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Found 2 results

  1. Good evening, I was wondering how you guys and girls learned to program, or more accurately, how you stopped being a noob and got to a point where you really felt like you could create something cool? I am a computer science student, but there is a lot more theory than practice. I am afraid that when I graduate, despite having an engineering degree, I won't be a good programmer. This summer I will be taking a leave from work to program, and during the next year I will be studying web development at another university, where I will be doing more practical things (hopefully). I am now in search of tips, tricks and advice on how to become BETTER. I am mostly interested in web development (JS, rails, php etc.), but if you have a story for another programming language, please do share. My skill level right now is probably above novice, so I don't need any information regarding fundamentals (like variables, loops, functions/methods etc.). I am rather looking for your stories about how you became pros, and your journey from starting as a fresh programmer to becoming somebody who could make useful applications. What I am looking for: How did YOU become better, what did you do? What did you make? What online resources (blogs, forums, tutorials, videos) are good to follow or look into? Share fun (not too challenging) projects for an aspiring web developer that are good for learning. Anything else that comes to mind. Have a good night (or day if you are in another place of the world!)
  2. C# Overview t u t o r i a l by t 1 o n C# is a modern, object oriented, general purpose programming language developed by Microsoft and approved by Ecma and ISO. C# is designed for Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), which consist of the executable code and runtime environment that allows use of various high-level languages to be used on different computer platforms and archistructures. The following reasons make C# widely used professional language: Modern, general-purpose programming language Object oriented. Component oriented. Easy to learn. Structured language. It produces efficient programs. It can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms. Part of .Net Framework. Strong Programming Features of C# Although C# constructs closely follow traditional high-level languages C and C++ and being an object-oriented programming language, it has strong resemblance with Java, it has numerous strong programming features that make it endearing to multitude of programmers worldwide. Following is the list of few important features: Boolean Conditions Automatic Garbage Collection Standard Library Assembly Versioning Properties and Events Delegates and Events Management Easy-to-use Generics Indexers Conditional Compilation Simple Multithreading LINQ and Lambda Expressions Integration with Windows NEXT Credits to: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/csharp/csharp_quick_guide.htm