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Found 3 results

  1. No sounds or other effects yet, just a RAW footage. Tell me what you think .
  2. Hello, World... er... Lordcraft! I have a short and sweet introduction to present today. You can glance at the minor snippet of information I provide below, and I will provide a slightly lengthier segment below the snippet. Name: Abby (really?) Age: 24 Education: Perhaps (more in the segment below) Location: Mountain View, CA - USA I've ran out of things, so... TL;DR - Sorry, I wrote something... you have to read it... Some of the information above can be found from the information I've provided here on the site; thus, it's not all that great since most users can view it anyway. So why not provide more? Education serves a high-level of importance on planet Earth, so I worked hard throughout my educational career, and the results were phenomenal: 4.4 GPA after graduating high school one year ahead of my class, and I earned a 4.0 GPA in college. I went to college at MIT where I obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and an Associate's Degree in Electrical Engineering. Furthermore, I went on to earn a Master's of Science in Computer Science, and currently I am working on taking that to a doctorate level. It's "decent," I know... nothing impressive. What about your work life? I've worked a lot with technology since my earlier years in high school. Anything from building web pages dynamically (no .html files) to solving difficult math problems (without computers) and everything in between has been on my plate (and more is stacking itself on). So, in specific, where have I worked and what did I do? Take a look at the list below: (2007 - 2008) | Freelance Web designer @ Royale (2009 - 2011) | Graphics artist @ J!NX (2011 - 2012) | Game engineer @ DICE (2013 - 2014) | Software architect @ Superfish (2014 - present) | NOC engineer @ Google Why am I here... on this forum? I am ALL about helping others expand their knowledge cap. and improve themselves. I will dabble in every programming section here on the site, and I hope I can assist in other areas as well. I have more exploration to do, and we'll see how that goes. I am happy to be here, and I hope you are all happy to have me here!
  3. new

    Hello everyone, I made this morning a new intro video for my Youtube channel. For the people who doesn't know about my channel I'll explain it to you... I made a Youtube channel for much different games, there are already many channels which are posting gameplay videos. But most of them are about one game only like Ali-A is posting about Call of Duty and since couple months ago he's posting about Minecraft to. Well, I want to post all kind of different games, Action, Adventure, Shooters etc... Want to tell me which game I need to play for sure, you can post a reply in my channel thread here: http://lordcraft.net/forum/6-gamers-lounge/ Now we're going to take a look about my new intro video: This is my second intro ever made in After Effects and my first video with sound. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it Kind regards, Tunes.