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Found 4 results

  1. completed

    Hello. I have been playing on this server for a time now it is closed does anyone know where to get a repack for it or similar to it? www.adexwow.com/ It is a server that gives you the chance to start with haste cap , with 9 different custom instances that drop mats for tiers 1-9 instances from 1-8 are soloable instance for tier 9 is not weapons are upgraded from instances then the lost isles that has custom mobs that drop mats this is server is just about hardcore solo farming
  2. Greetings LordCraft Community! SnowStorm is in need of server staff team, for our Cataclysm realm. I am not going to waste your time listing all the features SnowStorm is offering. Here is some information about the server: Expansion: Cataclysm Patch: 4.3.4 Rates: Instant 85 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE Server Topic Server Trailer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ▲▼ What are we looking for: In-Game Developers As an In-Game Developer you are going to create events, decorating mall, dungeons, etc. Also you are going to host daily events for our players, keeping them motivated and entertained. You need to have previous experience in order to apply for this postion. Game Masters Answering tickets and helping our community is your main task. We need someone who can stay calm, no matter what happens. You need to be experienced and professional. Speaking multiple languages is a plus. Developers We are recruiting all kind of developers - Core, Database, PhP, etc. You need to know your job well, and create whatever our Administration Team wants. We are recruiting people with experience and motivation. If you are beginner, or you don't have the passion for working with us, please do not apply. Advertisers This position is really important. Our Advertisers are going to create threads in different gaming forums and facebook pages. We don't require previous experience, however you do need to speak English flawlessly. Speaking multiple languages is a plus. Being able to create and edit videos is also something that we are looking for, but it's not neccessary. ▲▼ How to apply: We are accepting applications through Skype. Send a message on Skype - ramo_973 or lastrevenge2 . Tell us a bit about yourself, the reason of wanting to join our Staff Team and let us know about your previous experience. Note that we are going to test you.No core access will be given to our developers, untill they prove themselfs. Take in mind that additional questions will be asked, if we are interested in hiring you. Kind Regards, SnowStorm's Administration Team
  3. selling

    Non-coded, only .PSD LOGO NOT INCLUDED DA - ignamist.deviantart.com