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Found 2 results

  1. Dear users of LordCraft! We'd like to introduce you to our private World of Warcraft server project based on Classic and The Burning Crusade versions. Project Feenix is a new version of well known WoWone server, created by players of that server who have no connections to the old administration of WoWone. We are currently in phase of preparations and gathering our community before servers launch. In many eyes Feenix is still remembered as friendly place to play, that's why we want to keep implementing new events as long as possible. Going to the point, especially to the work over the project, which started at the beginning of August 2017. For most of this time, our emulator received a large number of patches, which will be easily visible to everyone, from the first day of playing on our server. Our server is based on a source code that has been tested and is still being developed by our developers team (exactly on MaNGOS). Needless to say, and we have to emphasize this here, we intend to provide a closed beta tests. You will get more information about this event on our forum and our social media profiles. We start from the very beginning of the Classic version and intend to offer the fastest and balanced High Rate mode. Below we present settings of our realms: Realm: Warsong 1.12.1 ~ Player XP: x12, ~ Quest XP: x12, ~ All other settings: x2. Realm: Archangel 2.4.3 ~ Player XP: x14, ~ Quest XP: x14, ~ All other settings: x2. We plan to provide you all instances in a short period of time. For a better presentation of whole situation, below we present a detailed graphical description for each stage of the server. ETA: May 18, 2018, 18:00 GMT + 2 Regarding the location of our servers, these are located in Western Germany, that's why all Europeans can be calm and play with very low latency. We will also do our best for players from other continents to provide them with game comfort from everywhere on Earth, no matter where they play. In summary, this project is created for two reasons: 1. Reproducing already absent private servers, realm Warsong and Archangel, also known as WoWone. 2. Filling the gap in the High Rate sector, affecting the Classic version and The Burning Crusade. We are obviously open to cooperation, so if you are willing to join our team and not necessarily play, feel free to email us via the form available on our website. We will respond to every message with great pleasure. Usefull links: ~ Feenix Website -> Click Here, ~ Feenix Forum -> Click Here. Best regards, the Feenix project team!
  2. wow server

    Type : Blizzlike (60%) Fun (40%) / Crossfaction / PvE and PvP Instant 80+ S8 (Wrathful)/ T10 + Swift Zulian Tiger + One Weapon (Your Choice) Condition : MUST ACTIVE or your account will be locked. (in 15 days) Website : Exorcism Homepage Guild House System Battlegrounds 100% works. Transmogrification Heirlooms Vendor free AHBot Title System (PvP) Custom Events Teleporter (Soon) Dungeon Finder 100% works. Note : We are looking for sponsor, just PM me here and we will discuss about it. We also looking for GM's (Matured and can handle player) Server Info : Quest = x20 Honor = x6 Reputation = x8 Mobs = x15 My skype : hakimi1236