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Found 7 results

  1. The incident that took place roughly 4 hours ago could hurt the Lordcraft Staff Team in terms of the public Eye, Which is why i'm making this thread. It is with a sad mood that i have to announce this, Our former Super Moderator Megaindian Was found guilty of scamming a fellow community member, If not members. This notice was given to me literally 4 hours ago (00:00 GMT+1 time) IT IS NOT WISE TO TAKE, GIVE or RECEIVE from this Former Member. Please just don't have anything to do with this person. I myself was sadly not able to take immediate actions as i was busy doing my own things (friday night hello? ) Regardless! Lordcraft is to be a safe place for everyone and we do NOT tolerate scammers under ANY circumstances. It is with this that i give my sincerest apologizes for ever putting you guys at this risk. I also wish to include my sincerest apologizes to the one who got scammed, it is truly a sad sight to see someone take advantage of something that could've been a fair trade/deal. this should've been posted in the Scam Report section, However considering that this was a Staff Member of Lordcraft LLC, i find it extra important that we (i) take an action that reach out to the audience/community. This is not how a Staff Member should behave and or perform, This was sadly not something i could have foreseen. if I could, the person wouldn't have been hired from the beginning. However Megaindian has been a member since 2013 and by that I thought loyalty and honesty was on its place. But I was wrong. User-Name |Name | Link | : Megaindian | https://www.lordcraft.net/profile/1664-megaindian/ Date | 00-00-0000 | : 02.03.2018 - 00.00 GMT+1 Proof | IMGUR PASTES | : None needed, I was myself blocked even before getting to talk to him about this situation. It is rather obvious that he did this. I also did get several screenshots but i will not reveal these as they show off rather sensitive information and i cannot break our privacy policies Once again, I am truly sorry for not seeing this issue earlier. Recent information gathered : Megaindian has also been found guilty in impersonating former staff member "Katos" in this case. Megaindian is using this E-mail to recieve payments "Katosmodz@outlook.com" Please remember this! Katos has nothing to do with this and was included un-willingly because of Megaindians Actions I was given permission by the scammed victim to provide the evidence that was given to me, For obvious reasons i will leave the scammed victims name. This is his Discord ID MegaIndian#1856 secondary discord account. Yannk#6518 His skype Selena.heart4 and his additional skypes : badboi9011, reaper.dev, selena.heart4, resque.developer, live:katosmodz, live:katosmodz123, disturbedanime@yahoo.com PayPal Emails: UNDER 18 (katosmodz123@outlook.com and katosmodz@outlook.com) Additional Email: badboi9093@yahoo.com The scam activity also takes place on his "Fake service discord server" also known as Warcraft Community Once again i recommend all of you to refrain from taking contact and or having anything to do with the accused and confirmed scammer as well as his community. he is also known under these names : badboi901, LycanWoW (renamed to Kirora), Carlsberg renamed to Deadpool), DeadlyDuel, Xavier, AmdWoW Data from Lordcraft History 09/30/2016 04:51 PM Display name changed from CrazyMoDz to MegaIndian 05/28/2015 10:18 PM Display name changed from Carlsberg to CrazyMoDz 01/27/2014 04:40 PM Display name changed from Devastator to Carlsberg 12/26/2013 06:02 AM Display name changed from DeviGFX to Devastator More information to keep you safe is to come as i recieve it. Megaindian has also been using Lordcraft as a trust-gainer. Which is completely wrong and if he contacts you saying he is a staff member here then that would be a lie. We have a staff list which is updated immediately after a change has happened And this would be that List
  2. It’s right in your own web browser... While it may be hard to believe, there are support agents at LordCraft who don't even know where their next support request will come from.. or when. In communities just like ours, there are many who need help. Join others across the internet who are coming together to get people the help they need and end, once and for all, the anticipation for support agents. Start today! It can be as easy as sending a link to a friend or suggesting lordcraft.net on a site where someone has a problem. Whatever level of involvement is right for you, we’re here to support you, and others. Please... Don't let support agents stand by while questions go answered
  3. Introduction Unlike most communities, we use a Likes System that is then generated into reputation to give members the freedom to not feel obligated to give reputation to only those who release content. Think of it more like FaceBook and like replies and threads if you find it interesting, humorous and helpful! How to Like Content Firstly you'll need to be logged in in order to like content. On post-screen you'll see by clicking this you will be given the author of said post 1 reputation point. Once you've liked someone's post you can always unlike it if you have mixed emotions. This system is to promote activity so we encourage everyone to like any and all content they feel useful, funny and to simply show someone appreciation.
  4. Dear members of Lordcraft, It has come to my attention that multiple people from our forums are "ripping" work such as graphics, video, and even reviews. ' Ripping is the act of taking someone's work, and claiming it on your own. Ripping also includes posting work without the due notice, and acceptance of the party who made the material. This is plagiarism, and is not condoned at all by Lordcraft. The lordcraft moderation reserve the right to remove content, delete posts, ban members, or take any other action that is deemed fit to help eradicate this problem. Members who rip will see their account banned by Lordcraft staff members. For rules and regulations please see: http://lordcraft.net/topic/459-lordcraft-rules/ and http://lordcraft.net/topic/2222-lordcraft-graphic-section-rules/ Lets respect our hard working members, and staff. Any work that is created FOR you is NOT the rightful property of yours, it is still the work of the artist, video specialist, or reviewer who wrote, or created it. This means that you can NOT re post, or claim this work, and any sharing or usage of the material must be agreed to with the respective person(s). If you suspect any work to have been stolen in any way, please contact a member of staff urgently. You can contact: KATOS (ADMIN) - Private Message ABUNDANT (GFX) - Private Message DEATHMITSOS (VFX) - Private Message The staff reserve the right to withhold contact details such as that of Skype for privacy and security reasons. Please remember that Lordcraft does NOT condone to - nor do we agree to our staff doing so - ripping other peoples work, we are immensely proud to say that any work shown here, unless stated otherwise with the correct references in place, is the rightful work of our amazing staff team. Thank you for your understanding, and please do not hesitate to report any suspected stolen work, including that of any staff members. Kind regards, The Lordcraft team.
  5. Security Update: 3rd May 2013 A critical security issue has been reported to us which may allow unauthorized access to an administrator account. We are releasing a security patch to address this issue. In the interest of allowing customers ample amount of time to apply the patch, we are not disclosing further details at this time. Official Post
  6. Introduction This feature is an aid for our moderation team that allows members and guests to report foal or broken content. We reserve the right to revoke it at any time. Reasons to Report a topic, or comment Spamming Trolling Asking for Rep Racism Pornographic Content Anything else that would consist of breaking any guidelines we have here at LordCraft. How it works You'll find the report button top left of the post container. A prompt will ask for details on why you feel this post violates or guidelines. Please note that reports without a description make it harder for us to determine the reason for your report. Reporting content makes it easier for our staff to ensure we maintain a clean and balanced community.
  7. Introduction Member ranks allow us to reward our members for their activity throughout our community. Each rank has its own threshold for members to reach in order for their rank to increase. Our system is revolved around content count instead of reputation to give a fair advantage to everyone. How it Works Every time you create a thread or post your post count is increased by 1. Once you reach the threshold for the next rank within sequence the system will automatically prompt you to the next user group. Requirements and perks can be found below. Member Ranks Rank information below.