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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a video with you.
  2. Hello There! World of Warcraft Status: Available League of Legends Status:Unvailable Here are my services World of Warcraft & League of Legends Services: . Contact with me: Skype: xxraidersxx1 Payment Methods: PayPal PaySafe Thank you all
  3. Share Your Desktop/Gaming Rig How you should post it -Core:(Core type,how many cores, and it's Ghz) -Ram:(How many(Gb and Mb) -(Optional) Graphic's Card:(Type) -Picture: -Core: Pentium ® Dual-Core @ 3.20 Ghz Per-Core -Ram: 4 Gb -Graphic's: I forgot Picture
  4. Current Stats (April 2012 ) Razor Top-G is a popular gaming topsite that will help your server / website get noticed! We have a main goal, which is to use advertising & SEO tools to lead people towards your site!We support a large list of gaming servers / communities, including : MMORPG - World of Warcraft- Aion Online- Cabal Online- Conquer Online- Final Fantasy- Hosts- Guild Wars- Knight Online- Minecraft- Runescape- Ragnarok Online- GTA IV- GFX Sites- Developer Sites- Web Designer Sites- Tibia- MU Online- Perfect World- Maple Story- Final Fantasy- Other- Dark Age of Camelot- Everquest- Hellbreath- Iris Online- Jade Dynasty- Legend of Mir- Matrix Online- MMORPG & MPOG- PristonTale- Ran Online- RF Online- Shaiya- Silkroad Online- Star Wars Galaxies- Ultima Online- World of Kung Fu- StarCraft- WarCraft- Diablo- Battlefield- Call of Duty- Counter Strike- Doom- FarCry- Half Life- Unreal Tournament- Anime Websites- Gaming Websites- Grand Theft Auto- The Sims GFX / Developers - GFX Sites- Developer Sites- Web Designers Partners! - Taken- Available!Join Razor Top-G Today and receive the following! :- 1 Free month of VIP Status ( No purchase required! )- Our Guarantee of getting players to join your server! ( Provided you have a website that won't make them run away screaming!)With nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not join us? It will increase the likelihood of your server getting noticed, and make it easier for players to find your server on sites like google, bing, etc!We currently have 14500 total unique visitors, rising exponentially! If your server could use some more traffic / players, Register Here! WebsiteLike us on facebook, twitter, or google and we will like your server's page as well! We have over 200 followers on twitter and would be more than happy to give your server a shoutou t! Contact Info Skype : planex.gmMSN : matt_w02@hotmail.com