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Found 6 results

  1. pending

    Render/Stock: I don't have anything. I need something similar to what I have below, but if possible with an angelic creature that kind of fits into the "WoW" style. I apologize for making this difficult. Text: This should be the WoW logo that is usually located on the top left of the login screen. <World of Warcraft> <Fallen Angels> Subtext: If possible, making the buttons all special would be great too. However if these are a separate project, so be it. Color Scheme: I'd like silvers, whites, and greys. If possible, I'd like to see a little bit of both to decide what I like best. These are fallen angels, so being golden won't be 100%. Think of something similar to Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls color scheme. What Type of Request is This?: Personal for a project that may or may not end up dying out. Size: Expandable for a login screen to fit several different sizes/resolutions. Any Additional Information: On the bottom, centered up with the login buttons, I'd like the credits to Blizzard to remain there as the game does still belong to them. Examples: .PSD Needed: Yes, please. I'd like to keep this login screen for myself, if possible.
  2. Well I was thinking with a lot of people now creating maps and areas within Wow (Something that I myself have been looking into and trying out). I was wondering if people would like to see a section under World of Warcraft for Noggit to show off and share their creations? Just a little idea to extend the Wow emulation a little further. Please feel free to share your opinions on this as I would really like to see how many would like to see this and get some feedback for myself also to see how many use Noggit also
  3. Hello LordCraft, I am back after hibernating for a couple of months, wrapped up in homework. But I am back with a suggestion that I previously requested but might be more suitable for the community as it stands right now.. Another programming section that I would interested in posting in / managing is a Spigot/Bukkit Plugin Development section. As a majority of you might know, Minecraft plugin development is a very big chunk of programming and falls under the Java section that we currently have, in addition to that, Java and the Spigot API are completely different. Java is based around Java while Spigot is based around uses some methods and functions of Java as well as tons of its own thus why it should be two separate sub-categories. The difference between my last suggestion of adding a Minecraft section to draw more traffic, this idea more falls under the programming section in which we already have. I have a lot of experience working with the Spigot API as well as Java and I think that if the section is added, I would be able to advertise this website as a referral to help people with their plugin issues. Thank you very reading my suggestion! Please leave as much feedback as possible.
  4. Hey. Can you guys please share everything graphically minecraft related, Texts, Renders, backgrounds effects and anything you might have Already been trawling google, just looking to pad out the collection a bit more, thanks. Will + rep everyone who shares something.
  5. Hello all, So what i'm suggesting is to create a section on Creative Corner board for Web Development. For example a section similar to GFX with discussions about the web development for ideas,suggestions,etc, move the website releases to this section, requests for example someone needs an idea for a logo,menu,design or w/e and showcase so people can show their works and hear people thoughts about the design and maybe suggestions on how to improve the design. So the section will look like this Web Development - Discussions - Releases - Requests - Showcase I came here with this suggestion cause i work on web design and i didn't find any section about this only for guides and shares. Regards, TehNeRD.
  6. I would like to see some sections dedicated to app development! Ive been wanting to learn it for a long time and im sure others will come for the same reason! What do you think?