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Found 2 results

  1. NOTE: When you are opening recruitment for a server, a development team or anything which requires you inviting someone onto your team in order to help, you need to look at the ratio of Players : Staff or Staff : Customers (Development Team Service). You should not be hiring 5 Moderators, 2 Admins and 391 Helpers when you do not even have a player base yet. If the players online is 17, and 16 are staff, the ratio would be 1 : 16 which looks extremely bad, usually a player will leave a server if it is only staff online. Just make sure you have a good ratio and players will stay. Owner (Board Office) : The owner is the founder/director of the project and has come up with the idea in starting up Minecraft server. Usually the ones who begins recruiting people to start a team. Usually the Owner should have a clear aspect on the direction he wants to drive the server towards, for example : knows what server version they are going to stick with and compatibility with others to expand to more players, the type of server, hub integration, manages the payments for host/website, has a good mindset and understands how to work with a team. Permissions: '*' : All Permissions Co-Owner (Principle): Someone in this position should be well-known by the Owner, an in real life friend or someone who is helping fund the server. Giving this position to someone right off the bat of the beginning recruitment stages in one of the faulty mistakes which usually leads to a fast landslide of a broken server. A lot of people who ask for Co-Owner when they realize the server doesn't have one or the Owner seems to lack intellectual activity, they manipulate them into thinking they can help improve the server so super duper well. I am not saying that all people trying to apply for this position are trying to rob your server but might also only be there for power. Someone who really wants to help your server will hang low and work their way up. Permissions: '*' : All Permissions Requirements: Close Friend Play Time > 1 Month Extremely Trusted Administrator (Vice Principle) : The administrator usually does not have access to the console or FTP to manage plugins or fix configuration files but are usually there to moderator the under-staff. When I say understaff I am talking about the Moderators, Helpers, Builders and anyone who has more permissions than the average Joe. Usually, the job of an administrator is to enforce the rules and obviously stop the ones who are breaking them but are usually there to keep the other staff in line and making sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Permissions: '*' : All Permissions '-essentials.op' : Administrator should not be able to OP anyone, this negates the permission from them. Requirements: Play Time > 2 Weeks Been Helper + Moderator Trusted Moderator (Teacher) : The moderator definitely not have access to your control panel or anything to do with the console. Their main goal is to moderator the players, keep the chat clean and of course make sure everyone is having a good time. Assigning this rank also requires responsibility and dedication. A moderator can be playing the game but should mainly focus on the assistance of other players, mining through the tunnels and collecting diamonds will not help someone who is getting one-shot by someone in the 1v1 arena. This role is often handed out to any applicant that applies on servers who don't really understand how to say no to someone without hurting their feelings. I see extremely bad applications all around yet get accepted and even as a higher rank than they requested! It is better to have professional, mature staff members who know what they are doing then to hire someone who only wants to ban players and use their rank advantages unfairly. There are Senior Moderators and Junior Moderators, the seniors should be able to fully ban a player as well as have vanish, Junior should not have either of those. Permissions: SENIOR MODERATOR 'essentials.kick' : Kick Command 'essentials.kick.notify' : Receive a message when someone is kicked. 'essentials.ban': Ban Command 'essentials.ban.notify' : Receive a message when someone is banned. 'essentials.fly' : Fly Command 'essentials.vanish' : Vanish Command + default commands for a player. JUNIOR MODERATOR 'essentials.kick' : Kick Command 'essentials.kick.notify' : Receive a message when someone is kicked. 'essentials.tempban' : Temp Ban Command 'essentials.tempban.notify' : Receive a message when someone is banned. + default commands for a player. Requirements Dedicated Play Time > 10 Days. Gone Through Trial Phase (Helper) Helper (Supply Teacher) : If I had a nickel for every time I joined a server and saw that there were helpers acting like moderators, banning people and muting people for absolutely non-sense reasons, I would be going on a vacation every time I finished the last. The helper rank is NOT there to be banning players, kicking players, muting players or anything related to the duties and responsibilities of a Moderator. The helper is there to help people, answer their questions or guide them in the right direction. To copy & paste the website URL if someone asks. I do not agree with the permissions that a normal Helper would get, you might as well just let them be Moderator if they are going to have the same permission as a rank above. Requirements: Play Time > 5 Days Builder (Janitor) : When applying for builder, you should request that they have a portfolio in order to prove their worthiness, skill in building and their professionalism. I very rarely allow for someone to build someone on the server as their test because that could simply be based of a YouTube video tutorial, something they have built many times etc.. They should be able to create the exact theme that you are willing to create. A builder with a nice website and portfolio is very nice looking and usually means they are really dedicated to building nice things. Requirements: Decent Portfolio Play Time > 2 Days Plugin Developer (Mechanic) : For the love of god, I am going to say this once and only once; a plugin developer is not someone who only works with configs. Anytime I join a server and see someone with the Developer tag, I always ask if they know how to code. When they answer yes, I ask them a simple question such as : "What are the parameters in a for loop?" or "What parameters does a CommandExecutor have?". 99% of the time, they do not know the answer to the question and then follow up with the lame excuse of, "I do stuff with the configs.". If you are going to be hiring a developer, ask if they have a GitHub of previous work or a portfolio of any kind. There will be a list of questions I will post which underneath that you can ask someone to ensure that they are who they say they are and are not there to break your configuration files and break everything. Plugin Development Teams: http://www.alcatrazdevelopers.net/ Requirements: Java Knowledge Portfolio of some sort Pass the question test. Example Question to Ask: Parameters of a for loop? (INITIALIZATION; CONDITION; AFTERTHOUGHT) Parameters of a CommandExecutor (CommandSender, Command, String, String[]) How would you return true if a player is online, without using the isOnline() method? How would you get the value in a HashMap with the Key Name "Key"? Experience as a developer? Where have you developed plugins? How did you learn to code? Do you have a portfolio of your work? (If no, there is a possibility of rank theft.) What does implements Listener do? (Answer: Allows the use of EventHandlers) Give me an example of an event: (Examples: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/ )
  2. Hello everyone i am currently moving over from Ac-Web due to a unfortunate scenario. I am a absolute fanatic when it comes to Diablo 3 i have a lvl 60 geared witch doctor in act 4 inferno at the moment. I also am a very skilled developer when it comes to World of Warcraft development. If you need any help please feel free to ask and i will try to assist you as best as i can.-IminurpocketWill be posting wow tutorials shortly.