading this post, I hope to see you In-Game!
  10. As you can see from the title, I'm selling my 4.3.4 Source and also my 3.3.5 Source. (These sources are my own and of course I have the right to sell them and only to be sold by myself) 4.3.4 Source Includes: Alliance starting quests & spells-talents and Glyphs: Draenei are working 98% as intended. Dwarf are working 98% as intended. Gnome are working 98% as intended. Human are working 98% as intended. Night Elf are working 98% as intended. Worgen are working 98% as intended. Deathknights 98% as intended. Battlegrounds & Arena: Random Battlegrounds is Available. Rated Battlegrounds is Available. Warsong Gulch is Available. Arathi Basin is Available. Alterac Valley is Available. Eye of the Storm is Available. Strand of the Ancients is Available. Isle of Conquest is Available. Twin Peaks is Available. Tol Barad is Not Available The Battle for Gilneas is Available. Wintergrasp is disabled Arenas: Ruins of Lordaeron is Available. Ring of Trials is Available. Circle of Blood is Available. Dalaran Arena is Available. Professions Primary Herbalism is Available. Mining is Available. Skinning is Available. Alchemy is Available. Blacksmithing is Available. Encanting is Available. Engineering is Available. Inscription is Available. Jewelcrafting is Available. Leatherworking is Available. Tailoring is Available. Secondary Archaeology is Available. Cooking is Available. First Aid is Available. Fishing is Available. Other Lockpicking is Available. Riding is Available. Runeforging is Available. Dungeons level 1-85 Normal and Heroic modes are spawned & loot fixed (scripted between 85% to 100%) pickpocketing,skinning, reputation per kill and achivements. 3.3.5 Source Seen as this is an Arena Source i'm not going to into too much detail regarding the blizzlike view of things. Class & Races: Orc are working 99% as intended. Tauren are working 99% as intended. Troll are working 99% as intended. Undead are working 99% as intended. Deathknights 99% as intended. Draenei are working 99% as intended. Dwarf are working 99% as intended. Gnome are working 99% as intended. Human are working 99% as intended. Night Elf are working 99% as intended. Worgen are working 99% as intended. BG's and Arena's: Random Battlegrounds is Available. Rated Battlegrounds is Available. Warsong Gulch is Available. Arathi Basin is Available. Alterac Valley is Available. Eye of the Storm is Available. Ruins of Lordaeron is Available. Ring of Trials is Available. Circle of Blood is Available. Dalaran Arena is Available. Ring of Valor is Available. Professions: Herbalism is Available. Mining is Available. Skinning is Available. Alchemy is Available. Blacksmithing is Available. Encanting is Available. Engineering is Available. Jewelcrafting is Available. Leatherworking is Available. Tailoring is Available. Cooking is Available. First Aid is Available. Fishing is Available. Scripts Included: Arena Crystal (Starts arena's faster) Arena Spectator NPC Beastmaster NPC Challenge Command(.challenge for players to use to challenge one another) Cooldowns crystal Donation NPC ExchangeNPC Enchant NPC Item Requester NPC Arena Ladder NPC NPC Title Rewarder (Vanilla Titles) Solo Queue 1v1 and 3v3 NPC Profession NPC Duel Reset NPC Season End Title Rewarder World Chat Scripts Teleporter Script (Allows VIP Menus) Transmogrification NPC Temporary Transmog NPC Multivendor Utility Commands (.utility grants changefaction, race, and more) VIP Commands VIP Transmog NPC VIP Weapon Transmog NPC I'm only accepting reasonable customers. Of course both Source's will include the Databases which includes the NPC's, Items and such that's required for these scripts and also for the server to run completely. Thank you.
  11. ANARCHY-WOW.COM Login Screen New/Custom Character Selection Custom Character Creation Including 21 Races and 12 Classes Custom & MoP/Cata Mounts (Everything you see behind the mount is also a MoP Mount) New T11 - T15 Instances (All bosses are scripted) New MoP/Cata Islands New MoP/Cata Gears Join Now at Anarchy-WoW.com Realmlist: anarchy-wow.com Thank You.
