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Found 9 results

  1. [url=https://www.atlasindustries.info/static/resources/files/HDDLed.rar][/url][url=https://www.atlasindustries.info/wiki/Atlas_Hard_Drive_LED][/url]
  2. You can download the PSD via deviantart, just click the image.
  3. You can download the PSD via deviantart, just click here.
  4. The new black version of the wallpaper is now finished. You can download the RAR file here and receive this wallpaper that is in multiple sizes. If the size you want isn't available, just ask me (PM) or @Suraf me below and I'll make one at your desired size. You can see the original design of this wallpaper here.
  5. Hard Drive LED



    This program was simply made to help see if your Hard drive is doing something, or just sitting there being idle. No actual windows are available except for the about window and the addition change log. This is mainly a notification tray application. This was made by Suraf just for fun, part of the Atlas Industries team. Please, do indeed enjoy this. It can be rather useful. ~ Suraf


  6. Coming soon in multiple sizes (listed below). Default is 1280x1024. 520x260-twitter 480x320-iphone 640x960-iphone4 640x1136-iphone5 1334x750-iphone6 1024x768-ipad 2048x1536-ipad3 851x315-facebook 1024x600-digiland 1280x800 1280x1024 1366x768 1440x900 1600x1200 1680x1050 1920x1080 1920x1200 2560x1400 2560x1600 2880x1800
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG2AF3nDAjc
  8. PBWoW Extended WORK IN PROGRESS! Latest Thread Update: 06/30/2014 Latest released Version: Pre-Release Candidate 5 (PRC5) Next release Version: Release Candidate 5 (RC5) Warning! PBWoW is not for rookies. This stuff isn't 1-2-3-presto! It is one of the hardest styles to set up properly you will probably ever see. PBWoW is currently in a release candidate stage. You can use it on a live phpBB board but we cannot guarantee a bug free experience. Board features may be broken and my source code modifications have not been throughly tested for security vulnerabilities. Make a backup of all your files before installing PBWoW. The pbwow.com staff & Crimoxic Team is not responsible for any damages related to the use of PBWoW software. But don't let the above text scare you. If you are a (semi-)experienced phpBB user and have installed mods before you will be fine. In return for taking to the time to properly install PBWoW you will get quite simply the best WoW themed board there is (or was that too cocky :rolleyes:).