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Found 4 results

  1. We received several emails with questions about the high price. I'll add the addition: We are trying to create a unique and global project for large servers, with a full management system, with continuous updating and addition of new functions for players and administrators. Nevertheless, we are making concessions and compromises both in price and in future service. We reviewed all the options, and decided to provide follow-up updates for free. Good day! I imagine WowSuite project The development of the launcher has been going on for over a year Functions Links to your project User-friendly menu to go to your site. Server Status It displays the status of your game server. Players Online Displays players in a Game. Statistics of Online Players Shows detailed information about the selected characters, and items, equipped to player. Carousel news Your players will always be notified of events on your server. And block "Hot News" informs players about important news (In the absence hot news - block will be hidden) Auto - Login Enter your game data in the application settings, and you can enter the game without entering a username and password. Realmlist Set up in one click. Updater Launcher will update the game client, check the checksum of the file for update, with displays the file name, percentage load and remaining size file. Clear Cache Delete Cache in one click. Server-Side The server part - the heart of the launcher. Wow Suite receives all the information from the server. Design Everyone who buys our product, we propose a design style of parallax. Support We will provide technical support for the installation of our product. Language settings Launcher will automatically detect the language of your operating system, and displays all the program elements in plain language Pop-up alerts For players convenience, we added pop-up alerts that will inform players about the application Logger Launcher saves logs and in a few days. In the event of an error, you can always define fault AutoPatcher For servers WoD (6.x.x) we added automatically check for and download the required files BattleNet. Login Panel The launcher connects to the server and compares the username and password, and then opens the main window Multi-Realm Support In new version includes support for 4 Realm News Tab The new version is available with the news tab with the ability to update the news page Admin Panel With the help of the administration panel, you can create and news and hot news (Optional) AND MUCH MORE........ PROJECT LINK - WOWSUITE.RU Price WS 3.0 - 30$ (With source) DEMO 3.0: DOWNLOAD Price WS 4.0 - 70$ (With source) DEMO: 4.0 DOWNLOAD Skype: Darksapfir1
  2. Hello everyone, I always had this idea to create a game launcher and I'm busy with a project now together with a close friend and classmate and we needed a custom launcher for it. We are not experienced in building one ourselfs, so we went looking for one. There was only one problem, there is not a single finished launcher source for the private server we are creating so we went on looking for another game launcher which was finished and I stumbled uppon this World of Warcraft launcher source. We can't use this launcher source so I decided to share it with you guys, I uploaded it on my MediaFire account so the link won't expire unless I remove or rename it. Whenever the link is dead please send me a private message and I will take a look at it. This application/launcher is without a login system, if you want one you have to create it yourself! You can also change everything inside this launcher from images to text and settings to URLs. NOTE: I have not made this launcher nor did I have anything to do with the development of it! I'm sorry for the hide tag, this is to prevent anyone from leeching someone else his/her work and for people to show their appreciation. Kind regards, Dion.
  3. completed

    Hey there ! I just want to know one thing. Can anyone explain me or make a launcher for me please ? Thanks.
  4. Hello. I got brought here by xXDeathXx and he told me to post here so someone who is willing to make an WoW Launcher for me just for "learning" it would be awesome!! If you are interested to know what i need etc etc, add my Skype: aliena0909 just a brief note what im looking for: -change realmlist -apply new patch -play game Nothing to fancy