  12. Does anyone knows how to make 2 realms?? i currently have 1 Funserver online now, but i wonder how i can make an other 1, such as Blizzlike or something... Just need to know how to make an second realm that works perfectly, .. i have TrinityCore, Compiled server. im using HeidiSql
  13. Intro: DarkfusionWoW is a new Instant 80 PvP server with alot of features. Your experience is our main event, this means we are always taking suggestions from you and we are always trying to have the best uptime. We also try to give you the best gaming experience, meaning we are always trying to improve! Darkcore (Instant 80 PvP): * Friendly & Active staff * Unique Malls * Unique Profession Mall * Killstreak System * Unique Super Maze * Unique Event's Daily * Working BG's & Arena's * Working Talents & Spells * Daily Quest's * Xmog Mall * V.I.P Commands & Reduced prices & Mall * Arena Spectator * Crossfaction BG * 1v1 Arena System * Vote for rewards * Donate for rewards Contact info: * Site: http://www.darkfusionwow.com/ * Register: http://www.darkfusionwow.com/register * Forum: http://www.darkfusionwow.com/forum * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkfusionwow1 * Activation Email is in your trash can! Hope to see you in-game! Extra information: Christmas is hitting Darkfusionwow early this year! The whole server is decorated to christmas style! But that's not all.. Santa has left you guys a gift.. Santa added free wrathful vendors + a vendor with fun items! Make sure you get your gift, before christmas is over!
  14. 81 funserver exp rate: x100 Custom instance Custom zones Custom Items Custom Teleporter Custom Quests Events Starter gear - Starter 81 Weapons and moree..... Get in to the server to find out more Website is : http://yuruwow.no-ip.org/ realmlist yuruwow.no-ip.org Web shop Work Vote token Donor token Ultimate Donor token And Mats req in server and Spells Donate avaible
  15. 81 funserver 3.3.5 server Lvling road 1-81 Exp rate x100 Custom mats Autobroadcast with tips. Uppgrading Jewel (ring,trink,neck) just added. Check this out. Farming server. Farming instances. Custom Vote set (not fixed for use) Custom Donor set (not fixed for use) Custom Ultimate Donor set (not fixed for use) New: Custom teleporter New: Custom Mall New: Powerfull items (Funserver) New: Custom Quests (for starters and for higher) New: Custom Zones like : Savage zone (Specific Mats that drops there) New Zone Added: Illusion Zone. New: Custom patches, (Patch-7.mpq, Patch-A.mpq) patch 7 for Custom currency. patch A for the "Req mele weapon" bugg To get Patch, tell me in Skype Hamachi networks : yuruwow2, yuruwow3, yuruwow4, yuruwow5, yuruwow6 Pass : 123 Create an account on the Website Realmlist : (need connect to 1 of the hamachi networks) Web : (need connect to 1 of the hamachi networks) if 1 is full test another, if all is full, tell me. skype : chyssler1997 TIP : vote isnt avaible, either shop Custom teleporter made by me is now avaible ingame. ( not the teleporter on this videos ). Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7olRjektdk (this video isnt like it looks now ingame) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jk-GOZC3b0 (this video isnt like it looks now ingame) Facebook grp: https://www.facebook.com/groups/803925449659525/ Forum : http://yuruwow.freeforums-hosting.com/
  16. Presents OPENING SALE AND REWARDS!!!! Justicar WoW is offering a very very cheap price on our donation packages!! We are offering Full season 9 (best pvp season so far created) for 20$ on one character, As well as ViP for 40$, The ViP Package includes a lifetime of full season 9 characters on your account, as well as a custom donor mall fully private to any other ViPs. You will have a custom command to teleport into and out of the mall, as well as recieving a VIP tag ingame through our worldchat, as well as on our website forums! These prices are only valid for the first month of our server being live ending on 2/5/14 =) We also want to reward our helpers and players without them feeling the need to donate! So we are giving away the "Justicar" title to anyone logging in for the next week, ending on 1/13/14, This title will not be obtainable through any other way in our server, No amount of donations, event wins, or pvp kills can you obtain this title! This is to show appreciation to all of our helpers and bug reporters! After being down for nearly 10 months, Justicar has been brought back up! Justicar-WoW has been brought back! We are going to be a very intensive PvP Server. We have extremely experienced developers and staff who are bring new content in continuously. We here at Justicar-WoW know what the pvp communities crave, and we are prepared to deliver. We also offer unique and custom monthly rank 1 rewards, titles, and even money in order to keep the fights exciting and fun for everyone! Justicar-WoW has been paid for several months in advance, This server is going to be around for a while! Justicar wow is pleased to announce that we are hiring staff members! Please visit our recruitment forum here Instant 80 - Intense PvP Arenas - 2v2, 3v3, & 5v5 Cross-Faction Balanced Battlegrounds 1v1 Arenas (new) Reforging (new) PvP Title System (new) Season 8 to start - Season 9 Balanced Progression Transmogrification System Top Arena - Notification System + Custom Content Daily Quests - Rewards Honor Custom ranking system resetting monthly Custom rewards based on monthly ranks Completely scripted and working battlegrounds 99% Uptime with a reliable host. Paid for the server in advance, so we are here to stay for a long while! Content added continuously Custom Mazes & Stair Events Please Click here to vote! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ5MUeErx-M&feature=youtu.be The New Video! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Powerful Dedicated Server to bring a lag free enjoyable game play! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website - http://justicar-wow.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting Location + Mall