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Found 3 results

  1. A New Story! The basic premise over our server is to offer new players an experience that differs from the traditional Warcraft story arc. Features - A new story arc that starts players off based on the class you choose upon character creation, rather than based on race - Players will experience an altered leveling setup where by one will quest from levels 1 to 24 and/or level via the custom solo dungeon we've created for players who would rather a grindish feel to their leveling experience - Endgame content will include your typical Mastermind like end-boss. Players will go through a series of Daily, Group friendly, questing hubs and dungeons before starting to do raids to progress through harder content. - PvP content will also be an emphasis to give a diverse content to the player base. This includes Dual Faction BGs, Dueling Areas equipped with Vendors and buff giving npcs, FFA PvP Questing Hubs with Daily quests and Rewards, and GM hosted PvP Events with Rewards. - Misc "For Fun" things to do, such as parkour, Mazes, Freeze Tag, and other random exotic stuff. Development Status Level/Stat Scaling - 45% Custom Gear - 0% Map Editing - 5% Custom Story - 15% Custom Quests - 0% Dungeons - 0% Raids - 0% Extras - 0% Current Staff Gnox - Founder/Programmer Click me--> Discord Chat <--Click me We are currently in need of many dedicated individuals! If you meet any of the prerequisites for the roles we have open listed below, please feel free to apply! Admin - Requires that you know Trinitycore systems and be able to understand all database lingo without explanation. Requires that you have experience with SQL or are willing to learn it. GMs - Have a good overview of all game classes, mechanics, and have a history of playing across at least Retail and 2 other private realms. Prior GM experience is a plus, but not required. SQL Programmer - Good knowledge of SQL coding and TrinityDB revision 6.02 or higher . Must have a general idea how to make and edit items, quests, NPCs, game objects, and other miscellaneous tables in the DB. Core Programmer - Must have Knowledge of C++ and Visual Studios 2008 or Higher. Must have experience with Trinitycore as well as an understanding on the addition and removal of major content overhauls to the core. Client Editors - Experience Editing MPQ files. Testers - Early access players who will be allowed access to the server for testing and bug finding. Learning Opportunities Those who wish to learn more about a given role that wouldn't otherwise require years of training or experience is welcome to inquire. Item I'm willing to teach: GMing, Basic SQL, Clientside Editing, Basic Map editing. Feel free to send me PM or refer to the Discord linked above with further questions
  2. Greetings Lordcraftians, I got more free time by now, so I decided to help a server that comes across my way. Here is my resume, information and requirements as well. I am looking for a server any expansion except Wrath of the Lich King, also any server style. The server has to have at least 50+ online players and mature staff members. What can I provide? Core development (c++, c, c#) Database development (sql) Website development(php, html, css) I can also provide graphical skills, so I can create site for the server, or desktop/android applications either. I like building desktop applications such as launchers with donation shop built in it and many more features. I can manage your server, so if there is a need of inventing the stuff, taking care and leadin the whole management, I got no problems with that. I am very creative, so I like inventing new features and also making them real. (Doing features for the server) Also, I got three years of experiences with Linux system. What do I expect? Server of any type, expansion except Wrath of the Lich King Mature server staff members At least 50+ online Linux system on the hosting DDos protection If you are interested, throw me a private message or answer to the topic. I was working for some big servers, but more info only to interested people. The same with proofs of my work, features, fixes, screens, website references. Your Faithfully, Doowrew.