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Found 4 results

  1. Project We are a team of dedicated, passionate and experienced developers willing to set new condition standards and fulfill the players' expectations. Our goal is to build a strong community and relive the wonderful memories by providing an outstanding gameplay we have managed to experience throughout the prime years of World of Warcraft. Server Patch: 2.4.3 (progressive) Type: PvE Rates: x1 Leveling: 1-70 100% Blizzlike PRE-NERFED CONTENT PAY TO WIN Development We have put a lot of effort in our core which is originally a combination of CMangos 2.4.3 and backported fixes from SunwellCore 3.3.5 + a lot of our updates. It's been pretty tough having only 1-3 developers throughout the time, but giving up has never been an option. We have progressed as much as we could with so little manpower and the time given. The website and forum are almost ready. With a little help from a Graphical Artist they will both be done by the end of this month. Marketing The whole marketing plan will certainly not be revealed, but I can share a few key points: After a chat with Skill Capped's video editor (www.skill-capped.com) and we agreed to co-work under certain terms. He is currently half way done with our trailer. I have also made deals with multiple Youtubers (I'd rather not mention their name here, but you can probably guess some). They agreed to record a review (not sponsored!) of the server and its' features once we progress into the BETA phase. Staff Our team consists of 5 members as of right now: 3 C++ Developers (they all have at least semi-advanced SQL knowledge) Web Developer Manager (that's me, I do everything that needs to be done except for coding) Why would you choose us? We WILL deliver. We are going to provide an outstanding quality and unique features such as PRE-NERFED CONTENT. The main problem with today's private servers is the fact that they're not challenging at all. The game has been released in January 2007 and clearing the same and easier by the day content is just not fun anymore. The Burning Crusade will soon celebrate its' 10 year anniversary, which makes it almost impossible to research desired information about the expansion. Fortunately for us, one of our developers gathered his own notes and protocols over the years which enable us to replicate the level of difficulty back from early TBC days. With hard work, passion and attention to detail, our vision will soon become a reality. We have intensively brainstormed and listed every single thing that we did / didn't like about playing on private servers. We will do our best to eliminate the cons and create a new home for the amazing World of Warcraft community. And finally... Who are we looking for? If you are passionate about WoW Emulation, organized, speak English in a communicative form and you're able to dedicate at least 10 hours a week on server development, then you are a perfect candidate! C++ Developers (3/5) SQL Developers (0/2) Graphical Artist (0/1) Please keep in mind that it's not a paid job - we all do it out of pure love for the game. If by any chance you're interested in becoming a part of our team, please either PM me or leave your contact information down below (preferably Skype). Best Regards, Cortez
  2. A New Story! The basic premise over our server is to offer new players an experience that differs from the traditional Warcraft story arc. Features - A new story arc that starts players off based on the class you choose upon character creation, rather than based on race - Players will experience an altered leveling setup where by one will quest from levels 1 to 24 and/or level via the custom solo dungeon we've created for players who would rather a grindish feel to their leveling experience - Endgame content will include your typical Mastermind like end-boss. Players will go through a series of Daily, Group friendly, questing hubs and dungeons before starting to do raids to progress through harder content. - PvP content will also be an emphasis to give a diverse content to the player base. This includes Dual Faction BGs, Dueling Areas equipped with Vendors and buff giving npcs, FFA PvP Questing Hubs with Daily quests and Rewards, and GM hosted PvP Events with Rewards. - Misc "For Fun" things to do, such as parkour, Mazes, Freeze Tag, and other random exotic stuff. Development Status Level/Stat Scaling - 45% Custom Gear - 0% Map Editing - 5% Custom Story - 15% Custom Quests - 0% Dungeons - 0% Raids - 0% Extras - 0% Current Staff Gnox - Founder/Programmer Click me--> Discord Chat <--Click me We are currently in need of many dedicated individuals! If you meet any of the prerequisites for the roles we have open listed below, please feel free to apply! Admin - Requires that you know Trinitycore systems and be able to understand all database lingo without explanation. Requires that you have experience with SQL or are willing to learn it. GMs - Have a good overview of all game classes, mechanics, and have a history of playing across at least Retail and 2 other private realms. Prior GM experience is a plus, but not required. SQL Programmer - Good knowledge of SQL coding and TrinityDB revision 6.02 or higher . Must have a general idea how to make and edit items, quests, NPCs, game objects, and other miscellaneous tables in the DB. Core Programmer - Must have Knowledge of C++ and Visual Studios 2008 or Higher. Must have experience with Trinitycore as well as an understanding on the addition and removal of major content overhauls to the core. Client Editors - Experience Editing MPQ files. Testers - Early access players who will be allowed access to the server for testing and bug finding. Learning Opportunities Those who wish to learn more about a given role that wouldn't otherwise require years of training or experience is welcome to inquire. Item I'm willing to teach: GMing, Basic SQL, Clientside Editing, Basic Map editing. Feel free to send me PM or refer to the Discord linked above with further questions
  3. Hello Lordcraft, I am in an urgent need of someone to help me with one small thing : 1) Making myBB registration automatic when you register on my website www.yhool.gg and fully functional (actually it lacks some things). Also "transfer" the already registered hundreds of members from the website database to the forum database (whatever the process). It's all done in PHP (of course). There are also workaround solutions possible. 2) If you are interested further, you could be the new web developer on the project too, reprogramming it from scratch with a framework. For more informations check the website carefully. www.yhool.gg